13 People Share Photos of Their Neat and Unique Collections

One of my favorite things about people is how unique we all are, with our own strange interests that turn into really fascinating and beautiful things (sometimes). We walk through our lives, gathering the things that bring us joy, and keeping them to look at on rainy days – in reality or just in our heads.

These 13 people have been building their unique collections for a long time, and I’m so happy they decided to share them on Reddit!

I bet grandma had something to do with that.

My granddad’s tool collection in his shed from oddlysatisfying

Is anyone else?

An array of cake pans collected in the lifetime of my late grandmother taken from a roof top from pics

How adorable are those?

13 people share photos of their neat and unique collections

Image Credit: Pleated Jeans

All I see are dollar signs.

My game collection is finally out of storage! Wife surprised me by building shelves as an anniversary gift today from gaming

And that’s all that matters.

My aunt has a spoon collection that has a tiny spoon collection right above it. from mildlyinteresting

He traveled everywhere!

My grandfather used all of his hotel/motel keys he received from his job as a traveling salesman and made them into a map of the US from mildlyinteresting

Little pieces of history buried all over.

My dads little metal detecting museum from mildlyinteresting

I’m not sure what this means.

Someone had all the failed presidential candidates bumperstickers on their car from mildlyinteresting

I think I like this dude.

My entire bow tie collection, minus the one I’m wearing now! from CoolCollections

You know who to go to if you need fire.

My dad’s lifelong collection of matchbooks from mildlyinteresting

And I’m jealous of all the places she’d been.

My mom collects sand from beaches all over the world… from pics

Or that it’s in storage somewhere.

The Only Remaining Picture of my Childhood Star Wars Collection from pics

I want to know where he found them all.

13 people share photos of their neat and unique collections

Image Credit: Pleated Jeans

I think I need to work on being more interesting!

If you collect something cool, share it with us in the comments!

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