24 hours flat on Netflix: do you know the Indian and Japanese remakes?

Did you know that two remakes of the famous “24 heures chrono” series, respectively from India and Japan, have emerged?

24 hours flat on netflix: do you know the indian and japanese remakes?

Everyone knows the series 24 heures chrono which made the glory of Kiefer Sutherland in the early 2000s. Currently available in its entirety on Netflix, the show which follows the adventures of anti-terrorist agent Jack Bauer has been a success. worldwide for its tone, its innovative writing, and for its breathtaking rhythm, each season being divided into 24 episodes corresponding to the time of the same day.

Originally broadcast in eight seasons, the series made its return in the form of a revival in 2014, then in 2017 with the reboot 24 hours: Legacy. But that’s not all, since 24 hours flat has also been the subject of two remakes. In India first, with 24 (two seasons in total); the peculiarity of the series is that the main role was played by actor Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire), who had previously played President Omar Hassan in the eighth season of the mother series. From a secondary role to that of Jack Bauer (renamed for the occasion Jai Singh Rathod), there is only one step!

The second remake comes straight from Japan. Entitled 24 Japan, this new version which takes up more or less identically the plot of the first season of 24 hours flat notably brings together Toshiaki Karasawa in the role of Genba Shidō, the Japanese Jack Bauer, but also the actress Chiaki Kuriyama, known to the general public for her roles in Kill Bill and Battle royale. Launched last October on the Asashi TV channel, the series is currently being broadcast in Japan but remains completely new on French television.

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If a French remake of 24 hours flat was born, which actor would you see in the role of Jack (or rather Jacques) Bauer?

24 hours flat: by the way … how does it end?

24 hours flat on netflix: do you know the indian and japanese remakes?

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24 hours flat: by the way … how does it end?

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