20 Larger Than Life Outdoor Halloween Decorations You Must See

Halloween is one day of the year when people go bonkers. They participate in costume parties, play games, and watch late-night horror films to aggravate stimulation. However, what gives them the biggest kick is embellishing their yards with the larger-than-life outdoor Halloween décor.

These outdoor decorations could be inflatables, DIY projects, or massive effigies that folks place outside their homes and exhibit herculean displays to neighbors and passersby. Below we look at 20+ such displays where people went all-out with their larger-than-life outdoor Halloween decorations.

Two giant skeletons welcome you to the Kraken house in Memphis housing giant tentacles.

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Kraken house in Memphis
Image: Instagram/Kraken House Nola

A DIY enthusiast carving 97 different pieces of foam to make a king-size Grim Reaper is the kind of neighbor you’d like to have next door. Or maybe not?

King-size Grim Reaper
Image: Reddit/kevinb773

Two bodies hanging by a tree with Abbott signboards in the background is spooky as hell.

Two bodies hanging by a tree with abbott signboards in background
Image: Reddit/Anghel412

Ohio resident Amanda Destro Pierson turned her garage into a bloodthirsty Halloween monster.

Bloodthirsty Halloween monster decal
Image: Facebook / Amanda Destro Pierson

Stranger Things-inspired outdoor Halloween decoration featuring floating Max Mayfield is truly terrifying.

Floating Max Mayfield Halloween decor
Image: [email protected]

North Syracuse-based couple once revealed a skeleton pirate ship display which is the most dope Halloween decoration you’d see on the internet today.

Skeleton pirate ship display for Halloween
Image: Stan Munro

This is by far the coolest Halloween decoration I’ve seen so far and it almost looks like the set-up has come from Walt Disney Studios.

Halloween on Ambush Halloween display
Image: Halloween On Ambush

Thanks to Halloween decals, artist and photographer Christine McConnell turned her parents’ house into a gigantic monster with many eyes.

Gigantic monster with many eyes Home Halloween display
Image: Facebook/Christine McConnell

North Syracuse-based couple exhibited a massive skeleton dragon décor in their garden.

Massive skeleton dragon décor in garden
Image: Syracuse

James Faulk from Dallas created an unusual Ebola-themed décor to create panic among his neighbors.

Ebola-themed Halloween outdoor decor
Image: FOX 4

30-ft-tall spooktacular Frankenstein effigy by Ammon Smith, a Salt Lake City resident, is an eye-catching Halloween display that will send chills down anyone’s spine.

30ft tall spooktacular Frankenstein effigy by Ammon Smith
Image: Facebook/Ammon Smith

Alan Perkins, an Ohio resident has bombarded his home with skeletons here, there, and everywhere.

Halloween display featuring multiple skeletons
Image: Alan Perkins/FB

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween display by Kevin Byrne features 10-feet-tall Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie that any kid would love to have in their neighborhood.

The nightmare before Christmas Halloween display
Image: Funtitled Workshop

We can’t get over the sight of a gigantic dragon crawling on the garage dome at Tom Saltsman’s house and resting his head on the entrance roof.

Gigantic dragon crawling on garage dome
Image: MassLive

A Texas housewife got so much carried with her slasher Halloween decorations that neighbors thought it to be real and called the cops.

Slasher Halloween decor
Image: Facebook/Most Amazing Videos On The Internet

This 28.5-feet-long lighted replica of the Millennium Falcon spaceship on the roof of Colby Powell is worth having a glimpse at.

Replica of the Millennium Falcon spaceship on house roof
Image: Mike Senese/Makezine

UV-reactive toxic waste dump featuring skeletons rising from the barrels truly marks the return of the living dead.

UV reactive toxic waste dump
Image: Reddit/UptonDide

UFO Halloween display by a Redditor featuring a shower curtain making the green beam and vacuuming cattle can frighten any passerby.

UFO Halloween display by redditor
Image: GnomeFetish

Another Redditor shared a picture of a creepy red monster sitting on top of a dilapidated home with fangs wide open and tongue sticking out of its mouth.

Creepy red monster Halloween display
Image: Reddit/Stabbing_in_the_dark

Redditor shares pictures of creepy neighbor Halloween decorations featuring a hanging man, a red mannequin upside down a tree, and a swinging lady holding a creepy baby doll that could trigger anyone.

Hanging man and a lady holding a baby creepy doll Halloween decor
Image: Reddit/ Chez

Steven Novak’s Halloween slasher film-inspired gory decorations featuring gruesomely murdered mannequins were so realistic that it actually prompted Dallas police to pay multiple visits.

Gruesomely murdered mannequins Halloween decor
Image: Steven Novak

Redditor shares picture of neighbors affrighting-funny Halloween décor featuring three spooky skeletons witnessing another skeleton pole dancing.

Three spooky skeletons witnessing a skeleton doing pole dance
Image: Reddit/nomanknowsme

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