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Maybe it’s someone who takes care of your grooming, shaving balms, beard wax and all. But no matter who you are, a good hairstyle that suits us is not so easy to find. We explore many haircuts and we haven’t found the perfect cut yet. But maybe you haven’t tried the right one yet? So here comes the low fade, a sophisticated and cool trim that is suitable for work and casual environments. Although finding new hairstyles can be a long process that not many people have time for. So, to make it easier for you, here is our list of 101 low fade haircuts for men. From a low fade with a layered haircut to a short back and sides, we’ll show you amazing low fade haircuts for men.

Low fade with side part

Low fade with side part
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The low fade with a side part is an elegant look that will be ideal for styling. Grab some wax and explore some styles and you can achieve a look straight out of Grease. But maybe you’ll work it much better than John Travolta and co.

Low taper fade and loops

Low taper fade and loops
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A tapered haircut is one of the most recognizable and iconic styles in the hairdressing world. It has stuck around for so long due to its timeless look, clean style, and versatile appearance. With curly locks to go with it, you can take this look to another level.

Low Fading Faux Hawk

Low fading faux hawk
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The low fade faux hawk is a hairstyle you probably haven’t seen in a while now. Most popular on sunny beaches, this classic play on the mohawk is always a cool way to wear the low fade.

Modern Fake Hawk with low burst.

Modern fake hawk with low burst.
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Discoloration and separation of the skin with spiky hair

Discoloration and separation of the skin with spiky hair
@hannah skelly via unsplash

This spiked style will grab attention and give you a sharp, edgy look. The low fade gives this haircut a clean finish and could be just the look you have been looking for.

Messy Crew Cut Low Fade

Messy crew cut low fade
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This look is easy to pull off, as it’s a common request for most barbers, and it complements any head shape. The name of the crew cup can be traced back to the Ivy League varsity rowing teams.

Dreads with low fade

Dreads with low fade
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Dreads are a great natural and cool way to give your hair a unique look. By using 1 of 3 methods, you can achieve that awesome look. If you’re interested, you should probably read our 7 secret tips for growing dreads. With a low fade, this look can be amazing and change with hair growth.

Combover with Low Fade

Combover with low fade
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The combover is a classic look that will stand the test of time. The low fade helps the look look much cleaner. With a nice trimmed beard, this look will look great.

low fade mohawk

Low fade mohawk
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As we talked about earlier, we said that the faux hawk is a rare but popular hairstyle. Now the mohawk is a classic that has always been part of the world. This mohawk looks amazing and is the perfect casual hairstyle.

So this list of 101 low fade hairstyles is sure to give you a haircut you can run with for the rest of 2018. This list is home to some of the greatest low fade haircuts of recent years and you should definitely consider one for yourself. Be experimental with your haircut and try something new.

Our top 5 modern hairstyles on the list are:

  1. Low Fade Caesar Cut
  2. Smoothed low fade
  3. Buzzcut with low fade
  4. Low Fade Textured High Top
  5. Low Fade Pompadour

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