12 People Share the Useless Skills They Have

Hey, ain’t no shame in your game!

Not by a long shot!

I’m talking about useless skills, people!

We all got ’em!

And AskReddit users were nice enough to talk about theirs.

Let’s see what they had to say.

“I can identify faces very easily even with age.

People I’ve seen once in a film 40 years ago I’ll see again in something current and say “Oh that’s the guy who played the 3rd terrorist in that film from 1980.”

It’s bizarre.”

“I can smell ants.

Apparently it’s like a genetic thing.

They kind of smell like an earthy sulfur.

They smell awful. I h**e them.”

“I’ve worked in a deli most of my life.

I can weigh things in grams eerily accurately with just my hands.

Some customers get pretty blown away.”

“I can pronounce the Welsh town of “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch” coherently and without hesitation.”

“Ability to sneeze with 118 decibels measured.

120 is already treshold of pain as an interesting fact.”

“I can send and receive morse code at 65+ words per minute.

Completely pointless skill.”

“I’m extraordinarily good at towel whipping.

Made someone bleed once.”

“Twirling, flipping, and spinning writing utensils.

Like, really intricate s**t, effortlessly.

A skill built up with hours and hours of fidgeting. Seems to impress a lot of people, apparently.

Gets plenty of compliments.”

“I can make friends with any stray dog. In my town there’s a huge stray population, and I’ve made friends with most of them over time.

They all respond to the names I’ve given them, I’ve taught a few commands like sit, come, wait and other useful tricks for walking together.

Every weekend I go on a hike with my dog at the local park and as we walk there all the strays that we meet just join the group. Some days I’ll be hiking with 3-4 dogs that aren’t even mine, and we all have a blast

They’ll escort us home at the end of the walk and then just go about their business. Taming strays is very useless, but my favorite thing ever.”

“I can twist my neck horisontally so far that it cuts of my air-flow and I can moderatley dislocate my jaw and I also have one double-jointed thumb.

Maybe I’d make a good zombie extra…”

“I’m really good at mimicking other people’s voices.

I guess it’s not a completely useless skill, though; I have conducted some epic prank calls on family/friends.”

“I know the Gettysburg address, preamble to the US constitution and the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales.

I’m still waiting for some random person to ask me to recite these.”

What useless skills do you have?

Spill your guts in the comments.

Thanks, friends!


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