12 People Discuss Red Flags From Employers That You Should Be Aware Of

We hear a lot of stories about red flags that employers should look for when it comes to candidates, but what about the flip side?

I’m talking about what people should be aware of when they’re looking at employers.

Get it?

Got it?


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“If it’s a private/family company, do a Google search for ‘[company name] defendant’ and ‘[company name] plaintiff’.

If the company has been sued, or is in the habit of suing others, that can be a red flag- although something there are legit reasons for either. But it’s something worth paying attention to.”

“If when you are asked to come in for an interview, you are not treated with total respect for your time- for example, if you find yourself waiting for extended periods for an interview because ‘so and so is in a really important meeting’.

Similarly, if you are not offered at least water and/or coffee if you’re in for several interviews. I once interviewed at a place for seven straight hours with no break, no food, not even a glass of water. Fortunately I wasn’t offered the job as it was at Michael Milken’s firm… before he went to prison.”

“If the company brings alcohol into the office for ‘end of week’ sessions on a regular basis.

I know they can be fun but it’s a stupendously bad idea for all kinds of reasons and if leadership hasn’t figured that out then I’d think twice before joining.”

“If when you’re visiting the company for the first time and you pass someone in a hallway, do they smile and acknowledge your presence with a nod or maybe a hello, or do they ignore you?

It’s a small thing but very telling about the workplace culture. Similarly, do people seem ‘healthy and energized’ or ‘grey-faced and tired’?”

“If it’s a job in a manufacturing or distribution facility, is it messy or tidy?

Messy, cluttered facilities are indicative of poor management, plus they can be dangerous.”

“Any B.S. about ‘oh people like to work late’ or stuff like that used as pressure to get you to put in extra hours.”

“To me it was a ” we will start you low and will give you a ton of money later” they never do.

Never happens.”

“If the job description has a nondescriptively massive salary range.


“When an employee quits or gets fired from the job and the company doesn’t hire anyone new to replace them.

It can be hard to see as a red flag at first, but the temporary workload they added to your own over that was left over after the person left, slowly becomes your new permanent workload, without any changes to your pay or benefits to compensate for the additional tasks.

The further out it goes without the position being filled, the larger and more obvious the red flag becomes.”

“I know people (rightfully) like to h**e on HR, but if a company brags about “not having an HR department to deal with,” expect them to be very disorganized at a minimum.”

“When you don’t get a review until you ask for a raise.

Then, all of a sudden, you work is being questioned and you’re being berated.”

“If you’re being interviewed/hired and they tell you have/will have multiple managers to report to. Basically if there is not a clear chain of command.

What’ll happen is eventually one manager’s directions, goals or instructions will conflict with the other’s, and you’ll get caught in the middle of it. And one or both will use it against you in performance reviews.”

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