11 things to know about Jeffrey Dahmer, an unsympathetic serial killer

The series to see right now on Netflix is ​​the one about Jeffrey Dahmer, a cannibalistic serial killer among the most creepy killers who have ever lived on this planet. We had already briefly told you about the guy in a few tops, but it seems that the time has come to discuss the Cannibal of Milwaukee a little more extensively. On the other hand, as much to warn you right away, it is not likely to be very happy, so if you are of a sensitive nature, perhaps prefer a more cheerful activity, such as learning the ukulele or making a 3000-piece puzzle. . You can’t say you weren’t warned.

1. Jeffrey Dahmer had 17 victims between 1978 and 1991

This is a very honorable score in the middle of serial killers. Dahmer only killed young men whom he took to bars before taking them home. He started at the age of 18 in 1978, then took a long break before resuming the killings in 1987, more actively this time, until his arrest in 1991.

2. Dahmer had bizarre experiments with his victims

The Milwaukee Cannibal was curious by nature, so he experimented a lot with the unfortunates who came through his apartment door. Overall, Dahmer liked to dismember his victims to keep some parts, even taste some (which earned him his nickname “Cannibal of Milwaukee”), but he went even further. If it’s possible. Convinced that he could transform his victims into zombies, Dahmer drilled into their skulls – while they were still alive – to inject hydrochloric acid into them. On the horror scale, we’re probably at the maximum.

3. From childhood, the type was not well defined

When he was little, the future serial killer had no friends. He would go around the neighborhood looking for dead animals (chelou) that he would bring home to dissect them (still weird). After that, he nailed these corpses to tree trunks (always weird) and even impaled a dog’s head on a big branch (very weird.) In short, we felt that there was something wrong. at the kid’s house. Maybe he should have found a good shrink at that time.

4. Dahmer’s personality changed after surgery

It is said that Jeffrey Dahmer was a happy and energetic little boy until he was 4 years old. Then he underwent surgery for a hernia, and from that moment his personality was not the same. The kid became withdrawn and lonely, which was reinforced when his parents gave him a little brother. We never knew exactly why he turned psychopath, but we have to dig into this period of his life to try to find out.

5. Dahmer was a little (a lot) alcoholic

The guy hasn’t been idle, since he started drinking as a teenager and always walked around with a flask filled with alcohol in his school bag. Then the booze just shut him out everywhere. Jeffrey was studying, but he dropped out because he was an alcoholic. His father sent him to the army, but he was expelled because he was an alcoholic. He ended up in the hospital, but got kicked out because he was an alcoholic. To that, we can add a few fines for drunkenness and dangerous driving, and we get a very chaotic life. So no, it’s not the alcohol alone that made Dahmer monstrous, but it helped to marginalize him and make him dangerous. If he had only drunk herbal teas, maybe he would have been nice.

6. Jeffrey killed men in his grandmother’s house

Since Jeffrey didn’t give a damn about his life, his father sent him to live with his grandmother where he stayed for 6 years. The dad thought that living with the granny would make his son change, but it was useless. Dahmer continued to drink and do weird experiments. His grandmother complained of strange smells and noises coming from the basement, but what she didn’t know was that her grandson had literally killed men in her house.

7. Systemic racism was Dahmer’s best accomplice

Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims were almost all black men, and that’s probably what allowed the killer to go so long without being caught by the police. Law enforcement never investigated black people as much as white people, and that definitely helped Dahmer. One day, cops even let a drugged victim go, who made incoherent remarks, with Jeffrey Dahmer, just because he had told them that everything was fine and that they were together. A few hours later, the victim was dead.

8. In Dahmer’s apartment, it was carnage

On July 22, 1991, Dahmer was arrested thanks to a victim who managed to escape him. The police went to his apartment, and what they found there was just awful. At Dahmer’s, there were pieces of corpses belonging to 11 different people. In the fridge ? A head. In the freezer? Three other heads and a heart. In the bathroom? Bodies in canisters filled with acid. If we add to that a few jars containing genitalia and skulls in the kitchen drawers, we arrive at a rather disgusting and creepy picture.

9. The guy had a high IQ

Reports on his IQ differ, but experts agree that Dahmer was much smarter than average. Psychiatrists have estimated his IQ at around 145, which would put him in the “almost genius” category, but others think he was more around 120, which is already well above ordinary mortals. In short, Dahmer was very smart, and that makes him even more scary after all.

10. Dahmer got 957 years in prison

In 1992, following his trial, Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 957 years in prison, or 17 times the life sentence, for his 17 victims. He had attempted to plead insanity, but psychologists held him fully responsible for his actions. So the pain was well deserved.

11. Jeffrey Dahmer is dead as shit

In prison, Dahmer was not too popular (which we can easily understand), and he was attacked twice by fellow prisoners. The first time was a razor-sharp swipe, but Dahmer got away with it. The second was slamming the barbell in the face while he was washing the gymnasium. There, it didn’t miss: our little serial killer died in the ambulance taking him to the hospital. Well, what’s sad is that suddenly he only served 2 years in prison. It kinda sucks. Here, if you want other stupid deaths of killers, we have a top that talks about it.

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