19 Kids and Beyond: A Complete Guide to the Sprawling Duggar Family

19 Kids and Beyond: A Complete Guide to the Sprawling Duggar Family

Josh Duggar (Mr. Anna Keller)

Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest child, Josh, was born March 3, 1988. After being homeschooled (as the Duggars would with all their children), he also became a Conservative activist, campaigning for it. Family Council. He resigned after old police files surfaced in 2015, revealing that he had been accused of assaulting several girls, including his sisters. Jessa and Jill, when he was a teenager.

Jessa fervently defended her brother during a shoot with Fox News in June 2015, insisting that the worst names people called Josh were “so over the top and a lie, really. I mean people get mad against me for saying that, but I can say that because I was one of the victims. “

His wife also stayed by his side, including after he admitted to being unfaithful. When he went to a treatment center in 2016, his parents called him “the crucial first step in healing and healing.”

They were parents of three children – daughter Mackynzie (October 8, 2009) and son Michael (June 15, 2011) and Marcus (June 2, 2013) – when the scandal erupted and Anna gave birth to their fourth child, Meredith, July 16, 2015, the same day TLC officially canceled 19 children. Their fifth child, son Mason garett, was born on September 12, 2017 and their youngest daughter Maryella hope, arrived on November 27, 2019.

Anna, who appeared on Counting on without her husband, marked their 12th birthday on September 26, writing on Instagram: “12 years ago today, we were like, ‘Yes! I’m so grateful for

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