11 Best Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo Designs

Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo: Boruto is a popular manga and anime series that follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki’s son, Boruto. In the series, Boruto gains a powerful tattoo known as the Karma Seal. The Karma Seal gives Boruto immense power, but it also comes with a heavy price.

The tattoo slowly eats away at Boruto’s soul, corrupting his body and mind. Boruto is eventually able to overcome the seal’s power, but it leaves him with some serious physical and mental scars. Despite its dangers, the Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo is a popular design among fans of the series. It is often seen as a symbol of Boruto’s strength and determination, and many people view it as a cool and stylish tattoo.

Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo

Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo
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Boruto Uzumaki is the son of a renowned ninja war hero and Hokage, Naruto. Initially presented as a weak character who resorted to low tactics in order to capture his father’s attention, he was swiftly chastised by his own father and barred from participating in the Chunin Exam. Undeterred by intense discipline, Boruto continued to strive towards greatness and eventually tapped into something extraordinary—reaching an ability previously unknown to him or his father. His mysterious power had the potential to be incredibly powerful even without relying on Jutsu with its presence deeply embedded within a strange yet beautiful mark that appeared on his body. The sheer power of this ability surpassed any comprehension held by Naruto or anyone else in their world, proving Boruto’s worth time and time again—most notably when fighting against the evil Jigen whose formidable strength seemed unstoppable until Boruto activated and unleashed his unique skill set via this empowering tattoo design.

If you want to carve a stylish Boruto tattoo as a sign of love for the series, we have the top ten tattoos you can’t miss.

Boruto Uzumaki Karma Seal Tattoo

Boruto Uzumaki Karma Seal Tattoo
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If you are looking for a Boruto tattoo with a seal of karma, this is the one for you. This tattoo has neat details of the position of the karma seal on Boruto’s body. The artist has captured a remarkably detailed authentication of the anime as well as the manga. A truly perfect war face of Boruto with a nice short sword in his right hand has been captured here. Honestly, nothing could be more badass than this tattoo.

If you want to show your total love for Boruto then this tattoo is perfect for you.

Colorful Kawaki Karma seal tattoo

Colorful Kawaki Karma seal tattoo
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For Boruto fans, nothing can catch the eye better than a colorful karma seal tattoo of the famous Kawaki. This tattoo reflects Kawaki’s toughness just like the anime. This tattoo has a colorful image of the transformed Kawaki with such details, which are second to none. If you look at this tattoo, you can see a horn on Kawaki’s head, which is the perfect color, like the karma seal on Kawaki’s hand. The fire-like red thing around Kawaki is his chakra, or we can say aura, which is also perfectly colored.

If you don’t want to regret choosing the wrong tattoo, nothing can replace that tattoo for you. And so, it could be a perfect sign to show your passion for Boruto.

Kawaki Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo

Kawaki Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo
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An otaku always loves the bond between friendly rivals. And if you are a true Boruto fan, then I’m sure you haven’t missed Boruto and Kawaki’s special rival bond. That is exactly what this particular tattoo reflects without leaving anything behind. At a glance, you can see the exciting war faces of the two renowned shinobi, Boruto and Kawaki. Boruto is shown as if making a sign with his karma fully awakened, while Kawaki was portrayed as fierce as he is.

There couldn’t be anything more breathtaking than getting these two legends tattooed together, so if you want to participate, we suggest you go.

Boruto-Naruto Karma seal and sage tattoo

Boruto-Naruto Karma seal and sage tattoo
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In anime, the bond between father and son has always proven to be special, and Boruto is no exception either. This Boruto and Naruto tattoo is definitely eye-catching. The tattoo is drawn on the hand with half of Boruto’s face with his Karma seal on it and half of Naruto’s sage mode face. This tattoo is truly unique due to the similar looks of father and son. And this tattoo definitely has every detail of both characters. The different eyes of the two characters are also very well captured.

If you want to let anime fans know that you haven’t forgotten about Naruto and still look up to his legacy, then this tattoo featuring the sequel series protagonist is a perfect choice for you.

Colored Jigen Karma seal tattoo

Colored Jigen Karma seal tattoo
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The most shocking thing that happens in Boruto is when Jigen defeats the two powerful shinobi, Naruto and Sasuke. Without a doubt, Jigen is the strongest villain shown so far. This tattoo reflects Jigen’s true colorful wickedness. This tattoo is on the side of the neck, which means that people can no longer ignore the true beauty of this art, and neither can your clothes hide it. This tattoo definitely looks better than the manga because it is more realistic. The horns and devilish face with blue eyes are simply irresistible.

If you love villains then this tattoo is perfect for you because none of the villains can be more mesmerizing than Jigen.

Karma seal hand tattoo

Karma seal hand tattoo
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One of Boruto’s most appealing things to his fans is the Karma Seal. This is the authentic replica of the seal of karma tattoo. It is carved in dark black, which is the true color of the karma seal. The tattoo fits perfectly on the hand, which is the most important part of this tattoo. But thanks to the talented tattoo artist, it was beautifully captured without sparing any detail. If you are crazy about Boruto, none other than this tattoo can replace your temper.

Creative Colorful Karma Seal Sharingan and Rinnegan Tattoo

Creative Colorful Karma Seal Sharingan and Rinnegan Tattoo
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This tattoo represents the fusion of Boruto and Naruto. The Karma Seal is from the Boruto series, but Sharingan and Rinnegan are from Naruto. As Naruto and Sasuke are still pivotal characters in Boruto, this creative tattoo reminds us of that. Rinnegan and Sharingan are perfectly balanced and drawn with the karma tattoo, which totally deserves the word “creative”. The color is so well matched and it will shine on anyone’s hand.

If you still miss Naruto, and that’s why you watch Boruto, we would definitely recommend this tattoo as the perfect reminder.

Kawaki’s full body with Karma Seal tattoo

Kawaki's full body with Karma Seal tattoo
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You have to agree that Kawaki has a different aura than the rest of the characters. This tattoo shows us exactly that, Kawaki’s body with a sword on his back and his elegant cloth with his Karma seal embedded on his hand as well as his face is drawn here. This tattoo suits the hand perfectly and totally enhances the look.

If you are not a risk taker and want to carve out a tattoo that you don’t want to regret, then this tattoo is perfect for you.

Half Body Kawaki Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo

Half Body Kawaki Boruto Karma Seal Tattoo
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The amazing brotherhood of rivals Boruto and Kawaki with their seal of karma is drawn here. Only the part of the karma seal of the two characters is colored, which is the positive side of this tattoo. This half colored tattoo is just perfect and focuses more on the seal of karma.

If you are looking for a beautiful not so black and white tattoo, then you have definitely found the perfect match.

Manga Tattoo Kawaki

Manga Tattoo Kawaki
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Manga Tattoo Kawaki are a fun and unique way to express yourself through your skin. Manga tattoos feature bold lines, vibrant colors and memorable characters from popular Manga comic books such as Naruto, One Piece and Deathnote.

These Manga tattoos capture the exciting action, drama and adventure of the original Manga series. Manga Tattoo Kawaki designs can be personalized with special symbols, artwork or quotes that are meaningful to you. Whether you want to honor your favorite Manga series or showcase your individual style, Manga Tattoo Kawaki offers an amazing tattoo design that you’ll be proud to show off for years to come.


Ultimately, if you like Boruto and his Karma Seal design, then consider getting it incorporated into a tattoo of your own. With so many variants to consider, there’s something to fit just about any style and aesthetic. Each idea offers something unique that celebrates the motivating force and power of karma.

Having one of these popular designs will never fail to spark conversation or admiration when it’s noticed. So if you are looking for a meaningful new tattoo design with a magical twist, you should definitely check out the various incarnations of Boruto’s Karma Seal idea! Get more tattoo designs now and see which ones inspire your creativity!


  1. What is the Boruto Karma Seal?

The Boruto Karma Seal is a special marking that appears on the bodies of certain characters in the Naruto/Boruto franchise. It is a mysterious power that grants the user enhanced abilities and can be passed on from person to person through physical contact.

  1. Why would someone get a Boruto Karma Seal tattoo?

Fans of the Naruto/Boruto franchise may choose to get a Boruto Karma Seal tattoo as a way to show their love and appreciation for the series. Additionally, the Karma Seal design itself can be visually striking and aesthetically pleasing, making it a popular choice for tattoo enthusiasts.

  1. What are some common design elements of Boruto Karma Seal tattoos?

Boruto Karma Seal tattoos typically feature the distinctive pattern of the Karma Seal itself, which resembles a stylized diamond shape with intricate markings inside. The tattoo may be rendered in black ink or colored ink, and may be accompanied by other design elements such as flames, lightning bolts, or other symbols associated with the Naruto/Boruto universe.

  1. Are there any specific guidelines or recommendations for getting a Boruto Karma Seal tattoo?

As with any tattoo, it is important to carefully research the artist and ensure that they are experienced and reputable. It may also be a good idea to consult with the artist about the placement and size of the tattoo to ensure that it will look its best and be comfortable for the wearer. Additionally, fans of the series may want to consider incorporating their favorite characters or symbols from the Naruto/Boruto universe into the design of the tattoo.

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