28 Modern Ways to Style Long Bob With Bangs

28 Modern Ways to Style Long Bob With Bangs

Discover the transformative elegance of the long bob—affectionately known as the lob—teamed with bangs. This dynamic duo offers an array of styles that cater to every whim, from the bold and edgy to the subtle and demure. With its unparalleled ability to frame the face and add sophisticated texture, the lob with bangs is a must-try. Dive into the world of chic with these curated looks.

Fun Ways to Style Long Bob With Bangs

Styling a long bob with bangs can be a fun way to freshen up your look, and there are plenty of ways to get creative with it. Here are some fun styling ideas:

Blonde Lob with Wispy Bangs

long blonde bob with wispy bangs

Ideal for any event, this blonde lob is as versatile as it is classic. Frame your face with delicate, wispy bangs for a look that’s both sophisticated and playful.

Chic Asian Long Bob

long Asian bob with bangs
Blunt bangs paired with shoulder-length hair create a sleek silhouette, perfect for highlighting your facial features with a dash of personality. This style shines on straight, black hair, giving a sharp, polished appearance.

Straight Dark Brown Hair

long dark brown bob with bangs
Embrace the richness of dark brown and caramel hues with a straight-across lob and side-swept bangs. This low-maintenance look transitions seamlessly from daywear to evening elegance.

Brown Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

long wavy bob with bangs
Flatter your round or oval face with this wavy lob, featuring side bangs that add a touch of softness. The waves bring a trendy edge to this adaptable hairstyle.

Stright Brunette Bob

long brunette bob with bangs
Flatter your round or oval face with this wavy lob, featuring side bangs that add a touch of softness. The waves bring a trendy edge to this adaptable hairstyle.

1. Lob with Bangs for Round Face

long bob with bangs for round face

Dark hues and a touch of burgundy ombre give this lob a regal essence, perfect for softening and elongating round face shapes.

2. Long Black Bob with Bangs

long black bob with bangs

This thick lob haircut is so satisfying to watch thanks to those gorgeous brown highlights that make the hair look brilliant! Also, the rounded bangs beautifully complete the hairstyle!

3. Thin Lob with Bangs

long bob with bangs for thin hair

Don’t be afraid to take your hairstyle to the next level! Opt for a long bob with bangs that you can style and dye however you please. Create waves, use rainbow colors, even make purple dreadlocks, you have so many options!

4. Long Layered Bob with Bangs

long layered bob with bangs

If you want a messy look that has volume, you need to build choppy layers for your long bob with bangs. Keep the hair in a natural dark color to achieve better framing!

5. Angled Long Bob with Bangs

long angled bob with bangs

Angled long bobs look their best when dyed in a delicious caramel shade that makes each strand shine in the light. To give each lock personality, create loose curls and your hair will get a lot of bounce.

6. Inverted Lob with Bangs

Inverted Lob with Bangs

For this inverted bob, you need to style layers and opt for a grain blonde hair color. Brighter highlights dyed in a platinum blonde color will look fabulous and complete the whole image. Create a fringe that covers the eyebrows and flip it on one side.

7. Long A-Line Bob with Bangs

Long A-Line Bob with Bangs

Long A-line bobs look stunning with bangs that straightly fall just above the eyes. Dye the hair in brown color and opt for thin caramel highlights to get that fabulous texture.

8. Stacked Lob with Bangs

Stacked Lob with Bangs

Stacked lobs provide a great dimension for the nape and back hair because layers gorgeously fall one over each other. Also, a sombre will make the longer tips stand out and the bangs will frame your face.

9. Long Bob with Long Bangs

Long Bob with Long Bangs

A long bob hairstyle makes a great team with curtain bangs that reach your cheekbones. You will get a natural flawless look that is both elegant and modern.

10. Curly Lob with Bangs

curly long bob with bangs

When you want the curls to stick out more than they already do, some highlights are just the right choice. Pick a bright brown color to define the tips and tousle the hair to create a messy look.

11. Sew in Lob with Bangs

Sew in Lob with Bangs

When you have African American hair, you can get flawless hair only by straightening it all the time. If you don’t want to do that, a weave that looks perfect is the right answer in getting a long bob with bangs.

12. Long Choppy Bob with Bangs

Long Choppy Bob with Bangs

Choppy ends provide texture to your strands and if teamed with waves, your hair will look like never before! A blonde shade is ideal if you crave for a smooth angelic look. Curtain choppy bangs are also a good option to complete the look.

13. Lob with Chinese Bangs

Lob with Chinese Bangs

Chinese bangs are straight, flawless and start from the top of your head. To recreate this look, you need to style a dark red ombre and get a long blunt bob. Use a straightening iron or a heated brush to make each strand look perfect.

14. Long Messy Bob with Bangs

Long Messy Bob with Bangs

Any hairstyle needs a twist and you can get yours with a single blonde highlighted strand placed on one side of your bangs. The rest of the hair should be choppy, messy and highly tousled to obtain the look presented above.

15. Lob with Bangs and Glasses

lob with bangs and glasses

If you want a look that perfectly pairs with glasses, keep your roots in their natural color and dye the rest of the hair in a blue shade. Take the top strands and flip them over the ears and cut the bags uneven, asymmetrical.

16. Blunt Long Bob with Bangs

Blunt Long Bob with Bangs

Straight, they all have to be perfectly straight to recreate this look! Choose a ginger blonde hair color and create a blunt bob with bangs above the eyebrows.

17. Wavy Bob with Bangs

long bob with beachy waves and bangs
Get the iconic next-door girl vibe with this long bob with bangs look. The super cute style combines cute over-the-eyes bangs with beachy waves that look perfect.

Ideal for: The versatile hairstyle suits almost every woman. It is a cheerful look that you can wear to both formal and informal occasions and still look at the star of the event.

How to style: Blow drying your bangs is important to add volume to them. Use a curling iron to add sophisticated beach wave perms to your hair for a great look.

18. Blunt Thick Bangs

blonde lob haircut with blunt bangs

We adore the mid-way style which is low enough to add that cute element but stops halfway through the forehead to showcase the eyes too!

Ideal for: The style goes well with a woman looking to step out of their comfort zone. The bouncy waves instantly revamp your look to give you a youthful finish.

How to style: The bangs are cut across the forehead instead of just above the eyes. It’s best if you have thick hair so as to give you a thick long bob and dashing bangs.

19. Platinum Blonde Bob

platinum lob with wispy bangs

Take your long bob haircuts with bangs to the next level with this sophisticated style. The look is easy to achieve and gives you the no-drama look.

Ideal for: Women looking to stand out in the crowd can try their hand at the look. The platinum takes some effort but the look is worth all the time.

How to style: These bangs on lob make use of the wispy hair. The subtle hair falling all over the face marks sophistication.

20. Lob with See Through Bangs

Lob with See Through Bangs

Going back to the classics, this long bob has bangs that fall over the eyes. The look gives an instant dreamy appearance, perfect for any season.

Ideal for: We think young girls would love to try these long bob hairstyles with bangs. The cute bangs with wavy hair really bring out an approachable personality and compliments you as a whole.

How to style: For this look, you need to cut your bangs really low. Use hair spray to sweep your hair across the eyes such that they turn sideways.

21. Feathered Bangs

long bob with layered bangs

Play it safe with this iconic cut. The soft layers at the back and light bang upfront really help you ease into a new style.

Ideal for: Women afraid of making drastic changes to their look can opt for this style. It is a great transition style, easing you into a new look.

How to style: The feathered cut at the back is evident and adds grace to your hair. The bangs up front are cut lightweight and soft to complete the long bob with bangs look.

22. Bardot Bangs

lob with long bangs

Everyone loves a chic girly style every once in a while. These long bob haircuts with layered bangs really draw attention to your features while channeling your feminine side.

Ideal for: The style looks mesmerizing with college teens. Working ladies can also have a go at it to instantly rewind their age.

How to style: The cut works with a side part. Use a blow-dry and curling brush to add volume and turn your hair ends into soft curls.

23. Long Bob with Side Bangs

long bob with side bangs for women

Looking for an iconic look? We have you covered with this unique blonde look that is a keeper for sure!

Ideal for: The style is easy to manage and helps you make a point. We recommend the bangs style on long bobs for bold ladies and women looking to change their looks.

How to style: Delve in a little bleach without worrying about damaging your hair. The top part looks amazing in contrast with the black background and scores points for you instantly!

long bob with bangs
long bob with bangs

Trying out a new style can be a trying experience. However, once you explore the possibilities you are sure to come across a style that capture your imagination. Have a look at the styles above to find the iconic long bob with bangs hairstyles that suits you!

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