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As soon as the shock of a layoff subsides, an affected employee has to make a number of important decisions. One of these decisions could be to find a short-term job in the meantime while working on long-term career goals.

Finding your next dream job doesn’t always happen overnight, but that doesn’t mean you should give it up. However, in order to bridge the time gap between a Dismissal and search for a new full-time job In your desired industry, it may be necessary to work on a temporary or part-time basis. Some people call this a “gap job”.

While working in a gap job may not have been part of your final career plan, it not only helps you make ends meet, but there are some benefits that may help in the future.

Get a new perspective

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When you work in a certain industry for a long period of time, it is easy to be consumed by this world and a certain way of doing things. There is nothing wrong with that if it turns out to be successful in this industry.

However, it is beneficial to get out of your comfort zone at times, and a gap job is an opportunity to do so. Those fired from an office job because of the corona virus may try their luck in one of these cases essential industriessuch as grocery stores or the shipping industry. This work brings with it more personal customer interaction, more physicality and a more hectic pace.

These are all skills that can apply to any industry. If you gain appreciation for other industries, you can grow both personally and professionally.

An opportunity to build your network

Having a new job means new employees and new managers. This is an opportunity to make new connections. Even if you are not in this job for a long time, as long as you work hard and are professional, you can make a good impression of your surroundings.

When applying for a job in a particular industry, it is of course important to have references from others who work in the industry. However, it doesn’t hurt to have at least one reference from another industry in which you worked. It shows your skills as a professional and your ability to adapt to different work environments.

A large professional network is a good thing, and you never know when a particular connection might come in handy later.

An opportunity for new opportunities

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Sometimes working in a new industry can be an eye-opening experience in several ways. There are cases when people love to get out of their comfort zones and fall in love with the jobs they originally thought were temporary. There are also cases where experience causes them to change direction completely and one Career change.

Aside from working in another industry, the time after a layoff could also be an opportunity to try freelance work or start your own job around a hobby that you have a passion for. Instead of looking at layoff as a setback, use it as an opportunity to evaluate your career and determine where it should lead.

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