15+ Most Innovative Multifunctional Furniture for Small Living Spaces

Most Innovative Multifunctional Furniture: When you are living in a smaller home or an apartment, you realize the real importance of floor space. The layout of the house becomes a real pain for many since filling it up with furniture makes it look cluttered. This is where multifunctional furniture makes an entry with the idea to allow homeowners make the most of the available space.

You will find thousands of multifunctional furniture ideas including sofas that convert into beds, stools with storage, coffee tables with built-in fridges etc. These multifunctional furniture pieces take up less space but can be used for more than one purpose. They can cater to two – or even more – purposes in one design. Listed below are a few most innovative options in them:

Sobro Multifunctional Coffee Table

Sobro smart coffee table with fridge and charging and bluetooth speakers on wayfair and price features

Image: Sobro Design

This coffee table with built-in fridge, charging ports, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lights is the best entrant in our list of multifunctional furniture. The table has a tempered glass top with a touch control panel for easy operation. It includes features one would need for chilling in the living room while watching their favorite TV series.

Tiny Home Bed by Yesul Jang

Tiny home bed by yesul jang with hidden storage

Image: Yesul Jang

It is a raised bed designed to provide storage underneath while also maintaining a clutter-free look. The storage space can be covered up with a curtain. It is made of a light wood frame for easy handling and portability.

Summit Sofa by Stelios Mousarris

Summit sofa by stelios mousarris

Image: Mousarris

Ever imagined a piece of furniture hanging on the wall of your home. Yes, it’s possible only with the Summit Sofa comprising magnetic cushions. It makes a unique kind of seating that can be hung on the wall after use as wall art.

Stepladder Chair by Stephen Kenn

Stepladder chair by stephen kenn

Image: Stephen Kenn

Want a stepladder that can be concealed from plain sight? You are definitely looking for something like the multifunctional Stepladder Chair designed by Stephen Kenn for renowned Swiss brand Victorinox. At first sight, it looks like a chair with a leather seat but can be turned into a stepladder with a simple movement of the backrest.

ChairPF by Daniel Dieremeir

Chairpf by daniel dieremeir

Image: Daniel Dieremeir

Appearing as a flat, curved slab of wood; the ChairPF is designed with multiple applications in mind. The placement and position of the chair define its purpose. Besides serving as a seat, it can also be used as a table, standing desk, or stool.

Spring Chair by NG Architects

Spring chair by ng architects

Image: NG Architects

This wooden chair transforms into a table with a gentle push all thanks to built-in compression springs at the back. It can be set as two chairs and also a small rounded table. The chair is made by gluing wooden layers on top of each other and cutting them in a circle, which is finally covered with oak wood veneer in natural and white.

Swing Table by Smart Living

Transforming-dining-table by smart living turns into a useful shelf

Image: Smart Living

It is a large dining table that converts into a shelving unit in a jiffy. This innovative piece of furniture allows you to make the most out of the available space. There are castors in the unit for easy movement around the home. It is available in wall and floor-standing versions.

Ori Cloud Bed Table Edition

Swing table by smart living is transforming furniture

Image: Ori Living

Turn your bedroom into your home office with this innovative bed from Ori Living, a company known for transforming robotic furniture. It is a space-saving bed that retracts to the ceiling, leaving a small home office with a desk underneath. It is a perfect work-from-home furniture solution for small living spaces.

The Heart Side Table by Mizuno

The heart side table by mizuno

Image: Mizuno

It is a circular side table that also provides users with a way to stretch the body. There are two knobs on the wooden top that can be rotated for basic shoulder exercises and stretches. It can even be used as seat.

1,285 Lounger by Sofia Alexiou

1,285 lounger by sofia alexiou is multifunctional

Image: Sofia Alexiou

This DIY wooden lounger with book storage was made by a student designer for her final project at the University. Perfect for daydreaming, it features a curved shape and has shelves for book storage under the lounger.

Milano Bed by ITALform design

Milano bed by italform design

Image: ITALform design

It is a high bed with plenty of storage space, which also includes a wardrobe. There are six drawers on the front and sliding doors on both sides to access the storage space. It will realize all the storage needs in the kid’s room of your small apartment.

Dimdim Rocking Chair by Lisse Van Cauwenberge

Dimdim rocking chair by lisse van cauwenberge

Image: Lisse Van Cauwenberge

This creative multifunctional furniture piece is designed for new parents. It comprises two rocking chairs that double up as a cradle when combined together. Each rocking chair is made up of wood with steel supports and finished in a walnut veneer. It provides a creative alternative to random baby furniture.

Multifunctional Furniture by cat life

Round coffee table by cat life

Image: cat life

If you are a cat owner, this unique round-shaped coffee table may be just right for you. It will not only serve as a functional centerpiece but also provide a cozy hideout for he cat. You just need to place a soft cushion in the table base and the cat bed is ready.

Swyft Flat-Pack Sofa Bed

Swyft flat-pack sofa bed new multifunctional furniture design

Image: Swyft

Proclaimed as the sofa-in-a-box, it is flat-pack-style furniture that can be moved around the home easily. It transitions from a 3-seater sofa into a spacious bed thanks to onboard hinged Swyft-locks. It also has a dedicated storage space, which is a rare feature in a sofa bed.

Sensei Transformable Chairs by Claudio Sibille

Sensei transformable chairs by claudio sibille

Image: Claudio Sibille

The Sensei chair by Uruguayan Industrial designer Claudio Sibille is unique multifunctional furniture. It comprises two chairs that can be combined together in order to create a console table. This furniture is characterized by straight lines and neutral colors such as black and white.

Wall Mounted Dining Table

Wall mounted dining table by hmdcrtnsart new

Image: Etsy/HmDcrtnsArt

If your apartment doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a traditional dining table, you might need something like this drop-down table by HmDcrtnsArt that can retract back to the wall to save floor space when not being used. On the wall, the table can doubles as wall art. a picture, a mirror or even a chalkboard, and with a gentle touch, it becomes a table for your dining.

UTÅKER Stackable Bed by IKEA

Utåker stackable bed by ikea new multifunctional furniture

Image: IKEA

This list cannot be deemed complete without IKEA’s multipurpose furniture. Here are then these stylish wooden beds from the Swedish furniture designer that are designed to be used in multiple ways. You can quickly convert the stacked beds into a double bed, a twin bed or an L-shaped sofa. It is suitable for a child’s room, living room, or a bedroom with low ceiling.

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