15 Best Lift Top Coffee Tables to Buy in 2022

Homecrux has always been a firm believer in the authority of design that makes your home a better and brighter place. We don’t propose for you to have a cluster of items in your home, rather we want you to invest in space-saving alternatives that add comfort and grace while making the most of the available space. A lift top coffee table is one such substitute that not only provides a smooth surface for working but also offers hidden storage underneath its surface.

Working double duty as a table and a storage unit, lift top coffee tables are the best option for people with limited space. In case you are looking to bring one such multipurpose table home, we have compiled a list of 15 best lift top coffee tables to buy in 2022. Each one of these will bring functionality and add to the aesthetics of your room. Read on to know more.

Farmhouse Coffee table with Storage

A combination of form and function, the square-shaped farmhouse lift top coffee table looks like an old trunk. I personally see it as a side table with storage that can be used in any room. It features a dual lid for easy access to the storage space inside. It is made of solid pine wood and exhibits a weathered gray finish.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Ashley Aldwin
  • Dimension: 36L x 36W x 18H inches
  • Weight : 74lbs

Buy: $323

Ashley aldwin farmhouse coffee table

Image: Walmart

Tangkula Lift Top Coffee Table

Unlike a Farmhouse coffee table, the Tangkula coffee table features multiple storage sections. Tamgkula is the perfect epitome of work table and coffee table in one piece. From its clever design to elegant color choices, everything seems to catch attention. It features hidden storage space for books, wallets, and laptop. There are three separate compartments at the lower half of the table that can be used to store other accessories.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Tangkula
  • Dimension: 41L x 19W x 24H inches
  • Weight : 59lbs

Buy: $170

Tangkula wood lift top coffee table

Image: Amazon

Sauder Carson Forge Lift Top Coffee Table

While people might have a thousand positive and negative feedbacks about the table, it looks like a decent furniture that would stand the test of time. Highly durable and affordable when compared to other coffee lift top tables, it provides adequate storage options. The design is so elegant that nobody would get a sniff of what lies beneath its smooth surface. You can pop the coffee table up and forward to flaunt your versatile work space in style.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Sauder Woodworking
  • Dimension: 43L x 19W x 18H inches
  • Weight : 63lbs

Buy: $190

Sauder carson forge lift-top coffee table

Image: Amazon

Orelia Lift Top Extendable Coffee Table

Fitting perfectly in your modern home décor, this table is available in three finishes of white plank, char pine, and craftsman oak. Lifting up and forward, the top of the pop-up coffee table turns into a multipurpose work surface. It provides a decent storage space for daily accessories under the tabletop. In addition, there is a lower shelf that provides extra space for storing books and other necessary items.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Sauder Woodworking
  • Dimension: 43L x 19W x 19H inches
  • Weight : 63lbs

Buy: $260

Orelia lift top extendable coffee table

Image: Wayfair

YaheeTech Coffee Table

On Internet, all lift top table designs look more or less the same. But, this particular lift top coffee table will cement its place in your living room as the most elegant furniture you’ll ever buy. Finished on all sides for a polished look from every angle, this table features sturdy metal lift-up mechanism, water-resistant coated surface, spacious storage space, and sturdy legs. It not only redefines your living space but also adds style and function to your living room.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: YaheeTech
  • Dimension: 14L x 19W x 24H inches
  • Weight : 46lbs

Buy: $76

Yaheetech coffee table

Image: Amazon

WLIVE Lift Top Coffee Table

This is a high-quality build lift top coffee table, with two color finishes of charcoal black and walnut oak. The large hidden compartment beneath the table allows the user to store laptops, books, and other accessories. It also features a side drawer that opens with a smooth slide. Providing ample space, both the drawer and storage chest are made from E1 particleboard paired with water-resistant paint and stable steel frame for durability.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: WLIVE
  • Dimension: 43Lx 21W x 27H inches
  • Weight : 57lbs

Buy: $140

Wlive lift top coffee table

Image: Amazon

Rolanstar Lift Top Coffee Table

Among a wide variety of décor styles available in the market, vintage lift top coffee tables are high in demand. Available in rustic brown and espresso finishes, the table is easily adjustable to a suitable height. The tabletop can be used to dine and as a workspace when required. A large space is hidden underneath the top, which functions as a storage chest. In addition, there are two portioned lower shelves that can be used to keep baskets or decorative items.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Rolanstar
  • Dimension: 47L x 19W x 24H inches
  • Weight : 44lbs

Buy: $150

Rolanstar lift top coffee table

Image: Amazon

Harmati Lift Top Coffee Table

Available in walnut and oak finishes, Harmiti table is a chic and valuable addition to your living room. The coffee table features a lift top design with a hidden storage space inside. The heavy duty metal lift mechanism even features a safety lock for excellent stability and secure use. Furthermore, there is an additional space next to the storage chest for housing books and other essentials.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Harmati
  • Dimension: 39L x 19W x 24H inches
  • Weight : 55lbs

Buy: $150

Harmati lift top coffee table with storage

Image: Amazon

TRULSTORP Lift Top Coffee Table

Available in white and black finishes, this beautiful table from IKEA adds a decorative value to your room. Simple, stylish, and sleek in nature, the tabletop is made of particleboard, melamine foil, and ABS plastic. What’s spectacular and makes it stand tall from the rest is the clever design incorporated by IKEA. This particular table allows you to lift and pull one half of the tabletop toward you, leaving the other half in place. It makes it easier to work on a laptop without bending forward. Moreover, there is ample storage inside the table.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: IKEA
  • Dimension: 45L x27W x16H inches
  • Weight : Na

Buy: $130

Trulstorp coffee lift top table

Image: IKEA

Amazon Basics Lift top Coffee table

With its solid stately appearance, this coffee table is one of the simple yet stylish pieces you should have at home. The top lifts and creates a sturdy workspace for the user, while proving a hidden storage space beneath the tabletop. In addition, there are two storage compartments in the bottom half of the table, both separated by a plank in the middle. The table is available in three finishes of natural, black, and espresso.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Amazon Basics
  • Dimension: 40L x 18W x 19H inches
  • Weight : 37lbs

Buy: $157

Amazon basics lift-top coffee table

Image: Amazon

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Industrial Storage Pop Up Coffee Table

Made from sustainably-sourced mango wood, the industrial storage coffee table will earn compliments in your living room. There is a hidden storage compartment beneath the table, allowing the user to store all clutter in a sophisticated manner. It also features blackened steel legs and a tap door with pop-up mechanism.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: West Elm
  • Dimension: 36L x 26W x 17H inches
  • Weight : 64lbs

Buy: $559-$699

Industrial storage pop-up coffee table

Image: west elm

Carbon Oak Hovey Lift Top Coffee Table

Boasting a slatted design with a center compartment, the table is made of wood and metal. Metal formulates the base of the table while wood forms a graceful top. The table looks highly functional and features hidden storage beneath. There is also a lower shelf for additional storage. It is finished in two colors: carbon oak and milled mesquite.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Trent Austin Design
  • Dimension: 41L x 22W x 18H inches
  • Weight: 33lbs

Buy: $270

Yaheetech coffee table

Image: Amazon

White Plank Orelia Lift Top Table

Made of wood, the Orelia coffee table serves as a multipurpose work surface that could be the next centerpiece of your living area. From eating to working, the table is at your service with its pop-up mechanism that lifts the top up and forward. The user can store blankets, board games, and so on in the hidden storage compartment under the table.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Millwood Pines
  • Dimension: 43L x 19W x 27H inches
  • Weight: 64lbs

Buy: $260

White plank orelia lift top extendable coffee table with storage

Image: Wayfair

Sand and Stable Ezra Lift Top Coffee Table

Just like all other tables on the list, it also features a lift up mechanism revealing hidden storage compartments to keep remotes, chargers, and other accessories. Finished in rustic wood, the table design is inspired by vintage barn wood. It also includes a lower shelf that is ideal for displaying books, storing baskets, and even plants.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Sand and Stable
  • Dimension: 43L x 19W x 27H inches
  • Weight: 64lbs

Buy: $290

Ezra lift top 4 legs coffee table with storage

Image: Wayfair

Reclaimed oak Colten Lift Top Block Coffee Table

This pop-up coffee table made from reclaimed wood features a lift up mechanism, which reveals a trunk-sized chest to store items. The beautiful, functional, and sturdy table could be the next centerpiece of your room. It also adds decorative value to your space.

  • Designer/ Manufacturer: Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse
  • Dimension: 47L x 24W x 22H inches
  • Weight : 75lbs

Buy: $330

Colten lift top block coffee table with storage

Image: Wayfair

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