12 Times People Confronted a Crisis With Kindness

When a natural disaster, pandemic, war, or other crisis occurs, the Americans have responded with kindness, turning both civilians and notables into heroes.

According to Rebecca Solnit, author of A paradise built in hell: The extraordinary communities that arise in the event of a disaster, the vast majority of people remain calm, resourceful and selfless when helping others in times of crisis. “We are wonderfully improvising the conditions for survival,” she said. Time magazine. “People run away from each other. They build shelters and community kitchens and cope with lost children and end up rebuilding in one way or another. ”

Here are 12 examples of little acts of kindness that made a big difference in the most difficult times.

american civil war

Towards the end of the four-year American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln spent time visiting wounded soldiers at the Depot Field Hospital along the Richmond-Petersburg front, shaking hands with almost everyone world over there, writes Noah Andre Trudeau in Lincoln’s greatest journey: Sixteen days that changed presidency. In a tent, according to Trudeau, was Harry L. Benbow, a Confederate officer captured at Five Forks. As Lincoln reached out, Benbow told him he was offering it to “a Confederate colonel, who fought you as hard as he could for four years”. “Well,” said Lincoln, “I hope a Confederate colonel won’t refuse me his hand.” “No sir,” I replied, “I won’t do it,” and I shook his hand in both mine. ”

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