20+ River Tables You Can Buy in 2022

River tables, including live edge wood river tables, are very desirable to adorn a stylish living room. These are famous as epoxy and resin river tables for they are made with a sublime mix of epoxy and resin inserted between wood slabs to ooze beauty.

These gorgeous tables are designed to add faux ‘river’ (made from a watery hue of epoxy) to your living or dining space. Whether you like the minimalist, modern, eclectic, industrial, or even Bohemian home design; these nature-inspired river tables are just an apt and easy way to add a natural touch to your home décor.

Inspired by the flow of a river, the tables made with glass inserts and epoxy resin snaking through the center of the tabletop are real eye candies. River tables for sale are available in a variety of materials, designs, and finishes. To help you make a good choice, we have compiled a list of the 20+ best river tables that show how aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. Choose one that fits your budget, space, and interior décor.

List of Best River Tables to Buy in 2022

If you’re a newbie, you can scroll through the following list and check out the comprehensive buying guide (that follows) for an idea as to which right river table you should buy depending on the factors that define the purchase.

Wood slab river table by ThunderWoodStudio

Wood slab river table by thunderwoodstudio

Image: Etsy/ThunderWoodStudio

Made by Ukraine-based ThunderWoodStudio, this table has a burl poplar tabletop with a unique and dynamic epoxy color for a cool appearance. It would be a great conversational piece for any home or office. You have an option to choose the wood, color, design, and shape to suit your requirement. 

Buy: £1,315 / $1,641

Big leaf maple river dining table by SAWLiveEdge

Big leaf maple river dining table by sawliveedge

Image: Etsy/SAWLiveEdge

This handmade live edge river table is one of the coolest furniture pieces you can buy on Etsy. The top is made of two slabs and has a 6mm Azure Blue Glass with smoothed down edges. It stands on black walnut legs. Epoxy resin is also used to fill voids and cracks.

Buy: £3,630 / $4,534

Cyprus river coffee table

River coffee table by agartha treasures best to buy in 2022

Image: Etsy/AgarthaTreasures

Cyprus-based furniture manufacturer Agartha Treasures has handcrafted this artistic river coffee table using olive wood and epoxy resin. Imitating the blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea, this table, unlike most that have a river flowing over the tabletop, is predominantly water with a small mass of land (wood) floating in the middle. This river table measures 17.7 x 23.6 x 1.18 inches and is made available to order for nature lovers.

Buy: £346 / $424

Live edge river table by LivinOnTheEdgeArt

Live edge river table by livinontheedgeart

Image: Etsy/LivinOnTheEdgeArt

This one-of-a-kind live edge river side table has been decorated with blue and green crushed shells. Measuring 16” x 12” x 16” tall, the table will be a conversation starter in your home. There are a variety of colors and finishes available on request.

Buy: £187 / $233

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Epoxy resin river table by JenithHandicrafts

Epoxy resin river table by jenithhandicrafts

Image: Etsy/JenithHandicrafts

This rectangular river table is made of solid Acacia Wood, which is filled with epoxy UV-protected resin. The legs are also made of wood and sport a tapered shape. It’s a conversation starter for sure. There are several sizes available and customization can be done as per your requirement.

Buy: £153 / $187

Round river table by BlackLoftEpoxy

Round river table by blackloftepoxy

Image: Etsy/BlackLoftEpoxy

If you want to play with the geometry of your living room and want a round table to accentuate the look, take home this handmade epoxy resin river coffee table by Ukraine-based Andrew of BlackLoftEpoxy. Made of Burl Poplar, it measures 19.6H x 27.5W x 27.5D-inches and comes with steel legs.

Buy: £729 / $900

Delta live edge river coffee table by Fine Wooden Creations

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: Etsy/FineWoodenCreations

It is a sleek modern coffee table that comprises two live edge walnut wood slabs combined together to hold a wide glass insert that serves as a cantilevered place to display your items. The cracks and voids on the top are filled with glow-in-the-dark turquoise resin, adding more fun to the table design.

Buy: £925 / $1,132

Cherry wood table with river patch by KentuckyLiveEdge

River table by kentuckyliveedge

Image: Etsy/KentuckyLiveEdge

This gorgeous table made from a slab of cherry features a river-like patch filled with turquoise resin on the top. The wooden tabletop sits firmly on four raw steel hairpin legs. Measuring approximately 23 1/2W x 14 1/2D x 23 1/2H inches, it would make a great addition to any space.

Buy: £533 / $665

Birdseye river table by Natures Beauty Store

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: Etsy/Nature Beauty Store

It is an absolutely beautiful river table featuring a rugged Birdseye poplar burl wood top along with a transparent blue resin river flowing in between. The intricate knots, cracks, deformities, and patterns of the burled wood, combined with trapezoid steel legs, give it a spectacular look. Since each table is handmade, it takes 6-8 weeks to make a unique piece and to deliver it.

Buy: £1,535 / $1,914

Round live edge coffee table with resin river

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: Etsy/Kameleon Craft

Made of solid timber, this round coffee table features a one-of-a-kind semi-transparent black epoxy resin river flowing on its top. Knots and holes are also filled with black resin to enhance the overall appearance. The tabletop shows off tree rings, displaying an inviting effect of a variety of colors. Measuring 124-cm in diameter and 50-cm high, it can even be used as a river dining table.

Buy: £1,169 / $1,430

Red resin coffee table with spider legs

Table with river patch by kentuckyliveedge

Image: Etsy/FineWooodenCreations

Poland-based Fine Wooden Creations has made this innovative red semi-transparent coffee table from dried walnut wood, colored resin, and powder-painted steel legs. What makes this 47.2 x 23.6 x 21.6-inches river table unique is its spider-style legs. The wood has been air-dried and protected with a sealant to prevent natural cracking before being used for the table.

For the finishing, natural oils like Tung or Danish are mixed with wax using a special technique of applying oil and lacquer. These oils help in bringing out color, grain, and structure while lacquer helps in protecting the tabletop against scratches, heat, and accidental liquid spills.

Buy: £1,333 / $1,660

Epoxy resin coffee table with Koi fish by TvWoodResin

Epoxy resin coffee table with fish by tvwoodresin

Image: Etsy/TvWoodResin

Vietnam-based TvWoodResin has handcrafted this wooden river table that mimics the natural water body and also has floating epoxy resin fish. Each piece is made individually by hand and production can take up to three weeks. Available in different sizes, this unique river table will neatly uplift any living room décor.

Buy: Starts from £298 / $370

Live edge river table by WorldOfWoodenbyAlp

Live edge dining river table by worldofwoodenbyalp

Image: Etsy/WorldOfWoodenbyAlp

This live edge walnut slab dining table boasts glowing turquoise and black river flowing through its center. It stands on metal legs and there is an option to choose the style you want it in. These tables can be filled with any color of epoxy.

Buy: £470 / $575

Coastline edition river table by Dillweedscustomwood

This coastline edition river table will be a stunner in your living room

Image: Etsy/Dillweedscustomwood

Created by Florida-based woodworker Dylan Walters of Dillweedscustomwood, who specializes in custom epoxy resin river tables and other home décor pieces; the Coastline River Table is an ocean-themed special edition table with a top in two elegant hues.

More than half part of the top is a large wooden slab with thorough attention to detail finished in a glossy appeal. The other half of the slab is crafted with resin to look like a coastline. The top sits on a metal base with small wooden details to complement the overall design.

Buy: £7,252 ($8,961)

Concrete river table

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: 1stDibs

Way too costly for its design, this concrete table, handmade by an Austrian artist, is however different from the epoxy and resin tables we have seen on the list. A combination of warm wood and cold concrete, it creates a perfect harmony to appear like a river that flows through the table. The oiled Nutwood tabletop is emphasized with concrete inlay, mimicking a flowing river. 

Buy: $11,500

Special Mentions:

Seven Lakes table by Greg Klassen

Seven lakes table by greg klassen

Image: Greg Klassen

Washington-based Greg Klassen was one of the first furniture makers who combined wood and glass to provide a glimpse of a river in furniture. Much like functional art, this table showcases his design approach and creativity. It is made from a gigantic tree trunk, with seven branches that have been decorated as lakes with bluish glass. The table has a tempered glass top.

Buy: $23,000

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White river coffee table by OneOff

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: OneOff

If you’re looking for a river table that isn’t made from wood, this river coffee table from OneOff is a good choice for you. The white and blue tones of the table make it an instant eye-catcher. Made from Corian and steel with blue resin details, this stunning table is perfect for modern homes.

Buy: €8,250/ $8,600

Resin river coffee table II by Frances Bradley

Resin river coffee table on steel base by frances bradley.

Image: Treniq

Bring in the feel of a river flowing inside your home with Frances Bradley’s epoxy resin river coffee table. Sitting on steel legs, it has a wooden top, inlaid with a resin river, and is available in different colors, including blue, green, orange, and turquoise. With clean lines and bright appearance, it is a sophisticated addition to modish interiors.

Buy: £900 / $1,169

Winding river coffee table by Jason Miles

Winding river coffee table.

Image: Wayward Grain

If you are looking for a unique and spacious river coffee table, check out this maple burl river coffee table from Wayward Grain. Distinctive by its angular design, it can provide space to accommodate 7-8 people. Measuring 60l x 50l x 32w x 18h, this coffee table features a nine-foot-long river that runs across the top.

Buy: $12,800

Kasparo I river table

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: Kasparo

Elevate your home interiors with this one-of-a-kind river coffee table with built-in LEDs and motion sensors to automatically show cool animations of a flowing river when someone is nearby. Made from wood, glass, and resin, this handcrafted river table employs technology to serve as a functional centerpiece in a dining room, living room, or office.

Available on request from Kasparo     

River run dining table from Live Edge Design

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: Live Edge Design

Canadian company Live Edge Design has created this outstanding river run dining table to meet a large family’s requirement. Featuring a maple wood slab as a tabletop with glass inlay and river rock detail that appears like a dried-out river, it features a Blackcomb base that allows for flexible seating arrangements.

Available on request from LiveEdgeDesign

River Thames coffee table from The Timber Shack

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: The Timber Shack

If you’ve seen River Thames meandering into the horizon – this cool coffee table gives a similar expression with its top and base featuring a bluish resin river running through. This iteration of the Thames River table features a tabletop and slab base made from salvaged wood. Its rectangular elongated form provides sufficient space to dine or keep your belongings.

Available on request from The Timber Shack

Thames river coffee table by Johnson Furniture

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: Johnson Furniture

How about River Thames snaking across your coffee table? Daring you to dream big, George Johnson of Johnson Furniture allows you to incorporate the elegance of the majestic river into your living room. It beautifully exhibits the meandering curves of the river on the Yew tabletop that rests on metal legs. George also designed a dining table-sized version of this table.

Buy: £1,500 / $1,948 

Makarios river coffee table

20+ river tables to buy with comprehensive guide to help make decision

Image: Makarios Decor

Makarios Decor river coffee table boasts a simple and rustic design. Handcrafted using poplar hardwood, it features a turquoise tempered glass insert resembling a flowing river. This minimalistic river table will welcome your guests into the living space, and showcase the custom style of your home.

Buy: $600

Things to Consider When Buying a River Table

Live edge or not, river tables evoke an aesthetically pleasing look that costs aplenty, yet you can find them everywhere. Is it just the visual appeal enticing consumers or is functionality a prerequisite too? Designers and woodworkers have their eyes rooted in the fact that functionality is a must despite all the fancy design it beholds. Thus, they build their river tables in a way that they don’t trade off functionality for looks.

Like with all tables, a perfect river coffee table is one that is the right size for you to reach the snack, sturdy enough to take the weight of your books and even your legs occasionally. Resin if used properly is robust enough to see you through all that you give it – but be mindful of the fact that wood would need a lot of care. Wipe it sporadically with a soft, damp cloth to ensure its longevity and gloss.

When buying a river table, be sure of the type of wood you are investing in. Certain wood types are more durable and appealing than others but the cost of the table will depend on the wood type used. For instance, finer wood like Walnut or English Yew will cost slightly higher than Poplar and Ashwood.

Even if you don’t have a real idea about the quality of resin and epoxy, it is advisable to check the table thoroughly to see for any bubbles or other blemishes. Many resins do not play really well with damp wood – so if your manufacturer has not used finely dried wood – there are chances of some glitches in the way resin has flowed in between the wooden slabs. Woodworkers are generally mindful of things like these, but you want to be doubly sure ‘coz you’re investing your hard-earned cash on a river table.

The article has been updated with the most recent entries in May 2022.

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