12 People Talk About Jobs That Are Easy and Pay Well

Are you looking for a job that pays you big bucks and doesn’t cause you too many headaches?

Well, my friends, you’re in the right place…

Check out what folks on AskReddit had to say about this and maybe you’ll get some new ideas about careers to pursue.

“One of my buddies who’s an x-ray technician said some days he has 1 hour of actual work out of an 8 hours shift.

When I commented he’s got it good, he said he gets paid for what he knows not what he does.

I suspect most jobs that pay you well without much actual work is the same, you are being paid for your expertise.”

“Overnight concierge at luxury apartment/condo buildings in metropolitan areas. The morning and afternoon shifts you’re dealing with incoming packages most of the day, sorting, labeling and fetching them.

Overnight barely handles any of that, if at all. It’s just a matter of being fine with having a schedule like that or putting up with such a boring job.

Pay might not be as well as a lot of the other jobs ITT, but relative to the work performed, it pays you for sitting at a desk from 12am – 8am doing next to nothing.”


Once in a while you’ll have to hang a door, but for the most part, it’s changing the keys that operate a door lock. It takes a bit of math to calculate which pins drop into the cylinder, especially if there is a Master Key that also operates the lock, but after you gain some experience, it’s easy.

For a residential rekey, you simply set up multiple cylinders that work on the same key. You walk up to the door, remove the lock, partially disassemble it, remove the existing cylinder, and replace it with the new one. Then you reinstall the lock.

It takes maybe 5 minutes, you’re walking up to the house with the cylinders in one hand and a screwdriver in the other….and you’re getting paid about $30/hr.”

“I make around $35/hr driving an escort car for a swimming pool company.

All I do is drive my car behind the pool to its new home and assist with lane changes/turns.

It’s pretty great. Get to listen to podcast and audio books all day.”

“Entry level security work pays decently and is very easy.

There is some cost for getting certified but it was around $100 for me in total when I did it 9 months ago.”

“Those people that give out the samples at Costco get paid very well for a job where they do very little, and a lot of them don’t even have to know how to cook to get hired.

They’re usually hiring, too. It’s not great pay outright, but for the work, it’s a lot of money.”

“Was a contractor for the military for a year in Kuwait.

Easiest job, watched a lot of Netflix, paid  alot of money but not worth having no life outside of work.”

“Claims associate for State Farm. Specifically initial loss reporting.

Listen to people talk about how they wrecked their car, write down how they wrecked their car, work from home, stupid benefits and pay for the work done.”

“I work in commercial construction sales and 90% of my job is just taking people out for lunch and dinners, on company dime, and finding out what projects they are working on then quoting our products where they would apply on that job.

I am going to make 118k this year, plus a company truck that I use as my personal vehicle. All gas and maintenance is paid for. I might work 25 hours a week.

That said, I lack a lot of purpose in my job and really wish I did something that challenged me more. Great company and benefits, but I just feel burnt out. Same burnout I felt when I was making 27k a year in college.

It’s strange. You make more money and you live a fancier lifestyle, but in the end the struggles are the same. You end up desiring something else, regardless of how much you make.”

“My brother works as a Lead Full Stack Developer.

He works from home, turns on his computer for an hour to tell his team what to do, spend the rest of the day doing everything else but work.”

“Sales. For me, car sales, but you can sell anything really.

Insurance, real estate, whatever. Been doin it my entire adult life.

It requires zero education, the pay is great and it’s super easy.”

“Real estate agent.

It’s a joke that as a society we are ok with giving these people such a huge commission on something we own and they just middle man. Why are we ok with their over inflated salaries yet teachers are dirt poor.

Backwards if you ask me.”

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