100% Wolf: why such a success for this animated film?

Released in our dark rooms this Wednesday, October 28, the 100% wolf animated film won at the end of its first day of operation at the Box Office with 36,439 spectators. A nice success stopped dead because of the confinement.

Alexs Stadermann’s animated film, 100% Loup was released in our cinemas on October 28th. Halted by the confinement and closure of cinemas, the feature film made the best start on the day of Wednesday 28 with 36,439 spectators. In just 2 days of operation, the film distributed by Alba Films became the 3rd best start of the year for an animated film.

A nice success for this family adventure which tells the adventures of Freddy Lupine, a little boy whose family has been hiding a great secret for centuries. By day, they are ordinary humans. But as soon as night falls, they become werewolves! On the evening of his 14th birthday, Freddy expects to transform into a werewolf for the first time. But nothing goes as planned and here he becomes… a cute little poodle with a strong character. Freddy now has only one goal: to demonstrate that he is indeed 100% Wolf.

AlloCiné spoke with Nicolas Rihet, CEO of Alba Films.

AlloCiné: The movie 100% Wolf had the best start on the day of October 28 despite the sanitary conditions. Did you expect such success?

Nicolas Rihet: We always hope to get the best score and we have worked a lot to release the film in the best conditions, the results are a little above our estimates. Given the context, we were cautious despite the good numbers of the previews the previous Sunday.

100 Wolf why such a success for this animated film

Alba Films

Why do you think the film is so popular?

This cocktail mixing comedy, adventure and a fantastic universe is very attractive for the youngest and the werewolf theme was perfect for Halloween.

The quality of the animation and the positive values ​​offered in the film are additional assets.

We are delighted with this acquisition from Studio 100, recognized worldwide for its productions (Maya l’Abeille, Vic le Viking)

From what age can we see it?

The film is very accessible and can be seen from 5 years old.

“We were in the best week of attendance since the reopening.”

This success proves that there is a real desire for parents to return to theaters to bring the magic of cinema to children, right?

Since June 22, the public keeps coming back to the cinema and we were during these holidays, in the best attendance week since the reopening.

It is thanks to a range of varied and high-quality films that appealed to all audiences, but indeed, children’s films have particularly “performed”.

What do you plan for the future of the operation of 100% Wolf? Will the feature film be released as soon as the cinemas reopen?

With 61,103 admissions in just two days, we will obviously be there when theaters reopen.

Do you anticipate a new closing of the rooms?

Anything is possible, we remain optimistic in spite of everything and hope that the theaters will reopen at Christmas.

What will be the consequences of this new closure for Alba films? Economically, will the aid promised by the government help save the furniture?

It’s very difficult for an independent like us. We will continue to prepare for the future and we will do our best to support theaters as we have since June 22 with the release of five films. It is vital that the containment does not last too long.

As regards aid, for an independent company which distributes foreign films in particular, it is for the moment non-existent. Discussions are underway with the public authorities to positively change this situation.