12 biopics expected in 2021-2022, from Aline with Valérie Lemercier to Spencer with Kristen Stewart – cinema news

While waiting for the reopening of theaters, we take stock of the (many) biopics that should soon be released in theaters, or whose filming is underway. From Aline, freely inspired by Celine Dion, to Spencer on Lady Di, 12 biopics on the way.

12 biopics expected in 2021-2022, from aline with valérie lemercier to spencer with kristen stewart - cinema news

After the success of Bohemian Rhapsody on the Queen group, or even De Gaulle more recently on the French side, what are the biopics that could make an event in 2021-2022? While awaiting the reopening of theaters, focus on 12 expected biographical films.


Release scheduled for November 10, 2021

While (the real) Céline Dion has just announced the postponement of her event tour planned in France this year, on the cinema side, Aline, a film freely inspired by the life of the Quebec singer, also had to face a major postponement. This 6th feature film by Valérie Lemercier has been postponed by one year, from November 2020 to November 10, 2021. This fantasized biopic of Celine Dion had also started to be shown to the press at the start of the September 2020 school year, with first glowing feedback, notably praising the fantasy of the film. A daring bet because Valérie Lemercier herself plays the Quebec superstar from her 8 to 50 years old! We will have to wait a little longer to discover the vocalizations of the superstar.

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Release scheduled for May 5, 2021

Like Aline, Eiffel directed by Martin Bourboulon will undoubtedly be one of the most ambitious French biopics to come, and whose production budgets are particularly high. Like Aline, it is also important to specify that this is not a conventional biopic. Worn by Romain Duris, in the costume of Gustave Eiffel, the film is freely inspired by the life of the builder and the ambitious creation of the French monument. When Eiffel begins the Tower in his name, he has just finished his collaboration on the Statue of Liberty, and is at the height of his career. The French government wanted him to create something spectacular for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris, but Eiffel was only interested in the metropolitan project. Everything changes when he crosses paths with his youthful love. Their forbidden relationship inspires her to change the skyline of Paris forever … Emma MacKey holds the female lead. She is also surrounded in particular by Pierre Deladonchamps, Andranic Manet and Armande Boulanger.

Elvis Presley

Release scheduled for May 25, 2022

The life and musical work of Elvis Presley through the prism of his complex relationship with his mysterious manager, Colonel Tom Parker. This is the starting point of this film dedicated to Elvis Presley, still without an official title. The film will explore the relationship between Presley (Austin Butler, seen in particular in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, in the role of Tex Watson) and Parker (played by Tom Hanks) over twenty years, from the singer’s rise to his unrivaled star status, against a backdrop of cultural upheaval and America’s discovery of the end of innocence. In the direction, we will find Baz Luhrmann who should inject his fantasy and his flashy style. The screenplay is co-written by Sam Bromell, Baz Luhrmann, Kelly Marcel and Craig Pearce.


Release scheduled for November 24, 2021

Ultra chic casting (Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino, Jared Leto and Camille Cottin) for this Gucci, directed by Ridley Scott, inspired by The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamor, and Greed written by Sara Gay Forden. The film will return to the assassination of Maurizio Gucci on March 27, 1995, grandson heir to Guccio Gucci, the founder of the famous Italian luxury brand. His future ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani, ordered his murder in order to receive the share of the inheritance that was due to him before Maurizio remarried with Paola Franchi …


Release scheduled for October 27, 2021

The destiny of Simone Veil, her childhood, her political fights, her tragedies … Directed by Olivier Dahan (La Môme, Grace de Monaco), Simone – Le voyage du siècle, worn by Elsa Zylberstein in the main role, is presented as a “epic and intimate portrait“of a woman with an extraordinary career who turned her time upside down by defending a humanist message which is still extremely topical. Rebecca Mader, Elodie Bouchez, Judith Chemla, Olivier Gourmet, Sylvie Testud and Philippe Torreton complete the cast. for a March 2021 release, the film has been postponed until the fall, specifically October 27, 2021.


Coming soon

After having lent her features to Jean Seberg or even JT Leroy, Kristen Stewart is preparing to embody another figure who really existed, and who had great popularity: Lady Diana. Written by Steven Knight, creator and writer of Peaky Blinders, the feature film Spencer will take place over a very short period of time. As in Jackie, another biopic directed by Pablo Larrain, director of Spencer, the choice is made to focus on a specific episode of his life, in this case a weekend in December 1991, during which the wife of Prince Charles, while on vacation with his family in the Sandringham Estate, decides it’s time to end his marriage. Claire Mathon (Césarisé for the photo of Portrait of the young girl on fire) will be the chief operator of the film, whose release should take place in 2022.

Johnny Hallyday

Filming soon

Soon a biopic for “the idol of young people”? Jalil Lespert, new companion of Laetitia Hallyday, should sign the staging of this biographical film dedicated to Johnny Hallyday. In the writing phase, the cast of the film is not yet known. For the record, Olivier Marchal had been associated with a biopic project devoted to the rocker, but this was then denied by Laetitia Hallyday.


Coming soon

Stardust, dedicated to David -Ziggy Stardust- Bowie, began in 1971 when the young British singer left for his first trip to the United States to promote his record. The Man Who Sold the World. With the help of his publicist Rob Oberman of Mercury Records, he imagines the character of Ziggy Stardust, which he will use for the album. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. The singer is played by Johnny Flynn, seen in the film Sils Maria and in the series Lovesick. While waiting for a French release date, a trailer and first photos are already available.

Alice Guy-Blaché

After the documentary Be Natural, the hidden story of Alice Guy-Blaché, the director Pamela B. Green, already at work behind this doc, should soon stage a fictional film (for the moment untitled) on the French Alice Guy-Blaché, the first female director, producer and studio director in the history of cinema. For the anecdote, remember that a TV movie was made in the early 80s, by Caroline Huppert, with Christine Pascal in the role of Alice Guy, under the title She wanted to make cinema.

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Ravel bolero

Filming soon

After bringing Coco Chanel’s life to the screen with Coco before Chanel, Anne Fontaine will take an interest in another personality from the world of the Arts. Since 2017, Anne Fontaine announced to write, with Pierre Trividic, a film freely adapted from the biography Maurice Ravel by Marcel Marnat (Editions Fayard). The feature film, the shooting of which could begin soon, will be devoted to the artist’s life and more precisely to the composition of his best-known work, Le Boléro. In the casting, Swann Arlaud, Virginie Efira and Vicky Krieps are announced.


Release scheduled for August 18, 2021

Initially scheduled for a French theatrical release on December 30, 2020, Respect, a biopic dedicated to Aretha Franklin, is now expected this summer, August 18, 2021. Jennifer Hudson, recently seen in Cats or the Empire series, lends her features to the Queen of Soul. Recall that she had obtained an Oscar for her supporting role in Dreamgirls. The film will revisit several aspects of the artist’s life, from his childhood with a reverend father and civil rights activist to his prolific career as a soul diva.

Going Electric

In filming later

Soon a new biopic on Bob Dylan? After I’m not there directed by Todd Haynes, James Mangold, director of Walk The Line covets Timothée Chalamet to play the famous folk singer for a film called Going Electric. It is expected that he will perform the musician and poet during his transition from folk to rock. The project would have, for the moment, been put on standby due to the Covid crisis, as the chief operator Phedon Papamichael indicated to Collider, last October. James Mangold should prioritize the filming of the new Indiana Jones, which pushes this project to an unknown date.

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