15+ Hocus Pocus Halloween Decor Ideas for 2022

Hocus Pocus has been a cult favorite for fans of everything witchy and eerie since its release in 1993. Even after 30 years, the scare factor of the iconic Sanderson Sisters is still strong. If you are willing to deck up your Halloween house with movie-inspired decorations, you can pick different Hocus Pocus themed decor items for hosting a wicked party. Find various bewitching ideas for spreading the spell and dark magic of the devilish divas on the kids that run amuck.

Here are some fun staples from the classic movie to spruce up your night of spine-chilling festivities. We have covered all the amazing items that you need to deck up for a perfect spooky party this year.

Tiered Tray Décor

Ready for the fall weather festivities with a bunch of hocus pocus? This tiered tray décor set would be a perfect addition to your Halloween decoration. It includes a book of spells, Binx the black cat, sistas round, and other spooky essentials to make your All Hallows’ Eve fun and memorable.

Buy: $41

Tiered Tray Hocus Pocus Decor Idea for Halloween
Image: Etsy

Halloween Witches & Book Yard Cutouts

Your Halloween décor seems incomplete without a perfect yard display. This season you can deck up your yard with these stunning Halloween witches & book yard cutouts. Since these are easy to install and take out, you can use them for multiple seasons without any hassle.

Buy: $326

Hocus Pocus themed cut outs for outdoor Halloween decor
Image: Etsy

Book of Shadows

Cast a magic spell on your guests with this eerie Book of Shadows. This bronze-colored handmade leather journal seems to be a perfect piece for a Halloween display. You can keep it on your fireplace mantel or window sill along with other witchy essentials to spread some witchery around the house.

Buy: $52

Hocus Pocus themed book decor
Image: Etsy

”I Smell Children” Doormat

Warn your trick-or-treaters with this “I Smell Children” doormat. You can add it to your front door or any other area from where trick-or-treaters may enter your house. After the festive season, you can store it in a cupboard and reuse it again year after year.

Buy: $16

Hocus Pocus themed Halloween doormat
Image: Etsy

Boho Wall Décor

If you are not into typical Halloween decorations, consider sprucing up the setting with this Boho décor piece. It consists of personalized pennants that are easy to customize, like artwork. It means that you can rearrange them as per your choice. These are super lightweight and highly durable for the decorative setup.

Buy: $23

Hocus Pocus boho wall Decor
Image: Etsy

Halloween Night Light

Dress up your bedside table, end table, or fireplace mantle with this Halloween night light. It is a lightweight yet subtle item for your home. It’s likely to turn heads no matter where you place it. If subtle decoration is your thing, it is just the perfect thing for your home.

Buy: $71

lighted hocus pocus decoration
Image: Etsy

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Hocus Pocus Inflatable

Make it seem as if the Sanderson Sisters are hanging around your house with this inflatable Hocus Pocus-themed decoration. These inflatable pieces are well-suited for your garden, front porch, or backyard. Anyone passing by your home is likely to feel spooked!

Buy: $110

Sanderson Sisters hocus pocus halloween decor
Image: Amazon

Hanging Door Sign

How about something simple, creative, and stylish? If you’re feeling the same vibes, consider hanging this wooden retro door sign on your front door. This is a weather-resistant piece, so it will last in any climatic condition with ease.

Buy: $9

Hocus Pocus hanging door sign
Image: Amazon

Disney Hocus Pocus Candle Holder

Spook up your fireplace mantle with this blood-curdling Hocus Pocus candle holder. It seems to ooze out the witchy flair. This candle holder would spread more scary vibes once you put a lit candle in it. It’s simply amazing for enhancing the ambiance of your Halloween-ready space.

Buy: $25

Hocus Pocus candle holder
Image: Amazon

Wall Hanging Decoration

Here is a vibrant wall-hanging banner kit to add a pop of sparkle to your Halloween party. This banner kit is easy to deck up your walls, ceilings, windows, and tree branches. No matter where you hang it, it will enhance the overall look of your festive décor.

Buy: $20

Hocus Pocus banner for Halloween decor
Image: Amazon

Hanging Wood Wall Décor

Here’s another hanging wood wall décor for stunning Halloween-inspired wall art. With this interestingly eerie setup, you can pay tribute to the classic Halloween movie. Plus, it’s sure to elevate the appeal of your seasonal decorations.

Buy: $15

Hocus Pocus wall art Decor
Image: Amazon

Hocus Pocus Table Cover

Want to create a perfect paranormal ambiance at your dining table? This dining table cover with a Hocus Pocus design is simply amazing. It is ideal for adding festive appeal to the dining table and can also be used for setting up a photo booth backdrop.

Buy: $15

Hocus Pocus tablecloth
Image: Amazon

Waterproof Shower Curtain

When you are in the mood to bathe your entire house in a Halloween theme, why leave the bathroom alone? Add this Hocus Pocus shower curtain to your bathroom for setting up the right atmosphere in your bath area.

Buy: $16

Hocus Pocus curtain
Image: Amazon

Billy Butcherson Figurine

This Halloween, revive Billy Butcherson and transform him into the ideal indoor decoration. Watch as Billy stumbles across the house like a zombie as his once-dead limbs come to life. Billy is the ideal option to begin making your Halloween home wicked with a bunch of hocus pocus.

Buy: $33

Hocus Pocus figurine for Halloween
Image: Spirit Halloween

Throw Pillow Cover

Welcome guests to your living room with this seasonal pillow cover. It’s great for home décor during fall. Besides the seasonal vibe, it also has an ultra-soft feel to bring warmth and a modern look into your home.

Buy: $16

Hocus Pocus themed cushion covers
Image: Amazon

Hocus Pocus Inspired Apothecary Set

Have you set up a perfect display for witches to cast a spell this Halloween? If yes, then that would feel incomplete without these Hocus Pocus-inspired Apothecary sets. This set includes all the essential supplies you need for your Halloween witchcraft. You can grab it now from Etsy and add come witchy charm to your décor this season.

Buy: $37

Hocus Pocus witch themed Apothecary set
Image: Etsy

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