12 People What Remained Attractive Throughout History Regardless of Trends? People Responded.

It’s funny when you look at the different styles of different decades.

Some trends look absolutely awful (I’m looking at you, early 1990s) and some still look great (the roaring ’20s).

But that’s just my opinion…

What do you think has remained attractive throughout history regardless of trends?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

“Sculptures thousands of years ago: B**bs

Sculptures hundreds of years ago: B**bs

Internet today: B**bs

B**bs will always be attractive.”

“Fair/light skin.

Darker skin, regardless of culture, is associated with laborers while lighter skin is those of aristocracy.”


Power is always attractive in whatever format it takes.”

“The “golden ratio” face has always been the preferred facial structure.

Certainly, a symmetrical face.”

“Two things are universal in terms of attractiveness…

Youth and health.”


No matter what era you’re in, a nice pair of thighs will make any man melt away.”


The theory that I’ve heard goes that the more conventionally attractive you are, the closer you are to what a perfectly normal human is supposed to look like.

Which is often why some cosmetics like excessive makeup are intended to make you prettier but actually make you less attractive. Generally speaking that is.

There are always outliers when it comes to preferences”


Sure, sometimes it has been pronounced curves and other times more moderate curves…

But it is curves for the win.”

“Foot fetishes can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt.

It’s true!”

“From social science research, clear skin is about the only universal constant of beauty between cultures.”

“The ability to provide for your family.

That never goes out of style.”


Perfect facial symmetry has always been appreciated.

Even in art from way back.”

Now it’s your turn!

Let us know what you think about this!

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