3 animated series for adults on Netflix, with lycanthropic soldiers and a secret agent …

Let it be said: no, there are not only animated series for children and young teens on Netflix! The proof with this small love selection for adults.


If the animated series abound on Netflix, where the best meets the worst, they are obviously not all only intended for children or young teens. The adult public can also find material for discovery and viewing. So here is a small selection with this in mind!

Love, Death + Robots

Short flashback sequence. In 2008, to say an eternity in the digital age, we learned that a new animated adaptation of the cult film Heavy Metal was on the rails; in the form of an anthology film. At the time, the name of James Cameron was associated with the project, not only on one of the segments of the film, but also as an executive producer. Other sizes had swelled the ranks, and there was something to salivate: David Fincher, Gore Verbinski, Tim Miller, Zack Snyder … Each then had to make a segment of the anthological film, which had to include eight or nine.

Since then, water has flowed quite a bit under the bridges. Fincher and Miller, left alone on the ship, had the greatest difficulty in obtaining the necessary financing for the project. The exit and the global box of Deadpool changed the situation: the tandem had the elbow room.

Started under the auspices of Netflix, the anthology film eventually became an adult anthology animated series mixing various genres, but also various animation techniques (synthetic images, 2D, etc.).

On the menu ? Susceptible yogurt, lycanthropic soldiers, rampaging robots, trash monsters, cyborg bounty hunters, alien spiders and bloodthirsty hell demons: all these beautiful people come together in 18 inadvisable animated shorts to sensitive souls in the first season.

Sometimes dark, sometimes colorful, the series draws on pop culture (manga, TV series, films) to distill a few winks and other references ranging from Blade Runner to Alien via Black Mirror. The result is really excellent, and a hit on the platform. Netflix was also not mistaken since last April, it announced that a season 3 was already in the boxes, and scheduled for 2022. Until then, you have something to do to wait, with 26 episodes on the clock.


If we speak more often (and not really well …) of video games adapted to the cinema, we less often evoke these video games developed in series. At Netflix, video game licenses are on the rise. And in this register, we really like that of Castlevania!

Long planned on the cinema side, with in particular James Wan or Paul WS Anderson for a time attached to the realization, the adaptation of the license Castlevania has become a reality, but in the form of an animated series that has been airing on Netflix since 2017, and excellent to boot. Based on games Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (1989) and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (2005), the plot follows the adventures of Trevor Belmont, human defender of Wallachia against the vampire Vlad ‘Dracula’ Tepes and his army.

Adult, faithful to its original material, the series is a very well deserved success. To date, the animated series includes 4 seasons, and 32 episodes; the 4th being announced as the last. Sorrowful spirits will always be able to console themselves in the more or less near future, since failing to see a 5th season, the license will return in the form of Spin Off.

The plot of this new program will begin hundreds of years after the events of Castlevania and in another country, in France, during the year 1792. The spin-off will follow the adventures of new characters named Maria Renard, the vampire hunter, and Richter Belmont, a distant descendant of heroes Trevor and Sypha. New to the screen, the two protagonists should speak to connoisseurs since they have already appeared in video games.


It is sometimes called an American OSS117: the Archer series features a secret agent, a sort of American James Bond, in a pastiche of the greatest spy films, playing on the mockery of a patriarchal and sexist society through Crazy secondary characters and a protagonist as heroic as “zeroic” …

Rather unknown to the general French public, Archer nevertheless remains popular in the United States for its cynical humor, the quality of its dubbing (Jessica Walter, Chris Parnell …) and its many parody borrowings which indeed make the series an essentially adult program, of many jokes that cannot be fully appreciated – even understood – by a younger audience.

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