13 Images That Prove One Person’s Trash Really Is Another Person’s Treasure

We’ve all heard about garage sales (or yard sales or tag sales, depending on where you might live in the country), and surely we’ve all visited a pawn shop or a thrift store or had something handed down in our family through the years. They’re a cheap way to find something we need that’s new-to-us, and they’re also ways for us to rid ourselves of things we no longer need.

People in NYC have taken this concept to the streets with a practice called “stooping,” where they simply set things out on their stoop with a sign saying it’s free to take – and these 13 pictures of things people are stooping might have you hankering to take a walk through the streets.

Or, they might have you wondering why anyone would want something like that.

That’s the beauty of people, and of stooping, right?

It’s super cute, though.

In great shape, too. I bet they didn’t last long!

And someone to love it.

It even has the umbrella bin at the bottom, too!

I’m not a bird person but still.

Who doesn’t love Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots?

That’s what you need in a small NYC apartment.

Peep that middle one. Lol.

A nice shiny one.

They are gorgeous!

That probably makes it pretty old. Ha!

Don’t forget to cover it with plastic.

This honestly looks nearly new.

You should never trash something without giving someone else the chance at it first, because you just never know!

What’s your favorite thrift store or garage sale find ever? Tell us about it in the comments!

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