14 Tweets You’re Probably Going To See Making The Rounds

Sometimes you put a brilliant tweet out into the world and literally no one notices. Other times you say something stupid riddled with typos and people somehow take notice.

Then there are the times when something catches on like wildfire and there’s no stopping it – it just connects with people in a way that surprises even the author, I think.

We’re predicting these 14 tweets are going to be the last type, so don’t be surprised if you see them again very soon!

Then Freddie Prinze Jr. cut your hair and took off your glasses.

Though I am not a fan of too much vanilla.

Plus you always have a text to respond to which is kind of awesome.

That does not even hold your egg I must object.

And the rest of the experience is obviously s*%t.

Do you remember cars from the 80s? Because I do.

But your suitcase must contain all of the perfect items so your trip will be flawless.

The rest of us are from the Midwest and we will literally drive anywhere.

It looks like they serve tacos so where better?

You didn’t go there to be called out like that.

How did they get their cat to not destroy the box??

But sometimes kids know things so I’m also suspicious.

I don’t understand it, but I am on CleanTok.

Get a jar of jelly and a jar of Nutella and make it happen.

Yeah, I definitely shared some of these with friends already.

Which of these was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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