20+ Halloween Party Games for All Ages

There is nothing like Halloween in this world. It is one day of the year when children, adults and old folks all wear super scary costumes and celebrate the fest like there is no tomorrow. I have discussed Halloween party games for adults before and also spotlighted kid-friendly Halloween party games. This time, I will bring to focus 20+ Halloween party games for all ages.

Halloween Games for Adults

It is a misconception that only kids have bragging rights over playing Halloween games. We can all turn into a toddler sometimes and enjoy these party games that reminisce us of our childhood.

Halloween charades on the cards

Halloween charades on the cards
Image: brooklynactivemama

We all have played dumb charades in our life and still continue to do so. The game is fun for people of all ages and can be played during a Halloween party. The only rule is to have horror fiction movies, books as the subject matter and let the others guessing and scratching their heads. As the night gets darker, add creepier Halloween movies to the list to freak every second person in the room.

Halloween Story Game: One guest starts another finishes

Halloween story game_20+ halloween games for people of all ages
Image: angelfish fieldwork

The game is simple and perfect for a group of ten to twenty people. Try building a horror plot as you start your story. It is the duty of second and third person and so on to carry the story forward with last person in the room giving a proper conclusion to the story. Well, there is a bit of creativity involved but I guess adults can tickle this much of their brain.

Carving pumpkin is more of an art than a game

Pumpkin carving contest hallowen party game
Image: quinstar

There is a large skill set required for this game. It is not as easy as it appears in images and require you to have a good understanding of art and carving. However as a host, you can organize a competition for your amateur friends and see them tearing the gut of the pumpkin. Creepy yeah!

Halloween word scramble will keep your head scratching

Halloween word scramble
Image: amazon

Come on, you are adults! You can’t be playing pumpkin race on Halloween. Though you can always participate in a pumpkin race with your toddler but I believe a quick Halloween scramble game won’t do any harm and won’t spoil you party fun. Get some scramble cards and make your brain work a little. While you play the game, you can also watch your tween and toddler playing sack race or whatever they prefer to do.

Pop the balloons on Halloween eve

Pop the balloon on halloween
Image: polka dots and picket fences

This is my favorite thing to do and I am sure, you’d love it too. I find it terrible to inflate a balloon but what I love most is to pop it. The rules of the game are pretty simple. Decorate a board with inflated balloons and the one to pop maximum balloons with darts or pins in the least amount of time wins the Halloween party game.

Never have I ever what?

Halloween never have i ever party game

Most of you will associate the ‘Never Have I Ever’ with strange kinks. This game has a lot more versatility than your witty brain could fathom. Ideal for a group of five to ten people who get to share their crazy Halloween stories and meanwhile discuss what they haven’t done on Halloween is how you play this game. For example, ‘Never have I ever been to a graveyard.’ The other folks will sip water or whatever they prefer.

‘Truth or Dare’ adds life to your Halloween party

Truth and dare_20+ halloween games for people of all ages
Image: warm beach

No party is complete without ‘Truth and Dare’. You can talk the spookiest of stuff and even give dares like visiting a graveyard or closing themselves inside a haunted mansion-themed bathroom. The party is yours and so is the choice. Just make sure, you don’t end up hurting someone physically or give mental scars to anyone amidst fun. Because that would be more horrible and creepy than any Halloween party.

Pumpkin Bowling will keep your Halloween guests entertained

Pumpkin bowling_halloween games for people of all ages
Image: who arted

If you are wondering what you can do with a pumpkin and some toilet paper rolls, Who Arted has got it sorted for you. Turn your toilet rolls into bowling pins and a pumpkin into a ball that would tumble these pins down. You can play it in your backyard and enjoy the festival.

Cup Knock Down will be the life of your party

Cup knock down game for kids at halloween party
Image: mas and pas

If you are pondering what you are going to do with your used beer plastic cups, let me give you a fancy alternative. The game revolves around simple rules. Collect plastic cups and make a tower with them. Once your guests are fully drink and little dizzy, give them plastic balls and ask them to drop as many cups as they can. (We don’t advocate drinking), buts it’s Halloween folks.

Pumpkin ring toss is fun for people of all ages

Pumpkin ring toss game
Image: my baba

This may not be popular among masses but can be a fun addition to your Halloween party. As evident from the name, the game involves multiple pumpkins and rings that one will toss over them. Winner gets everything here and the loser gets all the fun and giggles.

Spider Web splat game is for dart lovers

Spider web splat game new featured
Image: walmart

This game will definitely remind you of darts and it’s no different than how you actually play dart. The only difference it features a faux spider instead of dart pins. The fun is unlimited and will definitely add life to your Halloween party.

Murder Mystery Game should probably be a Halloween tradition now

Murder mystery game for halloween_25 halloween party games that'll cost you creeps
Image: amazon

This game is definitely not for kids, toddlers and tweens. Be very careful when you play this because there is a lot of investigation involved in finding a serial killer as you and friends are dressed up in scary costumes. Though it’s just for fun but can get spookier at times. For more such spooky stuff head over to our previous post on Halloween party games for adults.

Halloween Games for Kids

When we talk of kids, we have to discuss multiple dimensions of their childhood. There are games that would particularly suit teens, then there are games which are specifically for toddlers. We also have to find games that would fit in category of tweens. All this is necessary because children are highly sensitive and consume what they see around. So you have to be really careful while choosing games for kids, because the motive is to let them have fun instead of making them feel scared.

Pumpkin sweeping race is for people of all ages

Sweep the pumpkin race_kid friendly halloween party games
Image: boothbay register

Although this game is for people of all ages but for kids its more than just a game. I am sure you must have seen those cutely awesome videos of kids participating in a race. Hand them a broom and ask them to sweep a pumpkin and reach the boundary line. The game would be more fun because you don’t know what to expect with kids. Whatever it is, fun is guaranteed.

The spookiest musical chairs you’ll ever play

Halloween musical chairs with kids
Image: apartment prepper

I am biased towards this game because it is my childhood fantasy. I wanted to win musical chairs in my school in order to get some female attention towards me. Alas! It never happened. But this is time for your kids to shine in a Halloween party. So, if you are planning to host a party for October 31stmake sure to add musical chairs in your list. Get yourself and your kids dressed in Halloween costumes and enjoy the day and night to follow.

Decorating pumpkin like a baby

No-carve pumpkin decoration alternatives for halloween
Image: lovely indeed

It doesn’t really matter if you are an adult, teen, tween or a toddler; people of any age can decorate a pumpkin. Hand over some stickers and paint brushes to your kids and let their creativity flourish. Decorating pumpkin is an old tradition and I am pretty sure this would intrigue little monsters especially more if you hand them candies after they are done making a mess of pumpkin.

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Spider race with no actual spiders involved

Spider race for kids halloween game
Image: still playing school

This is super fun. I am not exaggerating, this is really-really enjoyable, especially for siblings. All you need is a straw and a faux spider. Your children can blow air via those straws and move the spider ahead. The first spider to reach the finish line wins the game and so does the child. Cool right!

Mummy sack race at your patio

Mummy race_25 halloween party games that'll cost you creeps
Image: mary malloy/herald

Kids look super adorable when they are dressed in mummy sack. Even cuter are the scenes when they are competing in a race while wrapped in mummy attire. You can organize a mummy sack race in your backyard or garden, whatever suits you the best.

Rock, paper and scissors is a perfect Halloween starter

Rock papers scissor on a halloween party
Image: amazon

If you really can’t figure out a Halloween game for kids, there is nothing better than rock, paper and scissors. It’s simple and perfectly suited for toddlers and tween siblings who are not allowed to move out of their house for a night out with friends. For God sake, they are kids, let them have fun at home.

Solving the Skelton Puzzle and Putting the freaking bones back together

Solve the skeleton puzzle game_kid friendly halloween party games
Image: sugar and charm

This is a mind-tinkering game and if your kid want to be a doctor in future, this is a jackpot for the child. Sugar and Charm takes us through the DIY process on how kids can make DIY bones for the skeleton out of foam, magnet, and hot glue. All you teens have to do is arrange the pieces in shape of a skeleton first and the first child to do it wins the game.

Finding Eyeballs under a pile of Spaghetti is the grossest Halloween game

Searching for eyeballs during halloween celebration
Image: kid friendly things to do

This is downright creepy but I am sure your kids would love it to eternity. The game is simple. All kids have to do is find faux eyeballs under a pile of spaghetti or noodles. You can even hide these eyeballs anywhere in the room and let your wards find them. This would keep them engaged while you can work on some DIY Halloween decorations.

Marshmallow Ghosts on a String

Marshmallow ghosts on a string_halloween party games for people of all ages
Image: kid friendly things to do

Kids love to jump, hoop and poop. The game involves everything except the latter. You have to string some marshmallows and let your kid jump to gobble one. The one to do it first and fast wins the game while the other children can feast their taste buds. Slower the better.

Halloween Statue game will freeze you like a ghost

Statue statue during halloween
Image: Netflix

To all Squid Games fans, it’s time you revive the most popular game of your childhood. Statue-statue is what we call it in this corner of the world, for others it might be freeze game. The rules are simple; as soon as the music stops playing in the background, you have to freeze and not show any movement in your body. Fun, right!

There is nothing more fun than apple bobbing

Apple bobbing_kid friendly halloween party games
Image: wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is one game that is equally fun for both kids and adults. However, it is not something I’d recommend for toddlers but teens and tween can play it under their parents watch. The rules are quite simple. Apples are put into a tub of water where they float because the fruit is less dense than water. The kid to pick as many apples from the tub using his mouth, with hands tied behind the back is the ultimate winner. To know about more such Halloween party games for kids.

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