11 Best Front Hip Tattoo Designs

Front Hip Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and tell a story, and even more so on the front hip area. This placement is both visible and subtle, meaning it can be seen if you want it to be or kept hidden away if that’s your preference.

Front hip tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for all body types, especially for those wanting something timeless and elegant. The front hip area offers plenty of space for those who want a large tattoo as well as more delicate designs that draw the eye.


Floral designs are some of the most classic style tattoos out there; they never go out of fashion! Whether you prefer dainty daisies or bold roses, florals look beautiful on the front hip area. The curves of your body act as the perfect canvas for this type of tattoo design, adding to its dynamic nature when viewed from different angles.

Delicate Line Art

If minimalistic designs are more your thing then tiny line art is an easy way to add some personal flair to your body without going overboard. You can choose from intricate abstract lines or add more meaningful symbols like stars and constellations – depending on what resonates with you best! Even opting for simple straight lines with minimal shading still carries a lot of impact when done correctly.


Watercolor tattoos have been trending ever since their debut in tattoo culture because of their unique characteristics involving vibrant colors, abstract shapes & watery textures – all combined together create an almost painterly result! Take advantage of this trend by placing it at the right angle on your front hip area – you’re sure to get heads turning towards it every chance they get!

Make use of these three trendy ideas when selecting a perfect design that best expresses your personality – a front hip tattoo is sure to make any outfit pop with added character & charm!

Front Hip Tattoo Designs
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Tattoos are forever, so you can’t afford to get the design wrong.

Hip tattoos are extremely versatile. The fun part about having hip tattoos is that you can show them or hide them however and whenever you want.

You can either choose a small body art on your hip or side thigh tattoos which are relatively larger. The similarity between the two is that both look extremely attractive. If you are considering getting a tattoo on your hip, you can choose from a myriad of options like a lion tattoo, a flower tattoo, animal themed tattoos or Roman numerals that hold special meaning in your life. The options are endless! Although the hip is a painful place to get a tattoo, the beauty it adds to your look is worth it.

Symmetric floral tattoo on both hips

Symmetric floral tattoo on both hips
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If you are looking for hip tattoo designs, this body art is incredibly sexy and delicate. Your front hip is a sensitive part of the body, so getting a tattoo there can be painful. Despite this, this tattoo will be worth all the pain. This tattoo will accentuate your hip bone in the most attractive way.

You can either opt for a tattoo on one of your front hips or along each hip muscle. If you opt for both hip tattoos, hire the services of a good tattoo artist to achieve a perfectly symmetrical design on both sides. The best thing about this tattoo is that it looks bold, delicate and feminine at the same time. Adjust the size of the stems, and this design can also pass for a great side thigh tattoo. Pair it with a naval piercing, and you’re ready to go!

Scorpion front hip tattoo

Scorpion front hip tattoo
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Scorpion tattoos are extremely popular and fun hip tattoo options. They hold a wide range of symbolic meanings. Scorpions are deadly creatures. Therefore, a scorpion tattoo could be an emblem of an individual’s hostile characteristics. As they are very venomous arachnids, they require to be treated with caution and respect. When you get a scorpion inked on your skin, know that you are signing up for a bold tattoo. You can either use it as a small tattoo or lengthen it as one of these sexy hip tattoos.

Your small front hip tattoo will definitely be a feast for the eyes as it pops out from your dress waistline. Therefore, we can guarantee that there couldn’t be a better placement for your dark scorpion tattoo! You can get extremely creative with tattooing. You can either adhere to a vector outline or opt for a three-dimensional image of the scorpion. This is undoubtedly one of the best small hip tattoos.

minimalist snake tattoo on front hip

minimalist snake tattoo on front hip
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This is another cute tattoo that will be worth flaunting. This black ink snake design is one of those tattoos that will look sexy on your skin and leave everyone in awe. Snake tattoos have immense meaning for a woman as they symbolize fertility, temptation and power. Therefore, snake tattoos are a perfect amalgamation of feminine attributes and boldness.

If you want your hip Tattoo Design to be minimal then you can opt for this design. If you want a large tattoo on the hip, you can incorporate flowers next to the snake.

Small cute dragon front hip tattoo

Small cute dragon front hip tattoo
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Looking for the best hip tattoos for women? When looking for thigh tattoos animal designs are very popular as tattoos. If you want to keep your Tattoo Design small but majestic, this design might be the best choice for you. This is a small hip tattoo that will look subtle, yet elegant. Dragons are known for their fierce nature. Nevertheless, this tattoo has nothing to do with it. It only depicts an outline of a dragon, flying downwards with its wings outstretched.

It is very cute and tiny and only requires a few taps to complete. You can also choose to add solid or gradient colors, or a shadow effect around the outline to give a three-dimensional effect to the figure. An elongated version of this tattoo will work well as a thigh tattoo!

Lily on the front hip tattoo

Lily on the front hip tattoo
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If you are ready to flaunt a large design on your body, you can opt for this ink design which features lilies hanging from a stem. This is a hip Tattoo Design that not everyone can wear. There are intricate strokes on the petals and leaves which add a three-dimensional shadow effect to the tattoo. If floral tattoos are your thing, this tattoo will definitely serve you.

Feminine, sexy, yet daring, this tattoo will stretch from your stomach to your thighs, skirting your front hip. Fairly large in size, the tattoo will show up whenever you wear a top that is short in length. This will be one of the best front hip tattoo ideas that will channel your femininity in the most appropriate way.

Nightingale hip tattoo

Nightingale hip tattoo
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Are you looking for thigh tattoos that will accentuate the femininity in you? Nightingales are birds that symbolize melody and beauty. They have a wide range of other meanings and are a great tattoo idea. As they are nocturnal, they also signify mysticism and darkness. In some beliefs, dreaming of nightingales is considered a bad omen. They also have a myriad of interpretations in the world of literature.

If you want a hip tattoo that will style your body and make anyone looking at the tattoo wonder about the different possible interpretations, this is going to be one of the most sought after hip tattoos. The placement, designs, intricacy and everything else about this tattoo is outstanding. It will also bring out the femininity in you, and will perfectly highlight your hips.

The tattoo of two butterflies on the front of the hip

The tattoo of two butterflies on the front of the hip
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If you want to get a cool little hip tattoo, this black ink can be used as a great hip or thigh tattoo for girls. Butterflies are a very common tattoo subject for women who want to get hip tattoos. A butterfly can symbolize the alteration of one’s life, luck, rebirth, nervousness or freedom.

Different cultures also have different meanings for these images. For example, Russian culture refers to butterflies as representations of grandmothers or women, and Greek culture associates butterflies with the soul. The design of two flying butterflies on the hip can be associated with the Chinese belief that two flying butterflies are a symbol of love. It is a great design to have on your body. You can opt for black and white or colored butterflies, the choice is yours.

Seahorse small hip tattoo

Seahorse small hip tattoo
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Like all other creatures depicted in a tattoo, seahorses also have multiple meanings. In Celtic culture, seahorses symbolize courage, power, luck, charms, etc. They also signify calm, wisdom, harmony, knowledge, balance, creativity, and new beginnings. These are some of the main reasons why people love to have seahorse designs inked on their bodies.

Seahorses are not usually used as hip tattoos. If you are planning to get a tattoo of this on your hip, more power to you! A small seahorse tattoo on the hip will be an emblem of your creativity, power, wisdom or courage. You can either opt for a small design that will stick to your hip or make it larger so that the tattoo completely engulfs your hip and thigh. Just be a little tolerant of pain and don’t slip away in the middle of the tattoo process while getting that thigh tattoo!

Simple small rosehip tattoo

Simple small rosehip tattoo
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It can be a great first tattoo. You don’t have to be very fond of roses to get this tattoo. It has an elegant appearance and looks very feminine and sexy on your hip bone. Small and delicate, this tattoo is ideal for women who want to have minimalist ink designs on their skin.

You don’t have to limit the meaning of this tattoo to just one phrase. Once you get this hip tattoo, express it however you want. Like roses, this tattoo will also become timeless. Flowers, anyway, are always a popular choice among women when it comes to hip and thigh tattoos. You can also choose to make it colorful.

Minimalist mushroom hip tattoo

Minimalist mushroom hip tattoo
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It is a very delicate tattoo on the front of the hip which is mesmerizing to look at. If you’re looking forward to one of those sleek, minimalist hip tattoo placements, this mushroom tattoo is definitely worth a shot! Curved lines will accentuate the curve along your hip bones. The best thing about this tattoo is that it looks like it was done on the hip in a single stroke.

Feminine Hip Tattoo Designs For the Front of Your Hip

Hip tattoos are an excellent way to show your femininity. From small and delicate designs, to bold and large – there’s sure to be the perfect fit for both your body and style!

When selecting a hip tattoo design, one of the most crucial factors to consider is where it will go. This is especially true for front of hip areas like upper thigh and back; thus, make sure your design looks fantastic there as well.

Here are a few options for the front of your hip:

1. Birds and Animals

Lions, phoenixes, and dragons are all stunning animal designs that would look amazing as a hip tattoo. They symbolize courage, strength, wisdom – making them ideal choices for the hip area due to their regal appearance.

2. Hearts and Butterflies

A heart is a timeless symbol of love, looking beautiful when inked on your hip. Get creative with this design by creating your own unique shape and selecting colors and fonts that best express your individual style.

3. Flowers and Floral Designs

Floral designs are another popular option for hip tattoos. There is a wide selection of different flowers, each with its own special meaning and symbolism, so it’s easy to find one that suits you perfectly.

4. Leaves and Petals

Leaves are another popular design that looks beautiful on the hip, offering their soft shape and delicate texture. A floral leaf can create an exquisite effect against skin, making them a particularly feminine choice for women.

5. Luminosity

Looking for a tattoo that expresses your positive attitude? Look no further than this bright and colorful design – sure to turn heads wherever you go!

6. Dragons and Phoenixes

A dragon or phoenix tattoo can be an excellent choice for a hip tattoo as they symbolize transformation and new beginnings – making them especially powerful symbols for those going through difficult times. On the other hand, their shape on the hip makes them particularly suitable for someone ready to move into their next stage in life; thus making them ideal candidates for such tattoos.

7. Mandala Tattoos

Mandala tattoos are incredibly intricate and can be done in any color or style, making them the perfect choice for body types and personalities. Their circular shape makes them fit comfortably on the hip, adding a nice touch to your body art design. Mandalas make great additions to any tattoo collection!

8. Elephants

If you’re a huge fan of elephants, then this hip tattoo is ideal for you. It can be inked horizontally across your thigh and back, or be small and detailed and placed directly on the hip bone.

9. Butterflys and leaves

Butterflies are a popular choice for front hip tattoos due to their versatility; they can be engraved in various styles and patterns to represent beauty, freedom, and evolution with serene simplicity or stunning intricacy. Combining it with leaves adds an extra layer of symbolism, representing life and protection. Whether you choose a realistic or abstract style, this combination makes for a stunning hip tattoo!

10. Tribal designs

Tribal designs are among the most popular tattoos in the world. They are perfect for those who want to show off their tribal heritage or simply embrace their inner warrior. From abstract symbols to detailed figures, tribal tattoos look stunning when placed on the hip area. Whether you choose something subtle or bold, a tribal design is sure to stand out.

11. Mandalas

A mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the universe and has been used in many cultures for centuries as a form of meditation. Mandalas offer a sense of balance and inner peace, making them a beautiful choice for hip tattoos. They look great in both abstract and realistic styles and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.

12. Floral designs

Floral designs are timeless classics that never go out of style. From roses to poppies to lotuses, flowers are symbols of beauty and life. They look great on the hip area and can be a source of inspiration for anyone looking to add a little bit of color to their ink collection. Whether you choose something subtle or bold, floral designs are sure to make a statement.

13. Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is a type of art that uses mathematical equations to create symmetrical shapes and patterns. These intricate designs are believed to be symbols of spirituality, harmony, and energy. They look great when incorporated into hip tattoos, as they can be tailored to the wearer’s own personal style. Plus, they’ll always hold a special meaning for anyone who sees them. So if you’re looking for something special and meaningful, consider a sacred geometry design.

14. Nature Scenes

Nature scenes are another popular choice when it comes to hip tattoos. These designs can feature landscapes with mountains, forests, rivers, or beach scenes. They are a great way to show your appreciation for the outdoors and can be customized with a variety of colors or elements that reflect your own personal style and interests. Nature tattoos are often filled with spiritual symbolism, making them a meaningful option for anyone looking to wear their faith on their sleeve.

15. Chinese Symbols

Chinese symbols make great hip tattoos, as they can add an exotic edge to any design. These symbols can include characters for words in the Chinese language, or may feature an image of a dragon or other mythical creature. It’s important to be sure that you get the correct translation of any Chinese symbol you choose, as these symbols often have multiple meanings and subtle nuances that must be taken into account when selecting the right design.

16. Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is another popular option for hip tattoos. This type of design incorporates geometric shapes, such as circles and triangles, to create a beautiful symmetrical pattern. These designs often have spiritual significance and can be used to represent various faiths or beliefs. Many people also choose these types of tattoos because they look aesthetically pleasing.

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