12 People Share What They’ve Given Up Because of Inflation

Times are tough right now and pretty much everyone has to tighten up their belts a little bit because of inflation.

And that means giving certain things up or cutting back…

So what have you had to give up because of inflation?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

“Wings at restaurants are well over a dollar each.

Some places are closing in on two dollars.

I like wings, but I can literally buy steak at those prices.”

“Canned beans, had to switch to dry beans only.

Went from middle class to toeing the poverty line.”

“My hair.

I just cannot afford the splurge on the amount of products it needs to be healthy.

Chopped it all off.”

“Pretty much anything having to do with my favorite hobby, cars. I always had a weekend or project car.

Sold the last one prior to the pandemic because of buying a house and becoming a parent. Stepped up to all the responsibilities, took a pay cut to get into an apprenticeship to better my family down the road. I figured by the time I got where I am now I’d have a lot of options as far as buying a vehicle to scratch my itch.

Nope. Making making 6 dollars an hour more now than 3 years ago doesn’t really mean s**t in today’s world. Owning a project car would be awesome but I can’t even justify buying a modest replacement for what I’m still driving right now.

I’m just here hoping my old work car weathers the storm of what’s going on in this f**ked up new normal hellscape we live in.”

“Moving out of my parents.

Even if I get a job in my field with my degree I just received, in my area there’s no entry level jobs that would permit me affording an apartment, barely scraping by with a roomate as well.

Jobs out of state or across the country don’t seem to be hiring either.”

“Buying some sweets for my family and me. No more name products like Coca Cola and such. Getting most items from second hand stores.

I just don’t have that much money.. no zoo visits right now. It’s not only the inflation but my upcoming divorce as well. Hard times.”

“Buying physical copies of books.

I swear paperbacks now cost what hardcovers used to only 6 years ago or so.”

“Buying decorations. I just don’t do it anymore.

I love home decor but spending insane amounts of furniture is a burden on the wallet. Less is more.”

“Free time.

Work a full time job, a side hustle for another 10 hours a week, and behind-the-scenes at events like weddings and bar mitzvahs on weekends.

I don’t do much other than work and try to stay on top of my chores and errands.”

“Beef. Haven’t had a steak in months. Don’t get me wrong i previously had one steak about every two weeks as I’m poor.

But from 2 to 0 is a bit much. Sirloin a year ago was $6/lbs., now it is like $12/lbs.

Also microwave popcorn for some reason is nearly 2x price of a year ago. I buy one large 24 individual pack for $9ish instead of $4.50 I’m on the verge of being priced out of popcorn.”

“These protein drinks for breakfast.

Used to be $1.99 each and sale price was buy 1 get 1 free.

Now they’re $3.50 each, and got them on sale for $2.50 each.”

“Going out to eat.

A meal for two that used to cost me around $45 now costs about $80.”

What have you had to give up because of inflation?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!

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