12 People Share What They Think You Should Never Buy on the Cheap

If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that there are certain things you shouldn’t buy on the cheap.

For me, that includes shoes, certain clothes, and…wait for it…A BED.

I know beds are expensive, but if you sleep on a cheap one regularly, you’re gonna have problems.

Check out what AskReddit users said you should never, ever buy on the cheap.

“Shoes and a bed.

You spend a good chunk of your life in one or the other.”


It’s the only thing holding your 2,000 lb metal cage to the ground at 70 mph.”

“Steel cap boots.

You buy them from Kmart, your feet won’t last two weeks on a construction site.”

“Your teeth.

You only get the one set and tooth infections can set you back tens of thousands.

Brush twice a day, floss a couple times a week, and do you best to scrounge up the $200 a year for a professional cleaning. (However doing MORE than this is better if possible).”

“S** toys.

The good ones are built to last and are often made of easy to clean/sterilize materials.

The super cheap ones will melt you g**itals off.”

“Motorcycle helmets.

If you’re concerned about the expense, then ask yourself how much a new head costs…”

“Major pieces of furniture- sofa, bed, mattress, wardrobe/dresser/chest of drawers. Those are usually heavily price-quality correlated.

You don’t have to buy expensive statement pieces for everything but make sure the brand you’re buying is durable and understand that might require an extra buck. Learn how to use 0% store offers to your advantage.”


I work in the Insurance repair business and I promise you the cheapest policy is never in your best interest when a fire or flood happens.”

“Plastic surgery.

It’s amazing how many people let someone take a knife to their face because they’re cheaper than other doctors.”


Don’t buy the most expensive, but if you buy cheap it will d** in a couple of weeks.

Buy the middle, it usually provides the most quality with least price.”

“Home improvements.

The licensed, insured, educated contractor is well worth 2-3x the cheap bid every single time.”

“Anything that gets between you and gravity.

Car tires, rugs, mattresses, shoes…”

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