12 People Share What They Think You Should Never Do in the United States

What do you think you should never, ever, EVER do in the United States?

Go to the Gathering of the Juggalos?

Drive on the left-hand side of the road?

There are a ton of answers that people could probably respond with…

So let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

“Don’t s**ke anywhere unless it’s a specifically designated area.

Hint – if there are no ashtrays around s**king is not permitted there.

No one will bring you an ashtray if you ask for one.”

“Don’t go onto someone’s private property.

Some people think it’s shoot to k**l if you enter their private property.

And d**d men tell no tales.”

“Not follow the verbal commands of a police officer when pulled over.

Just do what they say & things will work out much better for you.

If you disagree with them, go to court & talk to the judge. No use arguing with the officer.”

“Don’t push people in crowded spaces. Don’t cut people in line. Generally just don’t disrespect peoples’ personal space.

Foreign tourists from specific countries, I’d assume since they are used to everywhere constantly being crowded, tend to be very pushy and rude.

Go to pretty much any major national park to find out what I’m talking about.”

“Order a large size of anything that is food related.

The sheer volume of food they give is ridiculous.”

“Don’t pay off the police.

My dad has friends from several third-world nations where it is common practise to give the police some cash when you are pulled over.

However, if you try to bribe a police officer here, you’ll get into a lot of trouble.”

“Make assumptions.

Dude with the huge beard and overalls has about an equal chance of being a crunchy vegan, a right wing extremist, or just a moderate dude.

The Japanese guy could very well be 3rd generation American who knows f**k all about Japan.

The big black dude in a t-shirt and sneakers could be a lawyer who spends all day trying to stop evictions.”

“Go to the emergency room unless it’s something really serious.

It’s too expensive, even if you have good insurance.”

“Don’t assume you can take public transportation.

Met an Australian couple who said they were planning on visiting Hollywood in LA and taking the bus around the city.

We immediately tried to talk them out of it….bless their hearts.”

“Or the C-word that our Australian friends love so much.

That’s one of the worst things you can call a woman here.”

“Don’t skip the tip for servers.

We know tipping is some BS left over from the Prohibition era and we wish that servers were paid a decent wage by employers instead of needing to rely on patrons.

However, if you don’t tip here you are an a**hole.”

“Never assume all Americans are the same.

The United States may be one country on a map, but we’re really 50 little countries, squished together with one general language and one currency.

People’s opinions, ideas, cultures, traditions, food, races, dialects are all different.

So don’t assume.”

You know the drill…

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