12 Products That’s Quality Has Gone Down While the Price Has Gone Up

12 Products That’s Quality Has Gone Down While the Price Has Gone Up

Everything increases in price, right? I remember being stunned when I first learned that my grandmother could go to lunch, a movie, and get ice cream with a single quarter!

We expect to have to pay more for those things, now, but we don’t expect to pay more for products that aren’t as good as they used to be – which is the case with these 12 things, according to savvy Redditors who have noticed.

12. We all need more space.

New homes.

Cookie cutter houses, built with cheap contractors who cut corners left and right, situated in neighborhoods with ever higher HOA fees: and the HOAs are getting more expensive too.

11. All of the razor burn.

Face razors. They had it perfected with double edge blades in a metal razor. Cheap and incredible shaves. Modern plastic disposable razors are worse on your skin, give a worse shave, and grotesquely expensive.

They are nothing more than monopolies controlling the availability and accessibility. When you go to the razor section at the store you can only choose from their garbage.

I give double edged metal razors to men and women loves ones as gifts and universally their minds are blown realizing how much better and less expensive they are.

10. Definitely applies to washers and dryers.

Certain house appliances.

My grandma has had the same fridge for 40 years. My parents recently had to replace theirs. It’s their third in 20 years.

9. Just a fact of life.

There used to be this burger joint called “Joe’s cablecar” near me. Great place. I miss it so much. A few months before it closed down, I was there and the owner, Joe, was having a heated conversation with one of his suppliers on the phone. After he hung up, he looked over at me and just said, “price goes up, quality goes down.”

It took me a while to realize that that wasn’t the particular supplier he was dealing with, just a fact of life. People like Joe can’t tolerate that. That’s why the truly great things never last. Only the mediocre things are able to endure long enough to degrade into the universally hated embodiment of entropy that the physical world allows for.

8. We can all agree Nestle is the worst.

Everything Nestle takes over.

In general, anything that ANY corporation takes over.

7. This one physically hurts.

Health Insurance.

It really is an ugly situation. We should have better care if the price increases.

Who’s making all that money?!

6. Capitalism rears its ugly head.

Any service ever.

Not gonna lie. Modern business is based on a model of cutting costs.

5. Those are some big words but I agree.

Almost everything.

Planned obsolescence and expediency has taken the place of quality and craftsmanship.

4. This makes me sad.

Disney Theme Parks. (Speaking pre Covid world)

They were better when you could do an entire park in a day, cost much less, like $40 vs whatever the insane price is now, and they limited who could get in.

Universal is the same way, specifically Halloween Horror nights. It was $15 the first time I went, they capped how many tickets they sold and you had time to do every house plus a couple of rides. It was my favorite and we would go every year.

Now? It’s like $70 for a ticket, you have to buy fast pass for another $30 or $40 just so you have a chance to do every house because the lines can literally be hours long because they don’t cap ticket sales and they recycle the same houses but pretend it’s a new theme. It’s so miserable we stopped going.

3. And it’s chock-full of preservatives and other stuff.


Unless you make it yourself.

Even then ingredient quality is lacking unless you’re dropping way too much money.

2. Ben & Jerry’s is the only ice cream.

Ice cream containers that were originally one-half gallon have been “shrinking.”

They went from 64 oz. to 56 oz and now 48 oz. – but the price hasn’t “shrunk” (it’s been increasing steadily) and the quality often isn’t as good as it used to be when containers were a true half-gallon.

1. Lots of people feel this way.

Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Their “Big Cup” is basically the size of their original cup for double the price.

Also it tastes different. I remember as a kid the original peanut butter cups came in those 4 packs and you could individually peel away the chocolate from the peanut butter. Like, part of the game for me was to try to peel back the chocolate so all I had was an intact peanut butter disc.

Can’t do that anymore. The chocolate is super thin and has no “snap” to it. It’s just mush.

I definitely have to agree with most of these.

What would you add to the list? Share with us in the comments!

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