16 Inexpensive Items People Claimed Drastically Improved Their Lives

There are some things we buy knowing they’re frivolous. Other items we expect big things from (because maybe they came with big price tags) only to be disappointed, the thing relegated to the back of a closet where we don’t have to look at it and be reminded.

Then there are the times – rare as they may be – when we buy something inexpensive that we want to try, and our lives end up the better for it every single day.

These 16 people claim these items – all less than $50 – drastically changed their lives for the better.

16. I hate cleaning it and putting it away though.

A non-stick electric griddle. You can cook a bunch of stuff on that thing.

adding to the list:

A coffee maker and a knock off Yeti tumbler. You can save a crap ton of money that way.

15. Anyone else want to jump ship?

Affinity Photo on sale for 25$, I could leave Photoshop and the whole Adobe Creative suite nonsense behind me. No more monthly payments. Just these 25$ once and I won the thing.

Other thing was a used line tool for architects for 3€ (normal price is 25€), making comic panels never was easier

14. If you don’t already have one.

Pocket/Swiss army knife or multi tool

I have 2 that I keep on my at all times and use them pretty much daily

13. The longer the better (heh).

3 metre long charging cable.

I got a 10 ft USB extension cable to a friend who was recovering from surgery at a hospital. He told me that was the best present he ever got, his words “in my life”.

12. It is revolutionary.

Electric toothbrush.

Speaking of oral care, I bought a tongue scraper on amazon 8 years ago on a whim. I can’t believe I wasn’t scraping my tongue before. The amount of plaque that I get off with that thing every morning is astounding and my breath is so much better now.

11. As someone with a bad back, this sounds nice.

Something called “the helping hand”. Its basically a litter picker (which was actually invented for the disabled btw).

I am disabled and a wheelchair user. My occupational therapist gave me this years ago to help me get things out of high up kitchen cupboards etc.

I still have it and it has been a life changer!

10. For the writing nerds.

This one mechanical pencil that I bought in high school or earlier. I’ll graduate college soon which means I’ve been writing with the same pencil for somewhat 10 years. It fits perfectly between my fingers.

I’ve kept a traditional diary since I was a kid and it has become more and more important since hardly anything requires paper and a pencil today. So many memories from the happiest moments to the absolute worst have been written down using this pencil.

I have a few other pencils as well but they don’t feel right and eventually I’ll put them away and return to my old friend.

9. Learned this from my parents.

A butter dish/butter tray. Room temp butter always available. No more fucking with trying to spread hard butter out of the fridge.

8. Is he on YouTube?

About 20 years ago I bought a 3 VHS tape set that showed me this guy, Sepp Holzer, doing pond and gardens and raising animals in a way far better than I imagined. It has been the core of my life ever since.

7. They almost make winters bearable.

A heated blanket, dont know how I ever survived winters before this.

My bedroom is in the attic and it gets cold. Due to how stuff is wired the heating in my room only goes on when it’s cold downstairs, but since it doesn’t get that cold downstairs my heating never starts up.

This has saved me so much cold nights curled up in a ball at night trying to warm up, it’s amazing

6. I didn’t know there was a way to fix that!

Sheet suspenders!

I toss and turn a lot and would have to fix the fitted sheet every morning

5. Omg this is a thing?

Try a heated mattress pad. They are more efficient has the heat rises and gets trapped by the blankets. Most also have a zone for your feet.

4. If that’s your sort of thing…

A $1 corkscrew that I keep in my car.

The amount of times I have been the hero because of this you wouldn’t believe

3. For people without small children.

A coffee grinder. Buying whole beans and grinding them yourself gives infinitely better coffee than buying pre-ground.

2. I like the enthusiasm.

I do a lot of IT-ish things, so I decided it would be a good idea to get a backpack for my laptop. And backpack means IT’S KIT TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!! All kinds of pockets and whatnot for all life’s basic concerns.

Stanley 6 way screwdriver? Done. Chargers & battery packs? Yep. Whatever random crap? Probably!

The amont of times I’ve been The Guy with whatever completely basic thing is insane. It’s not like the pack is busting with tools.

1. That’s quite an endorsement.


If there is one product I would sell door to door, this is it (please don’t let it come to that)


Definitely putting some of these things in my cart to try.

What would you add to this list? I would say a battery jump box to replace your jumper cables!

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