18 films that inspired songs: Star Wars, Karate Kid, Die Hard… – Actus Ciné

On the occasion of the Fête de la Musique, a look back at a few films whose characters, story, actors or impact have inspired singers, lyricists and composers.

18 films that inspired songs: star wars, karate kid, die hard... - actus ciné

There is film music, of course. There are also the movie titles that put songs in your head. Or even the songs that inspire certain movie titles. And there are, sometimes, films that have found a strong resonance with singers, composers, musicians or lyricists, to the point of inspiring certain artists and groups to create songs (sometimes very well known). As France celebrates music, return in 18 titles to these songs born after a screening.

“One” – Metallica

Inspired by Johnny go to war Considered one of the band’s best songs, this piece is inspired by the novel and its film adaptation, both by Dalton Trumbo. Sound and video extracts from the feature film also accompany the track, which plunges the listener into the skin of the main character, a soldier mutilated on the battlefield and trapped in his own body.

“The Empire of the Dark Side” – IAM

Inspired by Star Wars The Emperor, the Force, Leia, the Ewoks… All the elements of George Lucas’ saga are present in this memorable piece by Akhenaton & Cie, which glorifies Vader and his troops. The intergalactic franchise also inspired Dionysus with Song For Jedi.

“Die Hard” – Guyz Nite

Inspired by the saga diehard From the hostage-taking at Nakatomi Plaza to the takeover of the United States by a hacker in the fourth installment, rock band Guyz Nite revisits the explosive adventures of John McClane / Bruce Willis with an eternal refrain: “Yippikaye Motherfucker!”

“My son, my battle” – Daniel Balavoine

Inspired by Kramer versus Kramer This song, which evokes divorce and the “battle” for the custody of a child, was inspired by Daniel Balavoine by the film Kramer against Kramer, as well as by the separation that one of its musicians was going through at the time. and by the divorce of his own parents.

“So Long Astoria” – The Ataris

Inspired by The Goonies A treasure map, a rainy seaside town, a pirate ship… So many references to Richard Donner’s cult film and the adventures of Mickey, Choco, Bagou, Data & Cie. Another piece, signed Yellowcard, is inspired by a line from Bagou: Martin Sheen Or JFK.

“Clint Eastwood” – Gorillaz

Inspired by The good, the bad and the ugly “I’ve got sunshine in a bag”the chorus of this tribute song, is taken directly from Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western.

“I live with Amélie Poulain” – Les Fatals Picards

Inspired by The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain The French group makes fun (kindly) of the clean and nice side of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film in this very offbeat track present in the album Clockwork Grapefruitobviously much inspired by the 7th Art.

“I freak out” – Disiz La Peste

Inspired by Free fall The rapper slips into the skin of Michael Douglas, a motorist who abandons his car in the middle of a traffic jam, “loses the lead” and confronts society. Note the presence of a young Cécile de France as a fast-food cashier. Iron Maiden also draws inspiration from the film on the track Man On The Edge.

“Space Oddity” – Davie Bowie

Inspired by 2001: a space odyssey The mystical-space adventures of Major Tom, an astronaut who cuts contact with the Earth to take advantage of Space. A title written by a David Bowie stone (by his own admission) after watching Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece.

“King Kong Song” – ABBA

Inspired by King Kong The Swedish band didn’t just inspire the musical Mamma Mia: they themselves took inspiration from the most famous of gorillas for this little-known track, featured on the album. Waterloo in 1974.

“The Clansman” – Iron Maiden

Inspired by Braveheart “Freeeedom!!!” Like William Wallace, the group sings a song of freedom and an ode to the Scottish Highlands… The group Within Temptations will also be inspired by Mel Gibson’s film on The Heart Of Everything.

“Blue Magic” – JAY-Z

Inspired by american gangster JAY-Z evokes his own past as a drug dealer through strong references (the Blue Magic drug in particular) to Frank Lucas, the character played by Denzel Washington in Ridley Scott’s film, including a sequence from the film revealed at the end of the clip.

“Doctor Hannibal” – Don Choa

Inspired by Thesilenceofthelambs The cannibalistic psychopath played by Anthony Hopkins inspired this piece of rap, in which we come across many references to horror cinema and its legendary boogeymen. Eminem will also refer to the feature film, in his song buffalo bill where he evokes the other serial-killer of the film, whose hobby consists in recovering the skin of his victims to make clothes.

“Rambo” – Wednesday the 13th

Inspired by the saga Rambo “RAMBO: Blow ’em up like Rambo!” In the manner of diehard of Guyz Nite mentioned a little above, a tribute to the ultimate warrior camped by Sylvester Stallone, released in the streets of a small town with arms in hand.

“Children of the Desert” – Diam’s

Inspired by Forrest Gump Run Diam’s, run! If the song does not literally refer to the film by Robert Zemeckis, the clip was shot on the location of the film, the singer revisiting the house, the bench and the roads surveyed by Tom Hanks.

“Bette Davis Eyes” – Kim Carnes

Inspired by the actress Bette Davis The two-time Oscar-winning actress will appreciate this tribute and will write directly to Kim Carnes and the songwriters thanking them for doing it. “return to modern history” and to have made it “cool” in the eyes of her granddaughter.

“Fanny Ardant and I” – Vincent Delerm

Inspired by the actress Fanny Ardant This is the song that revealed Vincent Delerm’s talent in 2002. The French songwriter talks about his “relationship” with a photo of the actress on the shelf between a book by Eric Holder, a white Ikea chandelier and a postcard from Maria… The opportunity to mention François Truffaut and Gérard Depardieu, among others.

“Daniel” – Bat For Lashes

Inspired by Karate Kid This declaration of love is directly dedicated to Daniel LaRusso (no link with the singer), the stork kick hero portrayed by Ralph Maccio in 1984 and then returned to the Cobra Kai series. The singer of the group, Natasha Khan, was indeed in love with him during her youth.

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