15 Colorful Houseplants to Brighten up Your Home Around the Year

Houseplants serve a multitude of benefits to your home. They purify the air, remove potentially harmful pollutants, and improve the aesthetic of the room through their vivacious flowers and attractive leaflets. Flowers are the most appealing of the potted plants but they are high-maintenance, seasonal, and do not last long.

While flowers fade away sooner or later, plants with bright and colorful tones on their leaves year-round are the perfect choice to create a bright and visually appealing space. There are so many colorful houseplants with inspiring shades of purple, yellow, and orange on the leaves, going past the basic green.

The good news, most of these plants are low-maintenance and easy to grow. Here is an assortment of 15 colorful houseplants that can brighten up your humble abode.


Image: Krystal Slagle

Calathea is a flowering plant genus with around 60 species. Commonly called calatheas or prayer plants, these are bold and beautiful houseplants with vibrant leaves that have scalloped edges and silver brushmarks on the top. The underside of the leaves has a beautiful shade of burgundy purple. They need bright, indirect sunlight, and well-draining, potting soil. Calathea plants will look breathtaking on tabletops till they reach their maximum height of about three feet or so, after that they can be placed on the floor.


Image: Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

You can get dramatic yellow, orange, silver, white, and red multicolored leaves with a wide variety of crotons. Croton is an extensive flowering plant genus with vivid, easygoing plants that have speckled, striped, or veined leaves. These need bright, direct sunlight with well-draining soil. This plant species needs strong sunlight to stay vivacious. Crotons can grow up to six feet tall with a five-foot-wide spread. You can get one, two, or as many crotons as you want to liven up your house.

Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink princess philodendron-1
Image: Instagram @thepottedjungle

This rare and highly sought-after type of philodendron is a manmade hybrid. It has been an unusual but ordinary houseplant for so long, however, it rose to popularity owing to its perfectly pink shade paired with brown and green, heart-shaped leaves. It grows brilliantly under partial sunlight with a loamy soil type. The bubblegum pink variegation adds a pop of color, which makes it a perfect addition to any interior. You must note that if it gets too much shade, the pink leaves can turn back to green.


Colorful houseplants - succulents
Image: Debra Lee Baldwin

The term succulent does not refer to a specific species but plants that have thick fleshy tissues adapted to water storage. Succulents come in wide and beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes; some with exquisite patterns on them. You can pick gorgeous pastels, muted reds, bright lime greens, and many other colors. These colorful houseplants add a sense of whimsy and charm while demanding very little maintenance. They require direct sunlight and well-draining soil and have lower water needs than the average indoor plants.

Snake Plant

Snake plant
Image: Alonda Baird

Famous for being almost impossible to kill, the snake plants have some of the most attractive foliage. Variegated types offer streaks and stripes in various hues of green, yellow, or cream. These versatile plants require medium indirect light. The most popular and colorful variety of snake plants has deep green leaves banded with bright yellow borders. The snake plant is very easy to grow and needs very little maintenance with regular watering. It is the perfect plant for beginners.

Triostar Stromanthe

Triostar stromanthe
Image: The Leafy Plant

A beautiful member of the prayer plant family, Triostar Stromanthe needs bright, indirect sunlight and potting soil. A tropical plant native to the jungle, it has an unusual trait of folding itself up at night to add to the mystery of this striking pink, yellow, and green indoor plant. Its candy-like-striped leaves are perfect to brighten up a space. Plenty of humidity ensures the best growth as it mimics its natural habitat.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen
Image: Leticia Almeida

Chinese Evergreen is a plant species with upright growth that has colorful speckled leaves. Attractive and easy to care for, these plants grow best in medium indirect light and well-draining potting soil. It has marbled pinks, reds, silvers, and yellows on its green leaves, providing them with beautiful patterns that elevate the aesthetics of your home. It can reach about a half feet tall and wide. The variety of red leaf veins and margins is a surprising addition to any home. You should remember that the soil should not be allowed to dry out between watering.

Arrowhead Vine

Colorful houseplants - arrowhead vine
Image: Kara Riley

A trailing or climbing vine, the arrowhead vine grows quickly under the right indoor conditions and can reach a height of up to 1.5 meters. The plant is native to a wide region in South America and has become a favorite houseplant due to its easy-to-care-for nature and appealing hanging shapes. The structures of leaves change from a simple arrow shape to a deeply lobed or divided mature leaf. Moreover, the leaves can change their colors depending on age, from dark green and white to lime green and bright pink.

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Image: Stars for Europe

If you want the merriment of the Christmas season in your home all year round, then poinsettia is the perfect plant for you. One of the most colorful houseplants, it is popular for its bright red and green leaves, which evoke the vibes of the holiday season. Poinsettias come in a wide variety of colors including red, pink, coral, white, and even blue. They are easy to grow and all they need is enough sunlight, warmth, water, and some love to provide the perfect colors to your home.

Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot plant
Image: Sanjay Acharya

Native to Madagascar, this exquisite plant with polka-dotted leaflets is an adorable houseplant. It needs adequate light, warmth, and moisture to grow indoors and can reach up to 12 inches tall. It is an evergreen shrub with oval and pointed leaves that are heavily dotted with pink or white spots. While the plant with green leaves and pink spots is the most common type, it can range from white to any shade of pink to red. It adds a delicate splash of color to evoke a soothing vibe.

Begonia Rex

Colorful houseplants - begonia rex
Image: Plants Spark Joy

Begonia Rex, also known as the king begonia, is a flowering plant and is one of the most beautiful and dramatic plants. This type of begonia has variegated leaves that can be up to 6 inches long. The leaves are vibrantly colored in several hues of green, red, silver, and even purple. Although it bears small blooms, the begonia rex is usually planted to show off its breathtaking leaf display and pop of color in homes.

Spiderwort (Tradescantia)

Colorful houseplants - spiderwort
Image: Instagram @plant.heart.city

Native to the Americas from southern Canada to northern Argentina, tradescantia is a member of herbaceous perennial wildflowers. Tradescantia, commonly known as spiderwort, is a tropical plant that boasts trailing stems and colorful foliage with shades of purple and silver. One of the colorful houseplants, the color of tradescantias typically depends on the species; most popular choices are variegated with silvers, greens, creams, even pinks, and occasionally gold. Many varieties often produce small flowers that add to the plant’s beauty.

Variegated Rubber Tree

Colorful houseplants - variegated rubber tree
Image: Leon & George

The variegated rubber trees are different from regular rubber trees due to their colorful leaves. The pink rubber tree makes for a fascinating option with its strawberry and cream-shaded leaves that add a certain je ne sais quoi to your room. A rare plant that can grow quickly in ideal conditions and needs bright indirect light; the variegated rubber tree has leaves with shades of yellow, cream, red, pink, and green.

Purple Shamrock/Oxalis

Purple shamrock
Picture: Botanical Workshop

Oxalis Triangularis, commonly known as purple shamrock, gets its name due to the eye-catching deep purple triangle-shaped leaves. These leaves open during the day and close by night. While the vigorously colored leaflets are the attraction, the plant also bears small pink trumpet-shaped flowers during spring that last for several weeks. This plant needs bright light, well-draining soil, and water for healthy growth.

Pink Anthurium

Colorful houseplants -pink anthurium
Image: Singapore Flowering

One of the most colorful houseplants, this bright pink Anthurium, also known as the flamingo flower, is rarely without its showy blooms. Known as the world’s longest blooming houseplant, the flowers of this plant are actually modified waxy leaves. Each bloom lasts up to eight weeks and new ones pop up often to decorate your home with beautiful flowers. They come in a variety of colors such as red, white, pink, and burgundy. The plant needs well-draining soil, regular water, and bright indirect light.

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