13 Best Homemade Halloween Cookies to Try This Year

Candies may be a Halloween favorite, but cookies can never be sidelined be it Halloween or Christmas, or any other holiday. These baked treats can be given out to trick-or-treaters, packed as gifts for family and friends, and put out as Halloween desserts as well. You can add a little spooky touch with various tricks of the trade and make them a delightful addition to your lavish holiday menu.

Halloween cakes and Halloween cupcakes are incredible, but Halloween cookies are especially easy to make and can be done as a fun activity with kids in the home. From seasonal flavors of pumpkin to the eternal greatness of chocolate chips, here are over 10 of the best homemade Halloween cookies for you to try out this year.

Monster Cookies seem like the perfect candidate for Halloween. Full Recipe

Monster Halloween Cookies
Image: Delish

Celebrate the holiday with these delicious Day of the Dead Cookies. Full Recipe

Day of the Dead Cookies
Image: Semi Sweet

Creepy crawlers are the theme of these Spider Cookies, making them ideal for Halloween. Full Recipe

Spider Cookies
Image: Will Dickey

Spread joy and sweetness by baking Spider and Cat Sugar Cookies. Full Recipe

Spider and Cat Sugar Cookies
Image: Joy The Baker

Bake some homemade Mummy Cookies for the kids and adults. Full Recipe

Mummy Cookies
Image: Lil’ Luna

Prepare spooky Witch Hat Cookies for spoiled little brats. Full Recipe

Witch Hat Cookies
Image: Preppy Kitchen

Spooky Spider Cookies are easy to make and will be the ideal treat for Halloween. Full Recipe

Spooky Spider Cookies
Image: Betty Crocker

Cats and bats go hand-in-hand when it comes to Halloween theme. Bake some Bat Cookies this year to spook people. Full Recipe

Bat Cookies
Image: Tara Donne

These Frankenstein Head Cookies are easy to make and delicious for the occasion. Full Recipe

Frankenstein Head Cookies
Image: The Bare Foot Baker

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To evoke the eerie spirits of the occasion, bake a batch of these Grim Reaper Cookies and set the mood. Full Recipe

Grim Reaper Cookies
Image: Semi Sweet

The Poison Apple Cookies are evoking some major Disney vibes. Full Recipe

Poison Apple Cookies
Image: Angelica Made Me

Cut the cookie dough into various spooky shapes to make these Halloween Sugar Cookies. Full Recipe

Hallowee Sugar Cookies
Image: Food Network

Spill some gore over your treats with Bloody Macarons. Full Recipe

Bloody Macarons
Image: A Cookie Named Desire

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