20 Brutally Honest – And Truly Hilarious

20 Brutally Honest – And Truly Hilarious

There’s only one way to talk honestly about parenting – you lay it all out there and you trust that your fellow parents will get why it’s ok to laugh at what is also something you could cry over if you wanted.

These 20 parents took to Twitter to help us all laugh at those kinds of situations, and we’re here for it.

If you are too, you’re about to be delighted.

20 brutally honest - and truly hilarious
20 brutally honest – and truly hilarious

Sucked as a kid, sucks now.

Most of the time, anyway.

You’ve gotta be prepared.

Especially once they become teenagers.

I really don’t know where to start.

But your family is her family so joke’s on her.

Answer, don’t…they never stop.

Perhaps too well, as it turns out.

But we will persevere.

I guess it’s impossible to cover all of the bases.

It’s time to do a cleaning.

Sometimes you can’t have any of it, to be honest.

I can see the future.

You almost don’t want to draw a match. Almost.

But only because it’s not my kid.

This is definitely one of them.

Things aren’t always as bad as you might think.


He knows his lines!

This was bound to happen eventually.

Ahhh, it’s just so nice to know we’re not alone, right?

What’s the worst thing you’ve laughed at as a parent? Tell us about it in the comments.

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