13 Hilarious Truths About Being Married

There are plenty of truths about being married, but here’s the thing: if you squint really hard, all of them can be funny.

The thing that makes jokes really work is the truth in them right?

If you’re ready to laugh at some of the ridiculousness that comes with living in close proximity to another full-grown adult, we’ve got 13 tweets that won’t disappoint!

Maybe. Probably.

If you’re waiting for her to take it back you’ll be waiting awhile.

It’s what most of us want.

And that they deserve the janky silverware.

Getting old ain’t no joke.

You’ve married a forward-thinking man.

We got married on the first of the month so no one would forget.

Our willingness to move does not.

Go ahead and put a ring on it.

That’s how it goes, right?

Everyone knows it.

Fault aside.

Seriously this guy is a monster.

Keep doing the good work, people. You’ve got this.

Tell me in the comments what gets you through the rough days in your marriage!

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