15 Best Green Lantern Love Interests in DC History

The romantic sagas within the Green Lantern Corps are as diverse and dynamic as the universe they protect. Each Green Lantern, from Hal Jordan to Kyle Rayner, has experienced love that’s as intense and sometimes as perilous as their battles against cosmic threats. These relationships are not mere sidelines to the action; they are integral to the characters’ development and often serve as their emotional anchor.

Hal Jordan, the most renowned Green Lantern, has had his fair share of romance, often entangled with his duty. His love interests, like Carol Ferris, have not only been companions but also formidable individuals with their own ties to the power of the Lanterns, adding layers of complexity to their relationship.

Kyle Rayner’s relationships have often been marked by tragedy, echoing the broader themes of loss and sacrifice that come with the mantle of a Green Lantern. His bond with his partners often brings a humanizing element to the narrative, grounding the cosmic scope of his adventures with personal stakes.

John Stewart’s fiery romance with fellow Lantern Katma Tui is a testament to the passionate bonds that can form between members of the Corps. Their story, marked by dedication and an eventual tragic end, adds a poignant chapter to the Green Lantern legacy, reminding readers that even heroes are vulnerable to the whims of fate.

Guy Gardner’s relationship with Ice is a heartening contrast, showing that even the most brash and bold Lanterns can experience tender and genuine connections. Their loyalty and mutual respect stand as a beacon of hope in a universe that can often seem overwhelmingly dark.

These interstellar love stories serve as a reminder that the heart of a hero is not defined solely by the ability to overcome adversity, but also by the capacity to love, lose, and love again. The Green Lanterns’ romances are not just subplots; they are the emotional core of their narratives, offering a human connection to the vast and mysterious cosmos.

15 Best Green Lantern Love Interests in DC History
Green Lantern

15 Adara Was a Brief Fling Based on Deceit

Created by: Ron Marz and Darryl Banks

When Kyle Rayner became the DC Universe’s sole Green Lantern, he crossed paths with Adara, a woman who was a member of the previous iteration of the Corps. Adara was desperate to become a Green Lantern again and got close to him. But it was a ruse to steal Kyle’s Power Ring for herself. Unfortunately, Adara discovered that Kyle’s ring only worked for him and she had no hope of becoming a Green Lantern again. Adara wound up killing herself, unable to go on without serving as a Green Lantern.

14 Power Girl and Hal Jordan Briefly Bonded

Created by: Wally Wood, Gerry Conway, and Ric Estrada

Yes, as odd as it sounds Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Power Girl once had a brief fling. The “Red Winter” arc of Justice League Europe saw Hal’s memory wiped thanks to the supervillain Sonar. Power Girl found herself attracted to Hal, empathizing with his amnesiac state. During a battle in Justice League Europe #50, the two found shelter in a bubble created by Green Lantern’s ring where they let their passion for each other consume them. However, Hal later used his ring to regain his memories and the short-lived encounter between the two was over.

13 Donna Troy Was a Brief Love of Kyle Rayner

Created by: Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani

For a brief period, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner dated Wonder Woman’s sister Donna Troy after he joined the Titans. Donna was in a bad place after her farm was destroyed and she’d lost custody of her son to her ex-husband. However, she found comfort while dating Kyle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last as tragedy stuck again when Donna’s son, stepdaughter, and ex-husband died in a car wreck, the stress of which led Donna to end their relationship. Though their time was brief, Kyle and Donna remained close friends.

12 Hal Jordan Could Never Make His Relationship With Olivia Reynolds Work

Created by: John Broome and Gil Kane

During Green Lantern’s days as a toy salesman, he had a small fling with his business rival Olivia Reynolds. There was more to Olivia than meets the eye though, as she possessed an amazing power known as the U-Mind, which unknowingly sustained a race known as the Lenglyns of Lengyl. Olivia’s U-Mind made her a target for several evil aliens, all of whom wanted to exploit the power for their own gain. With all the commotion over Olivia’s U-Mind, she and Hal were unable to sustain a relationship for long and it permanently ended when Hal became the villain Parallax.

11 Red Racer and Flashlight Were A Multiversal Love Story for the Ages

Created by Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis

Red Racer is the partner of Flashlight, the Green Lantern of Earth-36. Much like Flash and Green Lantern of the Prime Earth, these two are as close as can be, only they’ve taken the plunge into a romantically fulfilling relationship. Tragedy struck the couple when Red Racer sacrificed his life to save trillions of lives across the multiverse. But Flashlight refused to believe his closest companion was dead. Flashlight tracked down trace energies belonging to Red Racer and managed to free him from the Energy Source, reuniting the happy couple once more.

10 Hal Jordan’s Relationship With Arisia Rrab Was Just Odd

Created by: Joe Staton, Len Wein, and Mike W. Barr

The relationship between Hal Jordan and Arisia Rrab is a complex one to say the least. Rrab was a young member of the Corps who developed a crush on Hal Jordan. Knowing that Jordan couldn’t be with her due to her age, Arisia used the power of her ring to age herself into an adult and the two began a brief romantic relationship. But their life together on Earth was more stressful than they were prepared for and ultimately broke up, though they did remain good friends.

9 Fatality Went From Green Lantern Hater to Lover

Created by: Ron Marz

While Katma Tui is the greatest love of John Stewart’s life, he had a brief romantic encounter with the supervillain Fatality. Fatality is the sole survivor of the planet Xanshi, the planet John accidentally destroyed thanks to his carelessness. She was determined to kill the Green Lantern Corps and make John pay for his actions. But Fatality was taken by the Zamarons and forcefully inducted into the Star Sapphires. Her hate for Stewart was changed to love and the two became a couple. However, the reconditioning didn’t last and she became John’s foe once more.

8 Harlequin Turned to Crime for Love

Created by: Robert Kanigher and Irwin Hasen

Before Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, came out as a gay man, he was married to one of his oldest enemies for years. Molly Maynne was once Scott’s secretary who embarked on a life of crime to get Green Lantern’s attention because she was head over heels for him. Her crimes were never that bad and she actually worked with the Justice Society of America a few times. Molly retired from her life as the Harlequin and settled down with Scott and the two lived together until their relationship was erased during the New 52.

7 Soranik Natu Was a Green Lantern Love That Wasn’t Meant to Be

Created by: Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons, and Patrick Gleason

Kyle Rayner’s relationship with Soranik Natu was filled with ups and downs. Soranik is a doctor from Korugar, the home planet of Sinestro, and she was initially opposed to being a Green Lantern. But Kyle encouraged her and the two grew close over time. Unfortunately, Kyle was still harboring feelings for his then-deceased girlfriend Jade, creating friction between the two. Things only grew worse for the two when Soranik discovered that Sarko a villain from the future, was her and Kyle’s son and that Kyle hid the information from her. Soranik, angered at the information, broke off their relationship once and for all.

6 Cowgirl Was a Romance Green Lantern Let Walk Away

Created by: Geoff Johns and Carlos Pacheco

Jillian Pearlman was one of Hal Jordan’s love interests who unfortunately never got the respect she deserved. Just like Hal, she’s a pilot and was often referred to by her callsign, ‘Cowgirl’. While Jordan readjusted to life after his stint as the Spectre, he and Jillian grew close, though Hal still carried a torch for his old flame, Carol Ferris. As Hal’s responsibilities mounted in the Green Lantern Corps, he found himself drifting from Pearlman until the two’s relationship just fizzled out. On paper, Jillian was a fantastic match for Hal, but it just wasn’t in the cards for them.

5 Alexandra DeWitt Deserved Far Better Than She Got

Created by: Ron Marz

If there’s a love interest Kyle Rayner is never going to forget, it’s Alexandra DeWitt. Alexandra was Kyle’s girlfriend when he became a Green Lantern and one of the first to know his secret identity. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too long after Kyle became a Green Lantern that Alexandra was killed by the villain Major Force, who strangled her and shoved her body into a refrigerator. Not only did the death haunt Kyle, but it became the go-to example of ‘fridging’ (where female characters are killed to move a male character’s story forward). Despite her unceremonious death, Kyle deeply loved Alexandra and it took him a long time to forgive himself for failing her.

4 Jade and Kyle Rayner Were Green Lanterns in Love

Created by: Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway

Of all the women Kyle Rayner has fallen for, the person who absolutely captured his heart was Jade. Jade is the daughter of Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern who initially channeled the power of her father’s Starheart before later becoming a full-fledged Green Lantern. She and Kyle were extremely close, but unfortunately, she ended things after she fell for someone else. To make matters worse, Jade was killed shortly before Infinite Crisis, a loss that pained him even though the two were parted. While it wasn’t a perfect relationship, Kyle dearly loved and cared for Jade.

3 Katma Tui Was John Stewart’s Greatest Love

Created by: John Broome and Gil Kane

John Stewart hasn’t loved as many women as his cohorts, but there’s one special person who touched his heart like no one else. Katma Tui was from Korugar and the first Lantern to succeed Sinestro after his expulsion from the Corps. Tui and Stewart’s relationship started a bit rocky as Tui was angry at Hal Jordan and projected those feelings onto John. However, after working closely, the two fell for each other and married. But their wedded bliss wasn’t to last as she was later killed by Star Sapphire. To this day, John still thinks about the passionate love he shared with Katma Tui.

2 Ice Brought Out Guy Gardner’s Romantic Side

Created by: Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire

The most boisterous Green Lantern, Guy Gardener might be a little rough around the edges. But if there’s one thing that brought out his more sensitive side, it was his relationship with his Justice League International teammate Ice. The two had an on-again, off-again relationship that’s been off for the most part in the last few years. But when they were dating, Guy was fiercely loyal to her and was an absolute wreck when she was killed. Though Guy can be a bit of a jerk, it can’t be said that his love for Ice wasn’t genuine.

1 Star Sapphire is Green Lantern’s Greatest Love

Created by: John Broome and Gil Kane

Carol Ferris isn’t just the occasional superhero/supervillain Star Sapphire. She’s one of Hal Jordan’s oldest friends and has been the object of his affection for years. The two have a deep fondness for one another, but between Hal’s duties as Green Lantern and Carol’s leadership among the Violet Light-wielding Star Sapphires, it’s never worked out long-term. Interestingly enough, Hal’s not the only Green Lantern to date Carol as she briefly had a thing with Hal’s once-replacement Kyle Rayner. But despite the drama, Hal has no greater love interest in his life than Carol.

There are dozens of beings throughout the universe who have fallen for Green Lanterns, and these 15 stand out as the most fascinating.

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