17 Very Unique Things People Collect and Shared With the World

I’m not sure what the psychology is behind why human beings love to collect things – coins, books, rocks, figurines, records, what have you – but there must be some reason that so many people lovingly gather certain things to display in their homes.

Sometimes those collections go beyond the average, too, and that’s when they really become interesting, if you ask me.

Here are the really different collections kept by 17 different people.

Like…why? And how?

Over the past 15 years my dad collected 1,785 bowling balls and built a giant Bowling Ball Pyramid from pics

This is one of several alphabets assembled by Belgian type designer Clotilde Olyff from stones collected at the beach.

17 very unique things people collect and shared with the world

Image Credit: Kottke

Or for the inevitable apocalypse.

Collection of reference seeds found in my Grandad’s attic from mildlyinteresting

I mean, if you thought they were cool before…

A year ago, I started staying in and peircing state quarters, instead of going out and getting in trouble. Here is my collection so far. from pics

I would love to see all of the birds that came!

17 very unique things people collect and shared with the world

Image Credit: Pleated Jeans

So, better friend than foe.

Inspired by an old reddit post. I started feeding bar nuts to these crows that are regural to the patio of a bar I work at. My collection of gifts finally started after 3 months. from pics

I don’t like it.

The product of 15 years collecting shedded antlers from the woods. from pics

It would make you smile every single day!

17 very unique things people collect and shared with the world

Image Credit: Pleated Jeans

Just to fill a barrel?

Since the late 80s, my office has been collecting used staples that were removed from documents that needed to be microfilmed/scanned. Here is that collection. from pics

These are seriouslycool!

My grandfather’s pencil sharpener collection i inherited from mildlyinteresting

Also, that’s a LOT of tires.

Our tire sticker ball turned 6 today from Damnthatsinteresting

It’s about finding the rocks.

Perfectly round rocks found on the beach. Bonus: egg rock, triangle, and taco rock. from interestingasfuck

Not everyone is so lucky to live where these can be found.

Some of my favorite arrowheads. Amazing little pieces of history collected on our private property in southern Arizona. from interestingasfuck

How endearingly dorky.

This is my Periodic Table of Elements with actual elements! from mildlyinteresting

That’s a lot of walks on the beach.

2 years of collecting sea glass. from mildlyinteresting

I can respect that, but maybe they disappeared for a reason!

This man’s collection of lost apples varieties. from mildlyinteresting

This kid is going places.

I’m 14 and here is a picture of me and my chess medals from MadeMeSmile


I guess I collect books, but not really on purpose. I would like to collect dogs but I don’t have enough land. Or money.

What do you collect? Tell us in the comments!

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