15 Ways to Use Picture Frames for Halloween Decoration

Decorating for Halloween can be tedious but equally fun. Be it with spiders, skeletons, pumpkins or candles, you can either DIY these decoration items or simply buy them. However, creating them is a fun way of celebrating the process with your family and learning a few things along the way. Did you know that you can turn frames into spooky Halloween decorations?

If not, well, here comes some knowledge. There are numerous ways to use old or new frames for Halloween decoration and most of them are easy and not at all time-consuming. For instance, you can make haunted mansion signboards, skulls and bones protruding, paintings, silhouette portraits, and wreaths with the creative use of frames.

Just take an old or new empty picture or mirror frame. Paint or spray it in a choice of color. If you are leaning toward some eerie elements, you can use skulls and bones. Take a pair of skeletal hands and glue them in a manner that portrays someone trying to pull themselves out of the frame.

If you want something fun while keeping in theme with Halloween, create a wreath with a choice of material like a witch wreath or a fall wreath. You can explore several other ideas, depending on your creativity and imagination. Here are some inspirational ways to use frames for Halloween decor. Have fun!

Welcome spooky season with a Boo sign made with paper pins on an empty frame.

Boo Door Frame - The Chronicles of Home
Image: The Chronicles of Home
Halloween Frame with Creepy Crawlers - Life Prekarious
Image: Life Prekarious

Decorate your home with silhouette portraits in sparkling frames for Halloween.

Spooky silhouette portraits in empty frames - Lolly Jane
Image: Lolly Jane

Spiders and webs are a Halloween favorite and can be a part of repurposed frame decor.

Spiderweb in Frame - Becki Adams
Image: Becki Adams

Create a haunted mirror with ghost hands to set an eerie mood.

Haunted Mirror with Ghost Hands - Addie Juell
Image: Addie Juell

Repurpose an old mirror or picture frame with a romantic skeletal setting for the Halloween season.

Skeletal Mirror Frame - A Crafty Mix
Image: A Crafty Mix

Tilted empty frames in a spooky setting ought to spark the Halloween spirit in fervor.

Crooked Frames Decor - Craftberry Bush
Image: Craftberry Bush

This idea of a zombie stuck in an empty frame can serve as a brilliant Halloween wreath.

Frame Stuck Zombie - Made in a Day
Image: Made in a Day

Glue a skeleton to an old frame and cover it with webs, and you have yourself a creepy setup.

Skeleton-Frame-Halloween - Surviving a Teacher's Salary
Image: Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Weave webs this Halloween on an empty frame for the front door with a spider.

Spiderweb-Frame-Craft-for-Halloween- Erin Rochon Design
Image: Erin Rochon Design

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Glue the skeleton on an empty frame with black painted burlap for a scary ambiance.

Skeleton-Protruding-From-Frame---Pandoras - Craftbox
Image: Pandoras – Craftbox

Decorate the frame with haunted house paper cutouts and a spooky banner.

Spooky Halloween Frame - Simply Made Fun - Ways to Use Mirror or Picture Frames for Halloween Decoration
Image: Simply Made Fun

Paste a skull and a pair of hands protruding from a frame with spray-painted gauge.

3D Skull Picture Frame - Instructables@MRHoffman
Image: [email protected]

A merry skeleton with a top hat and a wine glass surrounded by roses is a perfect way to celebrate the vibrant Día de Muertos.

Framed Skeleton - Fun 365 - Ways to Use Mirror or Picture Frames for Halloween Decoration
Image: Fun 365

Another way of sprucing up picture frames with spiders and webs for Halloween.

Spiders and Webs Frame - B-Inspired Mama - Ways to Use Mirror or Picture Frames for Halloween Decoration
Image: B-Inspired Mama

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