20 Unique Bed Design Ideas for Your Plush Home

Since your bedroom is a place where you spend most of your time relaxing or daydreaming, personalizing it with a comfortable bed that is both modern and innovative will enhance its visual appeal.

To add an extraordinary and individualistic touch to your room, you need to bring home some versatile bed designs that meet specific preferences of different family members. From a book shaped bed to robotic sleeping platform, here 20 unique bed designs that are tailored to suit individual requirements.

Aquarium bed

Aquarium inspired unique bed design idea
Image: Facebook/ATMAcrylicTankManufacturing

Sleep amid the fishes with this Aquarium Bed. With the headboard designed as a huge aquarium that creates an underwater sleeping illusion in your bedroom, the bed is created by Acrylic Tank Manufacturers. The aquarium bed will be a one-of-a-kind asset to your home interior, especially if you’re a marine life enthusiast.

Bauhutte Gaming Bed

Bauhutte Gaming Bed
Image: Bauhutte

Japanese company Bauhutte has made this unqiue bed for gaming lovers who do not want to get up from the bed and want everything in one place. It has space for books to magazines and snacks to drinks and speakers to remote controllers. The Bauhutte gaming bed can also be equipped with accessories like desk, headboard, massager, side table, rolling shelf, headphone hanger, bottle rack, etc.

Tatami Multimedia Bed

Tatami Multimedia Bed
Image: Tatami

It is a high-tech bed integrated with features such as massage chair, bookshelf, speakers, USB ports, and a safe. You can make most out of your bedroom with this multifunctional piece of furniture. It’s not just for relaxation but it can also be used for working and entertainment.

Bed-gun safe

CouchBunker with gun furniture hiding space
Image: Heracles Research Corporation

Heracles Research Corporation has created this unique Bed-gun safe to hide your riffles and other armors in the safe underneath the sleeping platform. With increasing numbers of mass killing and home-invasion around the world, safety has become a major concern for people everywhere. So, this weapon concealing furniture is perfect for homeowners who live in regions where chances of perpetrators attacking a family are high.

Floating Marble Bed by Axel Wannberg

Floating Marble Bed by Axel Wannberg
Image: Axel Wannberg

As name implies, this marble bed designed by Studio RAY Atelier for Swedish master cabinetmaker Axel Wannberg. It appears to be floating in mid-air as its legs aren’t visible from any angle.

Drone bed by DRL

Drone bed by DRL
Image: DRL

Made of medium-density fiberboard, it is a limited-edition bed inspired by the DRL’S Racer4 quadcopter. There are four rotor blades on four corners and built-in lights enhance the overall look even more. The bed also offers propeller pillows.

Gatrimonial Bed

Gatrimonial Bed
Image: Catlife

If you have pet cats at home, you can probably go for this amazing wooden bed by Catlife that is designed with aim to serve both humans and their pets. It hides underneath a labyrinth with a maze and multiple holes for the cat.

HiCan smart bed

HiCan smart bed
Image: HiBed

It is a personal cocoon that’s designed to improve sleep and also keep you entertained. You enjoy adjustable base with memory foam for utmost comfort during sleep and modern features like Wi-Fi, offline voice control, dimmable reading light, HD projector and invisible speakers. It can also be integrated with existing smart home devices.

Jumbo 747 sleeper bed

Jumbo 747 unique sleeper bed
Image: MotoArt

Designed by MotoArt, Jumbo 747 sleeper bed is integrated with programmable LED lights on the base to add a beautiful ambiance to your bedroom. Apparently, the reclaimed material used to construct this lavish bed was once used as a passenger carrier. While paying tribute to the art of aviation, the sleeping area, including footboard and headrest of the bed is padded with leather for a stylish appeal and extra comfort.

Bedfellow robot bed

Via: Instructables

Instructables user [Randofo] has created an autonomous DIY Bedfellow robot bed integrated with tiny wheels to function as a self-driving electric vehicle. Due to the electric wheels, it is easy for the user to shift it from one location to another. On the other hand, the resting platform of bed is equipped with a soft mattress and pillows to offer a comfortable sleep to the user.

Bed book

Book shaped bed
Image: Yusuke Suzuki

To solve the problems of limited space apartments in urban cities; photographer and innovator Yusuke Suzuki, has created a fold-up bed that resembles a huge book. When not in use, the bed can be used as a playmat or folded to free up some space in the room. On the other hand, at night you can open this book to reveal it’s pages that serve as a duvet and pillows for a cozy sleep.

Enignum VI canopy bed

Enignum VI canopy bed
Image: Joseph Walsh Studio

Joseph Walsh Studio has created Enignum VI canopy bed that is made from ash, a pliable wood that is particularly suited to the manipulation process. Planks of ash are sliced into 2mm sheets that are further fixed together into the vague shape of the finished piece. This angular structure is then hand-carved to achieve the beautiful curves on the bed.

Oslo Round Bed by Matisse

unique rounded bed
Image: Amazon

This attractive bed is made from wood and is upholstered with synthetic leather. The headboard comes with built-in lights and has two night stands. You can buy it from Amazon.

Ohea robotic bed

The Ohea smart bed is an intelligent robotic bed that’s integrated with sensors to automatically fix its sheets, duvet, and pillows on its own. This automatic bed is designed for those who don’t like to make their bed every morning. The built-in sensors in the bed can detect when it’s empty and autonomously does the morning chore for you.

Birdsnest bed

Birdsnest bed
Image: OGE Group

This giant Birdsnest bed is created by OGE Group to add exquisite appeal to any contemporary home. It’s part furniture and part playground that gives a whimsical makeover to any room. Whether children or adults – this unusual bed design is perfect for individuals of all age groups.

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Beer barrel bed

Beer barrel bed
Image: Airbnb

Now slumber like old brew masters of yesteryear with this one-of-a-kind Beer barrel bed. Crafted from retired 19th century barrel, this innovative bed design can comfortably accommodate one or two people. It will be a fun addition to any modern bedroom, but it’s surely not for anyone who is claustrophobic.

Tranquility pod

unique Tranquility pod bed
Image: Hammacher

Futuristic egg-shaped Tranquility Pod is designed to massage the user to sleep. It is integrated with elements of meditation and sensory bliss, an approach to a better way to sleep. When you lie on a memory foam cushion, the pod gently soothes your entire body and provides utmost relaxation. The pod includes an inner ambient lighting system that further contributes to a relaxed, floating sensation, simulating the primal sense of being in the womb.

Hot bed

Hot bed
Image: Xander Blue

Hot bed is a stylish and extraordinary furniture piece that will be exclusive addition into any contemporary bedroom. Not literally hot, but the ‘red hot’ design of this exquisite bed makes it a centerpiece of your space. The bed has been handcrafted with stained glass and stainless steel. The headboard can be detached when you want to relocate it to another room.

Golden bed by Jado Steel

unique Golden bed by Jado Steel
Image: Jado Steel

For the well-heeled who live their life surrounded by luxuries, this Golden bed by Jado Steel is a perfect bedroom addition. The bed is entirely coated with 24-carat gold and adorned with Swarovski crystals. Besides that, the bed also conceals a flat TV that remains out of sight until the user wants to watch their favorite TV shows. The price of standard Golden Bed starts at $676,550, whereas Jado Steel designers and craftsmen can customize the bed according to individual needs.

Magnetic hoverboard bed

unique Magnetic hoverboard bed
Image: Janjaap Ruijssenaars

Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars has created this futuristic Magnetic Hoverboard Bed that floats in mid-air. It is the result of seven years’ dedication and hard work. The bed is integrated with a non-degrading magnetic support system. The bed frame itself is a simple rectilinear board that appears to hover on invisible legs.

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