12 People Admit the Minor Inconveniences That Immediately Make Them Mad

This is so petty and insignificant, but when there is a line at any kind of store I go, I get annoyed…

I know, I know!

I’m working on it!

But it’s a minor inconvenience that gets me angry…

And AskReddit users were nice enough to share the things that drive them crazy, as well.

“When I go to a webpage but it doesn’t load all at once so when you go to click something the page shifts as other things load in and you end up clicking the wrong thing.”

“Stepping in something wet while walking in socks.

Could be in the best of moods then BAM, day ruined.”

“People standing in doorways.

Especially people standing in groups having conversations in doorways. Get the hell out of the way already!

People’s lack of awareness of others really astounds me.”

“When you bite your tongue or cheek while eating and then suddenly that one particular spot becomes like a magnet attracting your teeth to it and you keep biting it.”

“Ads in the middle of videos.

Ads that block the paragraph I just started reading.

Ads that are made to look like normal content.


“Struggling to get clothes off for whatever reason.

Makes me panic and see red.”

“Standing in line at a retail store and someone carrying on a conversation with the cashier after they’ve checked out.

Basically holding up the next customer(s).”

“Dropping something going to bend down to pick it up but miss it slightly.

So minor but so infuriating.”

“I h**e when I’m anywhere in public and someone stands near me when they don’t need to be.

Like, what are you doing? Take a step back.”

“Logging into a website
Try passwords
Incorrect password
Reset password
You can’t use an old password <- right here.”

“People borrowing something and then losing it.

“Can you pass me my phone charger? I’m running low”

“I don’t know where it is”

“Well it was in your fu**ing hand and plugged into your phone fifteen minutes ago Rebecca, so go find it”.


Just thinking about it makes me go a little insane.”

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