15 Best Tom Holland Haircut Ideas To Copy in 2022

Best Tom Holland Haircuts

Tom Holland is a multi-talented actor who has become a household name thanks to his role as Peter Parker in Spiderman. His career has continued to progress in the last few years, but he has also made comments about settling down and taking a break from the silver screen. Before he disappears from the limelight to focus on starting a family — which may be with his Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star and girlfriend, Zendaya — we have decided to take a look back on some of his most stylish haircuts. Many of these looks are practical, highlight his hair texture, and can be easily adapted and copied.

1. Tom Holland Back Combed Hair

Tom Holland has a nice face, and styling his hair by backcombing, opens up his features. The comb back gives you volume at the front of the hair and is brushed away from the hairline. This look can be worn on hair of varying thicknesses and textures but works best on wavy hair, like Holland’s hair; it is a fantastic style for highlighting your texture. You can also wear the comb back in several ways, including pairing it with a fade to give the look structure. A fade will create a slight contrast between the hair on top of the head and the back and sides.

Tom Holland Back Combed Hair

2. Tom Holland Blowout

Tom Holland has naturally wavy hair, which works great in various styles, including a blowout. The blowout hairstyle was a popular look in the 90s and has a windswept appearance and features hair that has volume and length on top. It is styled straight up and can be done on various textures and thicknesses. The sides and back are shorter, often tapered to create a stylish and edgy finish. The difference between the hair on the top and the back and sides creates a slight contrast. This look is ideal with curly or wavy hair as it’s modern and stylish.

Tom Holland Blow Out

3. Tom Holland Buzz Cut

As an actor, Holland’s appearance is always changing, and he has had some attractive looks, including a buzz cut. Holland shaved his hair for his role in the film, Cherry, and while fans had a mixed reaction to it, he loved it. What is not to like about the buzz cut, though? It is a practical and stylish men’s haircut that looks masculine and suits most face shapes. The buzz cut is also versatile and can be kept slightly longer, paired with a fade, or can have a softer appearance, like a burr buzz cut, which lets you show off some hair texture. It is low-maintenance and easy to manage, making it ideal for every day or for the man who is on the go.

Tom Holland Buzz Cut

4. Tom Holland Crew Cut

Tom Holland looked great with a crew cutand the hairstyle showed off his natural hair texture. This cut is a classic short hairstyle for men, defined by hair being longest at the front hairline. The rest of the hair is kept shorter, making this a sleek and polished look ideal for a corporate environment. Holland styled his so that it had an undone and slightly spiky finish. The crew cut is easy to wear, low-maintenance, and incredibly versatile. There are several ways to wear it, including experimenting with the length; leaving it slightly longer or shorter. You can also pair it with a taper fade or a side part, depending on your preference.

Tom Holland Crew Cut

5. Tom Holland High and Tight

The high and tight is another low-maintenance and masculine cut ideal for hair of all textures. Inspired by the military, it is defined by short hair on the top and tapered back and sides. The contrast between the top of the hair and the back and sides can highlight your natural hair texture. The high and tight can be adapted to suit all face shapes and is a great look for men who want a fuss-free approach to their hair and minimal styling time. It will also draw attention to the jawline and eyes.

Tom Holland High And Tight

6. Tom Holland Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut gets its name because students in Ivy League schools first popularized it. The hair is short but with slightly more length on the top, creating a sharp and polished look that can be worn with all hair types. This short hairstyle has a very masculine and gentlemanly appearance and is incredibly versatile. This includes personalizing it to suit your preference, whether by pairing it with a fade, or styling it with a side part, undercut, or hard part. Tom Holland has wavy hair, which works great with this hairstyle. If you keep length on top, the cut will give your hair volume and movement while still being low-maintenance.

Tom Holland Ivy League Haircut

7. Tom Holland Medium Length Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is one of the most sought-after hair textures because it makes even the most simple looks interesting. Tom Holland has favored short hair, but he has also opted to wear it medium-lengthhighlighting the waves and giving him a carefree and relaxed appearance. This look, which appears deliberately unstyled, also has a softness and can complement the facial features. For styling, wear it tucked behind your ears to keep the hair out of the eyes. You can also wear your wavy hair with a fade to give it structure and create a sleek finish for a modern approach.

Tom Holland Medium Lengh Wavy Hair

8. Tom Holland Natural Textured Hair

Textured hair can make your chosen hairstyle more interesting and give it a laid-back aesthetic. Although this look can be paired with a fade for an edgy and cool finish, Tom Holland prefers a more natural approach. He has thick, wavy hair, and this hairstyle highlights this. He wears it shorter on the back and sides while keeping length on top. It is also styled to have volume and fullness at the front of the head. Keeping the hair shorter makes styling and caring for naturally textured hair easier.

Tom Holland Natural Textured Hair

9. Tom Holland Short Wavy Hair

Short wavy hair is ideal if you want a low-maintenance look that makes styling your hair manageable and simple. To achieve Tom Holland’s short wavy hairstyle, keep the back and sides short while leaving some length on the top. Wavy hair is great at all lengths, but with this option, you are essentially getting the best of both worlds, showing off your texture but still keeping it short enough that it is a breeze to style. You will need very little product, but it is essential to keep your hair well moisturized and in excellent condition so that it does not appear dry or frizzy.

Tom Holland Short Wavy Hair

10. Tom Holland Slick Back

The slick back is an ideal hairstyle for those who want a sleek, polished appearance. It is created by brushing the hair away from the hairline and using a product to keep it flat, like a gel or pomade. The back and sides are kept short. The slick back can work with hair of all textures, but a better hold can be achieved on straight hair. It is also great for men of all ages and can be easily adapted to suit your face shape. You can pair the hair with a fade for a more structured appearance.

Tom Holland Slick Back

11. Tom Holland Spider-Man Haircut

Tom Holland is best known for his role as Peter Parker in the latest Spider-Man films. This is also a movie where his hair looks incredible, kept longer to show off his texture, which is wavy and thick. This is a natural-looking hairstyle, and the way it falls creates a deliberately unstyled appearance that gives his look a softness and complements his facial features. It is brushed back away from his face, creating fullness and volume.

Tom Holland Spiderman Haircut

12. Tom Holland Textured Fringe

Tom Holland favors looks that are casual and relaxed in appearance. He also chooses styles that complement his natural hair texture, which is wavy. A textured fringe is a great way to draw attention to the face and compliment the features. Your fringe does not need to be long or dramatic, and a textured approach looks messy and undone. This is ideal as it requires less styling time and is excellent for all occasions. There are several ways to wear this fringe, but Holland keeps it longer, just grazing the eyes. It is also perfect for men of all ages and will give you a youthful look.

Tom Holland Textured Fringe

13. Tom Holland Quiff

The quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles for men. It is a timeless and classic style defined by volume at the forelock. The great thing about the quiff is that it gives the hair volume and can show off your natural hair texture. It can also be worn by men of all ages and can be paired with many different hairstyles and finishes, allowing you to personalize the style to your liking. This could include pairing it with a fade or undercut to give the hair a polished appearance and create contrast and structure. You can also wear it with a hard part or side part. Or, you could take note of how Tom Holland wears the quiff. He prefers a more natural finish, with only a slight contrast between the length of hair at the forelock and the back and sides.

Tom Holland Quiff

14. Tom Holland Short Spiky Hair

Spiky hair was a 90s favorite, but the modern approach is much more natural-looking and wearable, as you can see from Tom Holland’s hairstyle. This look is all about texture and works best with naturally textured hair. All you need is a small amount of pomade or gel, which you can apply to freshly washed hair. The key is to make it seem as you have just woken up with a bedhead appearance. To do this, be careful not to use too much product, which will give your hair a stiff and rigid feel. He keeps it short so that the spikes are less defined. This also makes the hairstyle easier to wear and low maintenance.

Tom Holland Short Spiky Hair

15. Tom Holland Comb Over

The comb over hairstyle is ideal for achieving a traditionally masculine appearance. Created by brushing the hair to one side, this also makes your hair appear fuller and thicker. It is a classic men’s hairstyle that can be adapted to suit men of all ages and every hair texture. Tom Holland has naturally wavy hair, which works well with a comb over and creates a less structured and more relaxed aesthetic. The comb over can also be adapted to your preference, including pairing it with other styles like a fade or a short back and sides haircut.

Tom Holland Comb Over


What is Tom Holland’s most iconic haircut?

Tom Holland keeps his hair short but still retains enough length on the top to show off his natural hair texture. It is wavy and looks excellent, creating a deliberately unstyled appearance that complements his features and draws attention to the face. He has had several popular hairstyles over the years, including a scissor cut, crew cut, blowout, and backcombed hair. His hair looks natural and is simple and easy to style.

How do I get a Tom Holland haircut?

If you are a fan of Tom Holland’s haircuts, the good news is that they are easy to copy. He has favored some traditional looks that show off his hair texture and highlight his facial features, and also tried out a few more daring looks, like the buzz cut. When you have decided on the cut you like best, take a photo with you to your hairdresser for reference. You can work with them to adapt the haircut to your face shape and hair texture.

What face shape is Tom Holland?

Tom Holland has thick, wavy hair that he styles with short to medium hairstyles. The looks he chooses complement his face shape, which is a triangle.


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