16 Total Hoaxes That People Will Still Tell You Are True

There’s something about believing a fact for a long time – or being told something is the god’s honest truth by someone you trust – that makes it hard to un-learn, even if you hear more than once that it’s been proven a hoax.

It’s just the way the mind works, and if you think yours is immune think again – I guarantee you there’s at least a few things on this list that your brain still wants to believe!

16. Any monetary value, anyway.

Reddit karma having any value.

15. Just regular open ocean.

Pretty sure the Bermuda Triangle being more dangerous due to supernatural things but it is just as dangerous as any sea, it just has some intense waters.

14. That’s definitely not a thing.

People simply giving away drugs or edibles on Halloween. As if.

Remember kids, if someone offers you drugs, say thank you, because drugs are expensive

13. It’s hard to believe, for sure.


Edit: Scientologists are programmed to reply to this with “dOn’T yOu MeAn ALL ReLiGiOnS?” and try to do the all lives matter thing when someone says black lives matter to dilute the message.

It’s the internet age, cultists. We researched your tactics to put yourself on equal footing with actual religions. You are programmed by NLP, get help.

12. I mean they didn’t do enough, though.

That Kitty Genovese was murdered as people heard her screams and did nothing. To this day people believe in the Bystander Effect.

In fact multiple neighbors called the police. One even went to her to comfort her believing police were on the way and was driven off by the murderer coming back to finish her off.

The New York Times asked the police about it in their reporting, and without checking, believed them that they didn’t get any calls. In fact the police were covering for them badly dropping the ball. If they’d actually responded when the first call came in, Genovese could probably have been saved.

The lazy reporter later became the editor of the New York Times, having eroded a large amount of humanity’s trust in itself.

11. It’s honestly hard to tell.

A lot of cryptocurrency scams.

Majority of the suckers often either continue to hold their investments; that was worth less than dirt, or go on to invest in yet another scam.

10. I’ve been there. Swear.

That Australia is a hoax created by NASA and everyone living there are paid actors.

9. Nothing to be worried about.

That MSG is bad for you.

I meet people regularly that think it’s a super insta-cancer ingredient that will cause you to die or something based on 80s/90s false scares. Then I tell them “you do know it naturally occurs on tomatoes, yes?”

8. Is that like the Kool-Aid?

That whole miracle mineral solution thing. Or as I like to call it, the drinkin’ bleach.

7. Worth the read.

Oh boy.

Tldr: ex-mil is very much against anything occult or witchcrafty. Believes homeopathic vet can determine cancer in expensive horse just by looking (eyes only) and offs horse.

My ex-MIL is a fanatical Christian (saw the light in her 20’s) together with ex-FIL. This particular chapter had some… interesting takes on scriptures the would be quite divergent from most Christian churches.

She had this really thick book about the occult that had all kinds of explanations about how even the most mundane stuff could be very much occult. And she would use it a lot to “educate” me on how any hobby, any movie, or book I spoke about was actually me worshipping a goat legged god, me summoning a demonic monkey or just plainly challenging Him to smite me with a lightning bolt. Harry Potter? Witchcraft! Narnia? Dont get her started! A Christmas tree? You could as well sacrifice a new born baby to Wodan himself.

She also liked horses, and they had a large plot of land. So, she bought two that were the cost of a nice house each. One of the horses developed some inflammation in of its legs (and a slight limp). Horse looked ok, was eating well, and aside from avoiding some pain was still it’s jolly self. So she had a vet come by, had one look at it, and determined it must be metastatic cancer. So the vet offed the horse.

I questioned it, as I thought it weird that there was no touch involved, no follow-up tests or scans, or antibiotica considered. For a horse that costly you might want to make sure that it is in fact cancer. But the vet as ex-MIL told me, saw fluid retention and was really qualified… as a homeopathic vet.

My jaw dropped. For all those years she was scolding me for anything (in her opinion) heretic, and now she was trusting a person that believes that water “can magically remember” the properties of a herb AND get’s stronger by dilution? EX-MIL didn’t believe me as homeopathic medicine “is just a natural alternative” like herbs and stuff.

So I grabbed her book and to it’s credit it actually described homeopathy aaaaand deemed it occult too. She went pale, then red, and “the discussion about the horse was now closed, it had cancer, period.”

6. It needs to just stop.

That vaccines cause autism.

I think the thing that annoys me the most about it is they go on about it being a big pharma conspiracy, when the original paper that had to be withdrawn was commissioned by manufacturers of single mumps, measles, and rubella vaccines in an attempt to discredit the MMR vaccine which was a huge threat to their business.

So, the idea that vaccines cause autism actually came from big pharma being evil.

5. Bless her heart.

Avril Lavigne is in fact, not dead.

4. The button makes me feel better.

That there’s no need to press crosswalk buttons and that they’ll switch automatically.

That’s only true for some of the them. A lot of them you still need to press the button, or else the walk sign will never turn on. Tired of the people who stand directly next to the button but never push it.

3. Fake news.

That my cat thinks he’s starving.

2. I’ve never heard this one. Ha!

That NASA spent billions developing a pen to work in space and the Russians just used a pencil.

I think I read that NASA discovered that the graphite in pencils would break off and possibly cause damage to electronics. They had to develop something safe to use in zero gravity that would also write. Russia switched over to the pen as well soon after.

1. You’ll never convince some people.

The earth being flat. We have literally done studies, taken pictures, boiled all of that down to the level that a kindergartener can understand it, and some idiots still don’t get it.

See what I mean? We figure we wouldn’t still believe some of this stuff, but we totally want to.

What else would you add to this list? Drop it in the comments!

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