22 Best Men’s Cross Body Bags: Styles For All Budgets 2023

Crossbody bags are the ideal way to keep all of your essentials close by without sacrificing style. Not only do these bags make it simple to store things away, but they come in an array of shapes and sizes so you can find one that works for you.

Crossbody bags come in many styles, from fanny packs to backpacks for men. But it’s essential that you select a bag that best fits your lifestyle and personality.

Crossbody bags are the ideal solution for when you need something stylish yet practical while carrying your stuff. Not only do they offer stylish storage compartments for small items like sunscreen, lip balm and toiletries while on-the-go.

Tumi’s nylon sling bag is built to be a reliable travel companion. It features an ample main compartment with multiple pockets, including zippered, media and card holders; plus it features a customizable leather key leash and key ring for extra security.

You can find this bag in an array of colors and designs to suit your style. Some options include black and blue designs as well as some daring prints that will add a unique touch to any outfit.

For a budget-conscious option, Eastpak offers this simple men’s crossbody bag. This bag features an organized nylon divider and features velcro closing to keep things secure – especially handy while traveling.

Men’s crossbody bags come in a range of styles, so you’re sure to find one that works for you. However, it’s essential that the bag you select is durable, practical and compatible with your lifestyle.

Men’s crossbody bags should feature adjustable straps to accommodate different lifestyles and personalities. It should also offer various pockets to organize belongings, plus an exterior pocket where you can store small items like water bottles or umbrellas when necessary.

You may want to look for a bag with magnetic closure so you can quickly and securely secure your items in place. Doing this ensures your phone or other valuables won’t fall out while walking or biking.

Finally, you should consider the materials used to craft your bag. Some brands utilize recycled materials while others opt for luxurious full-grain Italian leather. Either way, high-quality materials will last years and be a great investment if you want to make a statement with your gear.

22 Best Men’s Cross Body Bags:

It might come as a surprise to some to know, but that ultra-casual outfit you’ve been seeing more and more lately is actually a trend. It all started with the idea of taking a classic ‘American Dad’ aesthetic and turning it into something highly fashionable. This look consists of a baseball cap, an oversized graphic tee, loose-fitting jeans, bulky trainers, and the completed look: funny packs now referred to as men’s crossbody bags or men’s across-the-body bags. What was once dated is now incorporated in designer shows around the world. It is proof that fashion truly can take influence from unexpected sources, so don’t be afraid to trust your own style with this eye-catching look.

The cross-body bag has made a huge resurgence in the past few years, and it’s become one of the hottest trends amongst streetwear aficionados. It has been made popular by everyone from rappers to fashion coordinators, who have coined it as the “roadman bag”. According to Joshua Meredith of Notion Magazine, “The cross-body bag trend derived from the blur between menswear and womenswear”, with A$AP Rocky and Skepta spearheading its journey into mainstream fashion. Whether you sport the style for purely aesthetic reasons, or for more practical matters like hands-free convenience, one thing is certain: if you don’t own a cross-body bag yet, now is definitely the time to pick one up.

When it comes to styling, Meredith suggests adding vibrancy and color to differentiate your look. She says a bold color or print adds an extra layer to the style while sourcing vintage designer items makes the outfit even more personal and unique. For men looking to take it one step further, why not accessorize with a sleek and stylish cross-body bag? Ranging from traditional leather bags to more contemporary canvas designs, these bags offer the perfect way to add a touch of personality and elevate any everyday look. With a cross-body bag, you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality – so why not give it a go today?

Men’s Cross-Body Bags

Man leaning on a bike wearing a cross-body bag for men

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

If you’re looking for a clothing item that will effortlessly add a pop of color to your otherwise monochrome outfit, Lululemon’s men’s crossbody bags are the perfect option. Not only are they stylish and on-trend, they can also be used in many different ways; take one on a walk, running errands, or even commuting. Wear it across any occasion—from a date night to the office meeting—and you’ll be sure to look stylishly pulled together. These bags are practical and the perfect piece for any fashion-forward individual that wants to carry their items in style!

Côte & Ciel Hala S Snow

For the guys who are constantly on the move and need some storage space but light and convenient, this cross-body bag should definitely be in your collection. It’s equipped with a generous number of compartments to fit all your essentials for your various tasks throughout the day. The adjustable strap also has a secret compartment that can store some of your smaller items, making it easy to wear it however you may prefer. So no matter where you and what you’ll be doing, this stylish bag has got you covered!

Oda Cross Body Bag

Men’s crossbody bags can be difficult to find – sometimes you need something bigger or with more compartments than what is available on the market. Fortunately, the Oda Go Pack offers an innovative solution. It’s made from durable materials that are weather-resistant and comes with customizable straps and dividers so you can make the perfect crossbody bag for your needs. You can even switch up the colors, straps and dividers anytime if your needs change in the future. So no matter where you’re going or what you need to bring with you, the Oda Go Pack gives you everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind crossbody bag perfect for any situation.

Mismo cross body bag

If you’re looking for an eye-catching, yet not overpowering cross-body bag to compliment your everyday wardrobe, this is the one. Superbly crafted from high quality materials and detailed with thoughtful accents, it bridges the gap between fashionable and timeless. Large enough to fit all of your must-haves yet still lightweight enough to not be cumbersome – it’s a great choice for highly active lifestyles. Inside, you’ll find all pockets necessary for organizing, with a foamed pocket specifically designed to keep delicate items safe without sacrificing space. Whether you’re headed out on business or pleasure, this cross-body bag will help complete the look while being incredibly functional.

Roderer Messanger Bag

Featuring layers of material that vary in both thickness and softness, the Award 5-in-1 bag from Roderer is designed to be as durable and beautiful as it is versatile. It’s perfect for the man on the move since it can transition from everyday use to travel use at a moment’s notice. Just remove the adjustable strap, and it can be transformed into a handy grab bag. But with the strap still attached, you have an awesome looking cross body bag! And with its comfortable padding, metal hardware and multiple compartments, you won’t want to go anywhere without it.

Globe Trotter Cross Body Bag

Globe Trotters is bringing back a timeless silhouette with their messenger bag, allowing you to get the classic look of a latch case without having to carry around a big suitcase. This type of bag takes cross-body bags to another level and is ideal for those who are looking for both style and function in their accessories. Not only does this stylish bag provide that au courant look, but it is also constructed to be highly durable for carrying your belongings safely and securely. If you’re more of a traditionalist looking for the perfect matching luggage set up, variety of colors will ensure you pull up looking perfectly coordinated at all times.


Everlane has been slaying the innovation game when it comes to sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. They have mastered the art of marrying convenience, style and sustainability in all their products and have developed a loyal fan base as a result. Take their Re-New Transit Bag as an example: made from 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles and completed with signature Everlane details like snug adjustable straps, zipper pull and top flap closure, this stylish men’s crossbody bag is so popular that it’s constantly sold out. No wonder it has such a cult following. If you want to get your hands on one of them, you can always join the waitlist for now – there’s nothing higher on trend than being part of an ethical wave of fashion.

Arc’teryx Heliad 6 Crossbody Bag

The Arc’teryx men’s belt bag is a perfect way to add versatility to your everyday look. With its balance of style and practicality, it’s great for any occasion – whether you’re headed outdoors or running errands around the city. The secure, adjustable fit of the waistband makes sure your essentials stay secure no matter where you go. It is also incredibly lightweight, meaning you won’t even notice it’s there as you go about your day. This fanny pack boasts a handy rectangular shape that makes it big enough for more than just the basics – carry extra items like a book, e-reader, jacket or lunch in its spacious main compartment! All in all, make sure this belt bag from Arc’teryx is your go-to accessory for convenience and style.

Patagonia Black Hole

Patagonia recently made a game-changing addition to the Black Hole family – the Black Hole Waist Pack. Now adventurers and travelers alike can enjoy the ultimate comfort and utility of Patagonia’s renowned duffle bag in a 5 liter belt package tailored to men. Not only is this waist pack durable, it’s also highly functional, containing adjustable compression straps and a unique water bottle compartment that allows for fast access and easy carrying.

Furthermore, this new fanny pack will give you room for extra layers as you go about your day, making sure you stay prepared for whatever adventures lie ahead. Whether on the trail or during long trips, the Black Hole Waist Pack is an essential piece for any traveler’s wardrobe – it may not be the trendiest accessory around but its impressive practicality certainly outweighs looks!

Herschel Seventeen Waist Pack

For those looking to add a smaller, versatile piece to their wardrobe, the Herschel belt bag is your number one stop. Not only is it made with quality materials like their signature red and white stripe lining, but the black or range of eight bold colors make it easy to coordinate with your existing getup. Thanks to its two zippered compartments and adjustable strap, it’s roomy enough for all your day-to-day accessories as well as items needed to hit the trail. The only thing missing is internal organization pockets, but the larger spacing in the pack enables a quicker grab for whatever you pressingly need.

Ugg Gibbs Beltbag Puff

Uggs are a wardrobe staple and their belt bag for men definitely makes a stylish statement. It features an understated puffer detail, with plenty of room to fit your everyday necessities – from your wallet to headphones. Wear it with joggers or jeans and prepare for the compliments! Plus, you can choose from an array of hue options, so you don’t need to stick to one colorway. With Uggs’ sleek style, you’ll be sure to upgrade any outfit this season.

Best of the Rest

The North Face Cross Body Bag

The North Face has the right bag for any kind of expedition—no matter how outrageous it might seem. Their men’s shoulder bags may not be the most practical type of luggage for scaling a snow-covered peak, but they could certainly handle a few essentials like a tent and a first aid kit. The North Face is so successful because they’ve cracked the code of appealing to everyone, from mountaineers who need top quality gear to urbanites who just want to look cool. No matter what your mission is or where you’re going – The North Face has you covered.

Nike Cross Body Bag

Nike has definitely earned its reputation as an all-around expert in the world of fashion, proving their abilities beyond sportswear and sneakers. With their assortment of cross-body bags, Nike provides fashionable pieces that come in reasonable prices, designed with signature swoosh branding and offering sleek, sporty styles. Perfect for any outing or occasion, these bags come with classic designs that can offer a fresh new look to any ensemble. Whether you’re an athlete or just someone who wants to carry around style irresistibly, Nike is sure to have the right bag for you.

Eastpak cross body bag

Since the 1950s, Eastpak has been at the forefront of Boston backpack design, bringing an array of thoughtful bags to those who need something reliable and lasting. Their backpacks and crossbody designs offer a classic yet practical aesthetic, one that eschews flashy branding in favor of durability. Sturdy construction ensures that each piece stands up to day-to-day wear and tear, while remaining timeless enough to take you throughout the seasons. When it comes to making good receptacles, Eastpak knows what they’re doing.

Adidas cross body bag

These bags are some of the most sought after classics out there, offering a mix of style and performance that resonates with fans of all kinds. With a track record that dates as far back as 1949, Adidas have been dedicated to pushing boundaries ever since, staying true to its core DNA while experimenting with everything fro cutting-edge technology to silhouettes that blur the lines between sportswear and fashion. Perfect for those days when you just want to carry your basics in a distinctively urban way, an Adidas crossbody bag will be sure to make even the simplest outfit stand out for all the right reasons.

Carhartt Cross Body Bag

Carhartt’s journey began by crafting durable overalls perfect for car mechanics in its native Michigan, but it has since become a legend of the European streetwear circuit for its cutting-edge, fashion-forward designs cleverly infused with the original brand’s signature aesthetic. Its range of men’s crossbody bags is especially iconic, offering just enough style to look good out on the town and scrupulous attention to detail ensuring that these bags have what it takes to last. Carhartt owner Hamilton G. Carhartt would be proud of how far his brand has come since those days spent making practical garb for auto repair experts–its current prestige is a testament to his CEO moxie. Head over to explore their cool collection today!Champion Cross Body Bag

With over a hundred years of experience behind it, Champion is one of the oldest and most established sporting goods brands in the world. It has perfected its craft over the last century and received countless awards for its achievements. Its products are renowned for their superior quality, from iconic reverse weave hoodies to timeless canvas men’s across-the-body bags. This is your chance to get wrapped up in excellence – shop Champion today and find out why it’s such a beloved sports brand.

ASOS Leather Bum Bag

When it comes to making a statement with style, the ‘streetwear meets high fashion’ trend is hard to beat. Though it looks amazing, the cost can be off-putting for most people. ASOS aims to change that. The online store has an extensive catalogue of men’s shoulder and crossbody bags crafted by its in-house brand that are chic and affordable – proof that you don’t need to sacrifice quality for price when you shop with them. With prices starting from as low as £15 per item, staying on top of trends without breaking the bank has never been easier!

H&M Cross body Bag

No matter what you may need, H&M always stands out for delivering products at an affordable price. Many men recognize them for their selection of classic menswear staples, but the Swedish high street retailer doesn’t stop there. In fact, they consistently rotate their trendy product releases, and the most recent addition is a collection of men’s belt bags. By following the current trends, like their contemporary crossbody bags style, customers are able to stay on-trend without hurting their wallet. And in the end, everyone wins!

Gucci Cross Body Bag

With a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, there’s something for every style. The smaller sized bags from Gucci have enough room for the essentials you’d need for a night out – phone, wallet and keys, but if you need something a little bit bigger to carry more items, it’s not hard to find. The across-the-body designs are comfortable to wear and look great with casual or smart clothes. Plus, the materials used are of the highest quality too so you won’t be disappointed in this purchase if looked after well. If an expensive but luxurious bag is what you’re after, then Gucci should be at the top of your list.

Off White Cross Body Bag

Virgil Abloh is an undeniable radical figure in fashion, pushing the boundaries of modern style and refusing to bow to industry norms. The influence of his streetwear label Off-White has been clear, offering a different aesthetic for fashion lovers who may have felt niche for too long. As a result, shoppers can spend their money knowing that they’re investing in something meaningful and authentic – whether it be from Off-White or another brand under Virgil’s tenure. It’s a new way of looking at clothes and design, and one which is here to stay.

Louis Vutton Cross Body Bag

If you want to be sure you’re choosing the very best in quality and style when it comes to luxury luggage, nothing beats a classic Louis Vuitton monogram bag. This unique print has become synonymous with high-end fashion, so you can rely on a bag crafted with the Vuitton mark being made of the finest full-grain leather and containing shiny golden brass hardware that guarantees your investment will last for years to come. Whether it’s an overnight bag or a clutch, there is no denying that Louis Vuitton stands out from other high-end brands when it comes to craftsmanship and precision details.


What type of materials are typically used to make men’s cross-body bags?

Cross-body bags for men are usually made with high-quality fabrics such as leather, canvas, nylon, or polyester.

Is there one size that would fit all types of cross-body bag designs?

No, the size and capacity of a cross-body bag will depend on its design and purpose. Therefore, choosing the right size will require considering your needs and preferences.

How do I adjust a cross-body bag’s strap so that it fits perfectly?

Most cross-body bags come with adjustable straps that can be adjusted to achieve a perfect fit. To do so, first measure your ideal length and then adjust the strap accordingly.

What type of clothing looks best with a cross-body bag?

Cross-body bags can be styled in many ways – from pairing them with formal attire to completing a casual look. In general, they look best when paired with timeless pieces such as jeans and t-shirts or blazers and dress shirts.

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