16 Best Aquaman Tattoo Design Ideas

Aquaman tattoo designs are becoming increasingly popular due to their varied designs and vivid colors. Aquaman, the DC Comics superhero, has a rich history dating back to 1941. Aquaman tattoos often feature Aquaman himself, his iconic sea king look, his trident and unique symbol – but some Aquaman tattoos take these symbols to create something special and new.

Some tattoo styles feature Aquaman in battle with his enemies while others incorporate an Aquaman-inspired artwork that shows Aquaman’s power over the ocean. Aquaman tattoos also have an important meaning to many people as they represent courage, intelligence and strength. Whatever type of Aquaman tattoo you choose it will undoubtedly be striking and powerful – just like Aquaman himself.

Aquaman Tattoo

Aquaman Tattoo
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Arthur Curry, who later became Aquaman – King of the Seven Seas – is a half-human, half-Atlantean superhero from DC comics and one of the founding members of the Justice League. In 2019, Aquaman was brought to life on the big screen by actor Jason Momoa, creating a wave of Aquaman fervor across fans. This popularization has seen Aquaman-inspired tattoos become increasingly common.

From Aquaman’s royal insignia to tribute tattoos featuring his seahorse sidekick ‘Storm’ or Aquababy, there is no shortage of unique Aquaman tattoo ideas out there. Those looking to commemorate their love for Aquaman can find plenty of impressive and creative designs sure to honor the adventures of this underwater superhero!

Aquaman’s Cosplay Temporary Tattoos to Make the Next Comic-Con a Success

Aquaman's Cosplay Temporary Tattoos to Make the Next Comic-Con a Success
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Aquaman fans around the world are thrilled with the availability of a Jason Momoa Aquaman full body temporary tattoo design. It is not just the ease at which it can be worn, but its realistic look that has excited comic fans and those in the cosplay world. This die-cut Aquaman tattoo evokes the same visual appeal as Aquaman in Jason Momoa’s portrayal from Zack Snyder’s Justice League, only without any needles or permanent commitment.

The movie Aquaman tattoos were also fake, making this temporary design all the more desirable for anyone eager to make a convincing Aquaman costume for that next cosplay event or convention. Make sure to get yours before they disappear like Aquaman’s Trident!

Jason Momoa Aquaman Tattoos For All Fans

For those looking to capture the signature looks of Jason Momoa in ink, some truly incredible body art ideas can be found. His Aquaman look, complete with awesome tattoos and piercing glares, is a hot favorite. The designs range from realistic to abstract ones and will undoubtedly be an envy among other fans. Whether it’s trident designs set against sunsets or full body fish scales covering arms and backs – these ideas are bold, catchy and sure to turn heads!

Jason Momoa Aquaman Tattoos For All Fans
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Colorful Aquaman tattoo
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Jason Momoa’s iconic roles in Game of Thrones, Justice League and, recently, Aquaman have earned him a strong fan base. To commemorate their appreciation of the actor, many fans are considering tattoos as a tribute. A colored tattoo could be ideal if aiming for an eye-catching look but if you’re looking for something more intense, then opting for a black and white tattoo will certainly give it some added impact. No matter which style you go for, you can be sure that this is the perfect way to show your solidarity to one of Hollywood’s most beloved figures.

The Jason Momoa Inspired Sleeve Tattoo

The iconic body art of Aquaman, as brought to life by actor Jason Momoa, has inspired many throughout the world. This is because much of his impressive tattoo sleeve was inspired by Momoa’s own Hawaiian lineage. The most recognisable part is his left forearm tattoo in the shape of triangles arranged to resemble shark teeth – a tribute to the shark spirit that has watched over his family for generations.

Around this symbol, the other tattoos have been built up and combined with symbols from Polynesian mythology such as spears and waves. Representing strength and power, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is truly symbolic of his own culture and heritage.

All Black Aquaman Tattoo
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Jason Momoa and Sharks Aquaman Tattoos for Shark Lovers

Jason Momoa and Sharks Aquaman Tattoos for Shark Lovers
16 Best Aquaman Tattoo Design Ideas 16

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Contrary to popular perception, sharks are highly intelligent and evolved predators. Over the centuries, these creatures have become so closely associated with strength and resilience that they have become a popular representational element in tattoos. By having a shark tattooed on one’s body, not only does it signify power and intelligence, but also indicates that you understand the place of this species within our ecosystem.

Today, practitioners of body art often incorporate typical images such as sharks into the designs among other symbols. Aquaman’s connection to sharks has further popularized such design elements as part of his heroic figure in Hollywood’s modern era, making it all the more appealing to get an Aquaman-esque shark tattoo.

Aquaman’s mystical trident tattoo

Aquaman's mystical trident tattoo
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Aquaman’s mighty weapon, the trident, can actually be a unique tattoo design on its own. In the comics, the trident is one of the seven relics of Atlantis and was used to control the weather and transform living creatures. It is one of the most powerful weapons wielded by superheroes, often considered more powerful than Mjolnir. Additionally, the trident has a religious association, particularly in Hinduism. It is also a weapon used by many Hindu gods and goddesses.

Aquaman Trident Tattoo
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The Elegant Aquaman Symbol Tattoo

The Elegant Aquaman Symbol Tattoo
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Some people may find the idea of ​​inking a symbol much more compelling than having an entire face of Jason Momoa inked on the body. This classic spearhead design has undergone quite an evolution in its lifetime, beginning as the symbol of the “A” in Aquaman to represent Aquaman’s spearhead hand and becoming his signature belt buckle.

Aquaman comic tattoo
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If you like symbolic tattoos, this is exactly what you need.

Original Aquaman Tattoos in Black and Gray

Original Aquaman Tattoos in Black and Gray
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A lot of people didn’t follow Aquaman until after Jason Momoa’s movie came out, but comic book fans have been following his genius for a long time. In early comics, Arthur Curry was portrayed as a Caucasian, blond, surfer guy.

Black Gray Aquaman Tattoo
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But that image has evolved into a Poseidon-inspired version over the years. While this version of Aquaman might not be the best, it looks nothing short of amazing. Of course, there are also variations featuring Aquaman’s other looks from the comics! These tattoos bring the Aquaman comic to life!

Original Aquaman Tattoos in Color

Original Aquaman Tattoos in Color
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The first original Aquaman comics were in color. Go for a splash of color with a detailed Aquaman tattoo with all the colors of the original tattoo intact. The blue sea environment places Aquaman in sync with his surroundings, below the surface of the water.

Aquaman Fusion League Justice Tattoos

For people growing up in the 90s, Justice League was one of the best shows of our childhood. So it’s understandable that some of us have a lifelong sentimental attachment to these brilliant superheroes.

Here’s an intricate tattoo featuring all of our favorites straight out of the show!

Aquaman Fusion League Justice Tattoos
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The adorable Lego and Chibi Aquaman tattoos

We live in a time of great nostalgia. And nothing screams nostalgia quite like Lego and Cheebee.

The adorable Lego and Chibi Aquaman tattoos
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Children of the 90s grew up with the Lego set which has now become a remarkable collector’s item. And Lego versions of superheroes have been around for a long time now. So it’s no surprise that Lego versions of Aquaman tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos around. A Lego Aquaman can be really cool to look at and an amazing tattoo to do.

Aquaman Chibi Tattoo
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Chibi is a much newer social media concept; A special kind of caricature that turns even the fiercest characters into adorable cuties and makes Funko richer by the minute! It’s cute and trendy and can contrast with the overly popular angry Aquaman characters we see around.

Whether you’re a new Jason Momoa-inspired fan or a classic DC comics fan, there’s an Aquaman tattoo for everyone. Some other Aquaman tattoos you can choose from are:

  • Simple Aquaman Outline Tattoo
  • Aquaman tattoo with geometric shapes
  • Detailed tattoo of Aquaman and Queen Mera
  • Aquaman charges with a trident tattoo
  • Aquaman rising from the waves tattoo

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