100 Best Short Hair Styles & Short Haircuts for Women in 2023

30 Short Hairstyles And Haircuts For Women


While long hair may have a reputation for versatility, short hair has just as much styling potential! From a classic bob and lob to choppy pixie cuts, layered looks, and brilliant braids, short hairstyles do it all – and there’s one to suit everybody. If you’re ready to take the plunge and chop it all off, keep reading for some serious hair inspiration.


1. Short Layered Curly Hair

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Layers are a perfect match for short curly hair, particularly if it’s on the thicker side. The different hair lengths work with the natural movement, texture, and bounce of curls. At the same time, layers break up the ‘mass’ of curly hair and give it a subtle, flattering structure. The final result is a soft, casual, yet chic haircut with a retro ’70s vibe.


Short Layered Curly Hair.


2. Braided Side With Natural Short Hair

Braids add personality and unique touch to any hairstyle, particularly if your hair is short. For ladies with short natural hair, braiding the sides creates a striking visual contrast with your loose curls. It’s also less time-consuming than cornrowing all your hair. At the same time – depending on the final effect you want – your stylist may not need to add any braiding hair to create the look.


Braided Side


3. Short Messy Spikes

Short, messy, spiky hair isn’t just for the guys – it also looks great on women. For best results, the same rules apply, too. The key is to make sure your spikes aren’t too structured or stiff. Instead, go for a tousled, textured look with all the angles and volume, but without the rigid, ‘crispy’ look that using too much product can create. The result is a modern, chic, and androgynous look that works for every occasion.


Short Messy Spikes


4. Short Crimped Hair

Crimping is one of the biggest hair trends of the year, and it looks amazing on short hair. Even ladies with a pixie cut can get in on the crimping action! The best type of crimped hairstyle for shorter hair is ‘accent’ crimps – that is, creating mini, kinky crimped sections that fall around your face rather than trying to crimp all your hair. Not only is it quick and low-maintenance, but the hairstyle also has a throwback ’80s vibe.


Short Crimped Hair


5. Short Shag Haircut

One of the coolest haircuts of all time – the shag – is back in all its glory. Perfect for those who love an edgy, ’70s-inspired look, the shag haircut is all about attitude. Designed for shorter hair lengths, the shag is a great way to add more body and volume to your hair. Plus, it can be adapted to suit your face shape depending on where the layers end and if you want to add a fringe.


Short Shag Haircut


6. Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Inverted bob haircuts involve cutting hair on an angle so that the back section is shorter than the front. This creates a cool graduated effect that always turns heads. One of the most popular and visually striking inverted haircuts is a short-stacked inverted bob. Also called an A-line stacked bob, this cut has sharper angles than other inverted styles. It is a bold choice for ladies who want to stand out from the crowd while still looking chic, polished, and professional.


Short Stacked Inverted Bob Hairstyle


7. Mohawk

Want to show off your edgy, punk side? You can’t go past a mohawk. To adapt the classic style for modern times, soften the central section by using less product. Instead of a rigid, pointy mass, style your hair into upright waves and curls for a stylish undone effect. Meanwhile, instead of skin-shaving the side sections, buzz them short. This creates an overall result that’s more unique and less ‘costume-y.’




8. Dutch Braid With Ponytail

It’s a common misconception that you need long hair to create amazing braided hairstyles. However, they look just as good on shorter hair lengths, such as a lob. One of the most striking options for short hair is adding a Dutch braid element. Draw attention to your hair by braiding the central section, then create contrast by smoothing the other sections into a sleek ponytail.

Dutch Braid With Ponytail


9. Micro Bowl Cut

The term ‘bowl cut’ might make you think of the hilariously awkward kids’ haircut from the ’80s and ’90s. However, it’s come a long way since then! The modern bowl cut for women is much shorter, creating a micro-bangs effect. Bold, unique, and low-maintenance, a micro bowl cut is a great option if you want an alternative to the classic pixie cut.

Micro Bowl Cut

10. Dutch Braid Pigtails

Dutch braid pigtails – also known as double Dutch braids – are a cool and stylish option for short hair, especially if you are growing out bangs. Because all your hair is woven into the plaits, you won’t have any pesky strands in your face. For that same reason, Dutch braid pigtails are ideal for when you want to show off statement make-up and earrings. At home on the catwalk and in the gym, Dutch braid pigtails are a versatile hairstyle for short hair.


Dutch Braid For Short Hair


11. Short Ponytail Hairstyle

While short hair isn’t long enough to create a classic mid- or high-ponytail, a low ponytail is a great option. Chic and sophisticated, the look hinges on creating lots of movement and texture. Leave some smaller sections loose at the front to frame your face, then pull the rest of your hair back into the ponytail. To avoid looking too severe, build up some volume at the crown with sea salt spray or texturizing spray.


Short Ponytail Hairstyle


12. Messy Bowl Cut

For the bold types, a messy bowl cut is a great statement look for short hair. Cool and quirky, it’s a hairstyle that stands out and attracts attention. Because it is such a bold choice, you can pair it with more avant-garde and eccentric make-up elements – like a glitter lip or graphic eye look. Ladies who love to express their offbeat and artistic side should consider a messy bowl cut.


Messy Bowl Cut


13. Short Layered Haircut for Fine Hair

One of the challenges for short fine hair is looking thin and wispy. To create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, have your stylist add choppy layers. The different hair lengths create more dimension and movement, drawing the eye towards your hair’s ends rather than the fine roots, where thinning is most noticeable. Pair the short layered cut with a mix of highlights and lowlights to create an even more dynamic look.

Short Layered Haircut For Fine Hair


14. Temple Shave Pixie

It’s all about attitude with the temple shave pixie cut, which suits bold ladies with a dramatic flair and those who prefer the androgynous look. It marries an undercut effect with asymmetric side bangs to create a statement hairstyle that defies expectations. The angle of the bangs makes it a particularly flattering cut for heart-shaped faces. Alternatively, ask your stylist to cut the pixie a little shorter and style it without the bangs.


Temple Shave Pixie


15. Loose Braids Platinum Blonde Short Hair

Going platinum blonde can worsen split ends and dryness, which is why hairstylists often recommend losing a few inches after you bleach your locks. A short platinum blonde haircut looks striking and is bound to grab attention – and you can make it stand out even more by adding loose braids. Try a side-to-side crown braid or plait the side sections for an undercut effect.


Loose Braids Platinum Blonde Short Hair


16. Fine Short Hair Updo

It can be tricky to style fine short hair; however, one of the best options is a twisted updo. Not only is the hairstyle pretty and playful, but it’s also straightforward to do. Spritz through some texturizing spray to give your hair some extra grip, then divide into two sections and twist into low mini buns. Use clear elastics or bobby pins to secure the buns in place. Add hairspray to hold everything in place, as fine hair tends to ‘fall out’ of styles more quickly than thick hair.


Thin Short Hair Updo


17. Buzz Cut

For those who want the boldest take on short hair, there’s nothing like a full buzz cut. Cool, chic, and low-maintenance, the buzz cut is perfect for confident ladies who aren’t afraid to take risks and stand out. Before getting a buzz cut, it’s important to consider your face shape, head shape, and features. A buzz cut tends to exaggerate strong features and add definition to soft ones. To predict how a buzzcut will look on you, tie your hair in a tight ponytail and take photos of your profile.


Buzz Cut


18. Tomboy Haircut

If you prefer a more fuss-free approach to hair, then the tomboy haircut may be just what you’re looking for. Edgy and easy to style, the appeal of this look is its simplicity. It can make a statement without effort and looks particularly striking if dyed a bold shade like bleached blonde or platinum.


Tomboy Haircut


19. Pixie With Short Bangs

If you are ready to cut your hair short but want a look that will complement your facial symmetry and create a balance, then a pixie with short bangs is a perfect choice. Bangs are popular because they can highlight your features and draw attention to your face. They also add volume and help to achieve a stylish and fun appearance. The pixie cut has been popular for decades, loved because of its low maintenance and edgy appearance.


Pixie With Short Bangs


20. Curly Pixie with Bangs

The fantastic thing about the pixie cut is that it is incredibly versatile and can be recreated with various hair textures and types. This is great if you are blessed with naturally curly hair, as the short cut will accentuate your locks. Opting for bangs can frame the face but also create a messy and soft look. This is also a fantastic way to keep your curls in check, avoiding the hassle of having to spend time detangling them.


Curly Pixie With Bangs


21. Long Pixie Cut

A long pixie cut is perfect for a woman who wants a fresh new look but still wants to keep some length. It can have a very feminine appearance and frame your face, but it is still quick and easy to style. The added length also gives you more versatility in terms of styling. It is an excellent choice for someone who has never had short hair before as it is not as dramatic as a short pixie or tomboy haircut.


Long Pixie Cut


22. Layered Bob

Layered bobs are incredibly flattering and will suit most hair types. It is a popular choice because the layers frame the face, and women of all ages can wear it. The layers help add movement and texture and will work well on medium and fine hair. Fantastic for creating fullness; this is a hairstyle that does require some styling but is gorgeous.


Layered Bob


23. Voluminous Bob

The bob haircut is a popular choice for women because of its versatility. It is relatively low maintenance and can be adapted in many ways to suit your face shape and hair type. If you love big hair, then embrace the voluminous bob. It is all about movement and will make your hair look healthy and full. Undeniably one of the most glamorous looks you will find, this style will get you noticed and draw attention to your face. It can also soften your features.


Volumous Bob


24. Angled Pixie Cut

What is not to love about the pixie cut? The beauty of this fuss-free short style is that it can be adapted to suit your face shape, hair type, and texture. An angled pixie cut is an excellent choice for someone who wants a look that makes a statement, and the way the hair falls draws attention to one side of your face. This can help balance your features and soften your face, but it can also say a lot about your personality. Keep it sleek and straight for an edgy appearance, or tousled for a more carefree approach.


Pixie With Angled Undercut


25. Pink Bob with Bangs

A pink bob with bangs is the perfect look to express yourself and show off your personality. The bob is a classic because it looks fresh and can be adapted to suit your style, making it modern. Wearing it with bangs draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones and makes a stylish finish. Deciding to dye your hair a bold color will highlight your cut and hair texture, but it also allows you to show off your playful side. Pink is a color associated with femininity and love. Wear it with confidence and enjoy the attention that is bound to come your way.


Pink Bob With Bangs


26. Feathered Pixie Cut

Deciding on a feathered pixie cut will give your hair dimension and make it appear thicker and fuller. Feathering is a technique used to give your hair texture with fine layers; named this way because they resemble a bird’s feathers. Depending on your chosen cut, it can be modified and adapted, but it is a fantastic option for women with fine hair who want a chic, fashion-forward appearance.


Feathered Pixie Cut


27. Wavy Short Bob with Bangs

The fantastic thing about wavy hair is that it is a texture that can be adapted to suit many different cuts, but it also has movement and dimension to it. If you are blessed with naturally wavy hair and are looking for a modern haircut, then a short bob with bangs is great. It is bold, draws attention to your face, and can have a soft and feminine appearance making it look like you have just stepped off the beach. Keeping your hair short is less maintenance and will drastically reduce grooming and style time.


Wavy Short Bob With Bangs


28. Short Bob with Nape Design

If you want a trendy and fashion-forward cut, look no further than a short bob with a nape design. The bob is a versatile style, suiting many hair textures and face shapes, but you can really make it personal by opting for a nape undercut. The small shaved area at the top of the neck makes your look interesting and edgy. It also creates a contrast between your hair and the neck, highlighting your natural texture.


Short Bob With Nape Design


29. Graduated Bob

A graduated bob appears longer at the front and features a tapered back and stacked layers, making the back of your hair more voluminous. It can be created on various hair lengths and textures but tends to stand out on straight hair as it enhances the dimension of the cut. To make your look more interesting, opt for pretty natural highlights. This is a flattering and feminine option for any woman.


Graduated Bob


30. Side Parted Bob with Hair Barrette

Hair barrettes were first popular in the 80s, but they are enjoying a resurgence of popularity because they are one of the prettiest accessories you will find. There are many ways to wear it, including pulling the hair away from your face in a side-parted bob. This is a stylish look that is flattering because it can soften your face and creates a very feminine appearance. Play around with different hair barrettes to find one that best suits your style.


Side Parted Bob With Hair Barrette


31. A-Line Haircut

An A-line haircut gets its name because it is longer in the front and shorter in the back. The transition between these two lengths is gradual and makes a stylish taper toward the face. The way the hair falls along your chin and towards your shoulders makes for a very chic and modern look, and this is the perfect option for a woman who wants to try out short hair without opting for something super short. It is less daring, but it is no less gorgeous.


Short A Line Haircut


32. Platinum Blonde Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is a look that is the same length all the way around the head. It was popularized in the 80s but now has a modern twist. It is more adaptable and can be paired with disconnected sides for an edgy look or created in bold hair colors. Platinum blonde is undeniably one of the most noticeable hair colors. It makes an instant statement and is bound to get your hair noticed. If you have naturally textured hair, your appearance will be slightly messy, creating soft waves.


Platinum Blonde Bowl Cut


33. Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle

An asymmetrical short hairstyle is shorter on one side and longer on the other. This creates a very cool and edgy appearance, which draws the eye towards your jawline and eyes. It can be flattering and youthful but can also make your face appear thinner. The layers through the cut can create movement. That said, this look does take some styling time, and you may have to readjust if the hair is falling in your eyes. However, the overall effect is incredibly attractive. Pair your look with bold accessories and interesting eye makeup for a more dramatic finish.


Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle


34. Green Pixie

The pixie cut is one of the most versatile short hairstyles around. Many women love it because it is so adaptable, and it can be created on many different hair colors and textures. For someone who is daring and edgy, opting for green dye is a wonderful way to make a statement and tell the world that you are a risk-taker. Green is associated with nature and growth, but it is also a rich color that is hair to miss and can show off your personality. For an even more edgy appearance, pair your pixie cut with an undercut or a semi-shaved hairstyle.


Green Pixie


35. Blunt Bob

If you want to take the plunge and cut your hair, but you are not ready for it to be very short, then a nice in-between option is a blunt bob. The fantastic thing about this option is that it can emphasize the cheekbones and the jaw. It has a very sophisticated appearance but is incredibly versatile and can be adjusted to suit your preference and hair type. Blunt haircuts are low maintenance and can give you a bold appearance.


Blunt Bob


36. Pixie with Angled Undercut

The pixie cut looks daring and edgy when paired with an angled undercut. It has a rebellious vibe and can create an interesting contrast with the hair on the top of your head and the shaved underside. This can highlight your natural texture and make it appear more voluminous. The undercut can also flatter your face shape and elongate it if created at an angular finish. Play around with different lengths and partings to find the look that suits you best.


Pixie With Angled Undercut


37. Wedge Haircut

The wedge haircut is so simple yet unmissable. The interesting shape that is created because of the length of layers makes the hair appear like it is stacked or wedged. This style can be created on multiple hair lengths and textures, but you can work with your hairstylist to find the perfect option for you. That said, for the most flattering appearance, it helps if your hair is longer than the chin.


Wedge Haircut


38. Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

A bob and bangs are a combination that should go hand-in-hand because they are so effortlessly stylish. The bob can be worn on women of all ages and makes thin hair appear thicker and fuller. Bangs are fantastic because they can make you appear younger, add volume to your hair, and highlight your features, but opting for wispy bangs can create a more seamless transition with the rest of your hair. This can be created on all textures, including wavy and straight.


Short Bob With Wispy Bangs


39. Pixie Cut with Bleached Hair at the Top

Bleached hair is hard to miss, but that is part of the appeal. Bleaching can be drying and damaging, but it can also create a very stylish and modern appearance and helps to make your hair appear thicker and fuller. The benefit of having short hair, like a pixie cut, is that the bleaching process is actually much faster and simpler; the heat from the scalp helps to speed it up. Because of the dryness and breakage involved with bleaching, your hair can be kept in better condition if it is shorter. Deciding to bleach the top of your hair and leaving the rest your natural color creates a stunning contrast.


Pixie Cut With Bleached Hair At The Top


40. Lilac Bob

What is not to love about the bob? It adds volume to your hair, makes you appear youthful, slims your face, and highlights your features. The only thing that could be better then is if you adapt the classic look to suit your personality and style, and what better way to do this than with a bold shade. Lilac is a color that is incredibly versatile and will look good at any time of the year. Unlike other bright colors, it also has a coolness and softness to it.


Lilac Bob


41. Tousled Bob

The appeal of a tousled bob is its disheveled, messy appearance. This creates softness and can beautifully highlight your features and frame your face. The cut needs to have layers to achieve this appearance, and it also helps if your hair is naturally textured. You can create this look on various hair textures and lengths, but if you want a more fuss-free and laid-back approach, short hair is the way to go.


Tousled Bob


42. Blue Pixie with Undercut

If you want to give your pixie cut an edge, you can do it with an undercut. The beauty of the undercut is that it creates an interesting contrast between the hair on the top of your head and the shaved sides. It has a rebellious feel to it but can also highlight the volume and texture of your hair. That said, if you want an even more daring look, then dying your hair a bright color is a fantastic way to express yourself. Blue hair demands attention. There are many shades to choose from, from eclectic neon and teals to more muted tones and many coloring techniques. For an icy and cool approach, pair blue hair with silver or platinum locks.


Blue Pixie With Undercut


43. E-Girl Rainbow Bob

E-girl style is one of the biggest trends of 2020, and brightly-colored, eye-catching hair is an e-girl must-have. An all-over hue like pink or green will give you the standard e-girl look – but a rainbow bob takes it to the next level. A shorter haircut means your locks will take less time to dye and give you the edginess that the e-girl look demands – rather than long rainbow hair, which can veer into ‘princess’ or ‘mermaid’ territory.


E Girl Rainbow Hair


44. Short Yarn Braids

Yarn braids are a great alternative to traditional braiding hair. They are considered a protective style as the 100 percent acrylic yarn protects your natural hair from the elements. Plus, they are also stylish and versatile, coming in a rainbow of different colors. Short yarn braids can be plaited to create a wavy, freeform, almost-dreadlock look, or they can be braided flat for a bob or lob-style effect.


Short Yarn Braids


45. Curly Short Hair Updo

When it comes to styling short curly hair into an updo, it’s best to work with your hair’s natural texture and movement rather than fighting it. One beautiful and simple option is to twist your locks into a messy chignon, leaving some tendrils free to frame your face. Add romantic and feminine accessories, such as ribbons, flowers, or pearls, for extra style points.


Curly Short Hair Updo


46. Short Knotless Braids

Box braids are one of the most iconic hair looks, and it’s no wonder. Simultaneously cool, edgy, and pretty, these braids also have an on-trend ’90s vibe. Short box braids create a gorgeous ‘lob’ effect that flatters many different face shapes. Meanwhile, knotless box braids are becoming more and more popular. While a little more time consuming and expensive than regular box braids, the knotless technique puts less tension on your scalp and does less damage to your natural hair.


Short Knotless Braids


47. Short Slick Bridal Hairstyle

There are few better hairstyles for the modern, minimalist bride than a short, slick pixie cut. Instead of traditional bridal hairstyles, the look takes its cues from ’60s fashion icons like Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg. It’s an ideal choice if you want to show off your wedding jewelry, such as a pair of statement earrings. However, bear in mind that you won’t be able to attach a traditional veil – instead, consider a fascinator or hat, or go without any headwear at all.

Short Slick Bridal Hairstyle


48. Side-Swept Pixie

The pixie haircut is truly iconic and suits women of all ages. Pixie cuts are a versatile option for short hair. Not only do they always attract attention, but they are also low-maintenance and easy to style. They can be playful or sophisticated, romantic, or casual. A side-swept pixie cut flatters heart-shaped and square faces and is also a great way to add more dimension and direction to fine hair.


Side-Swept Pixie


49. Elegant Short Hair Updo

Short hair often needs minimal styling, but it can be fun to create a pretty, sophisticated hairstyle for a formal event or romantic date. Similar to a ponytail, the key to an elegant short hair updo is in the positioning. Avoid styles that require you to pull your hair up to the crown of your head. Instead, opt for a low bun or low braided style and add beautiful hair accessories, such as pearls or ribbons, for a gorgeous finishing touch.


Elegant Short Hair Updo


50. Short Tribal Twists

Short twists, like short box braids, create a flattering ‘lob’ effect on natural hair. Take your two-strand twists to the next level by adding a tribal element. Classic options like metal or wooden beads and cowrie shells pay tribute to culture and tradition while also making your twists stand out. You can customize your combination of tribal accessories to suit your unique style.


Short Tribal Twists

51. Short Bob With Green Highlights

Green is a big color trend for hair because of its unique, alternative appeal. Made popular by stars like Billie Eilish and the e-girl trend, green hair can be adapted to suit various skin tones. Because it’s such a strong color, a little goes a long way – meaning it’s ideal for short hair. If you have a bob, you can get away with an all-over green look – whereas longer hair is better off with green roots or highlights.


Short Bob With Green Highlights


52. Short-Twists

For ladies with natural hair, short twists are an amazing hairstyle. Perfect for when you are growing out a buzz cut or just had the ‘big chop,’ these mini versions of a two-strand twist create a cool yet cute look. As your hair grows longer, you can create a flattering lob effect with twists. Plus, as a protective style, they won’t damage your hair and can be left in for days or weeks – meaning they’re low-maintenance, too.


Short Twists


53. Wedding Updo for Short Hair

Whether you’re the bride, guest, or bridesmaid, choosing the perfect hairstyle for a wedding is essential. An updo is a classic option because it draws the focus towards your dress and jewelry.  An elegant and romantic loose chignon is perfect for such a special occasion, and you can easily create one with short hair. Simultaneously polished and sophisticated without looking stuffy or overly ‘done,’ a loose chignon is a great option. Plus, you can add hair accessories or a veil with ease.


Updo For Wedding

54. Geometric Short Afro Style

Make your short Afro stand out by having your stylist create a geometrically shaped cut. Cool and modern, shaped Afros turn heads in the best way. For that reason, this cut is perfect for confident women with a strong sense of style, who are happy to be the center of attention. While you could opt for an ’80s throwback flat top or stepped cut, a triangle or wave-effect Afro is another great geometric option.


Geometric Style


55. Short Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair is one of the hottest trends of the year. Combining golden blonde with a pinkish-copper tint rose gold hair suits a wide variety of skin tones and always stands out from the crowd. If you’re thinking of shaking up your color as well as your hair length, give a short rose gold look a try. As it’s a bold color choice, pair your rose gold hue with an equally cool cut – think a bowl cut or choppy baby bangs.

Short Rose Gold Hair


56. Short Bob with Curtain Bangs

The bob haircut is a timeless classic for women’s hairstyles and remains a favorite because of its versatility. It looks great on women of all ages and can easily be adapted to suit your hair texture and type. If you want to add a modern twist, you can pair it with curtain bangs. This fringe can be created on hair of every length, type, and cut. Pairing a short bob with curtain bangs is exceptionally stylish and can frame your face. This fringe will highlight your features, but it also helps achieve a more youthful appearance and add a feminine touch to shorter hair.


Short Curtains For Women


57. Half Green, Half Pink Short Hair

Short hair is surprisingly versatile, and there is little that you cannot do with it. It also is excellent for those who want to experiment with color, as there is less to dye, making the process cheaper and less time-consuming. The split-dye trend is common among alternative types and lends itself well to the E-girl aesthetic, which is incredibly popular on TikTok. The half green and half pink look are bright and bold, drawing attention to your face. It takes some serious confidence to pull off and will make you stand out of the crowd, but this is a fantastic way to express yourself and show the fun side of your personality. For a matchy-matchy look, you can experiment with your makeup, choosing the same shade to make a striking appearance.


Half Green, Half Pink Short Hair For Women


58. Short Blunt Bangs

Bangs are one of the best ways to transform your look. They can make even the most straightforward hairstyle more attractive. Plus, bangs are an excellent way to draw attention to your face and highlight your eyes. They can also make your face appear slimmer or longer. Blunt bangs, in particular, are great, and they are cut across the face, creating a chic and feminine look. They can be incredibly flattering and make you look younger; the way they fall across the forehead can also hide signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles.


Short Blunt Bangs For Women


59. Short Ponytail Hairstyle

The ponytail is one of the most simple and versatile updos a woman can create. It requires little skill, minimal styling, and it is easy to dress up or down. The style also works with hair of all lengths and textures and can suit every face shape. Plus, a short ponytail can be an excellent way to flatter your cut and change up your look. For the best results, you should keep it loose and undone. This is also a great way to keep the hair out of your face and off your neck. Perfect for date nights, the gym, or even for more formal occasions, there is nowhere you cannot wear your ponytail hairstyle.


Short Ponytail For Women


60. Pixie with Balayage

The pixie cut is one of the most versatile and flattering haircuts a woman can choose. It is defined by short hair cropped in layers, and is slightly longer on top, and features bangs. The pixie is highly adaptable and can be changed to suit your hair texture and face shape. It can also be worn on hair of all colors. That said, if you want a simple and natural hairstyle, opt for a balayage hair color. The coloring technique is a blending of color in a more graduated way and is a gorgeous, subtle approach to adding color to the hair. It can help achieve a sun-kissed appearance, brighten your locks and add dimension.


Pixie With Balayage


61. Viking-inspired Short Hair

The Vikings are remembered for being fearsome warriors and plunders, but they have also inspired many people with their appearance. They are known for their tattooed skin and interesting hairstyles, and if you want something bold and fierce, this could be the option for you. An excellent choice for short hair is a braided part that features along the side of the head. You can leave the hair longer on the top and pair it with an undercut or shaved sides for an edgy finish. This option takes confidence to pull off, but it also allows you to express yourself and have a lot of fun with your hair.


Viking Inspired Short Hair For Women1


62. Bright Pink Bowl Cut

The bowl cut features hair that is relatively the same length throughout and has a straight fringe. The cut can be created on different hair textures but tends to be the most striking with straight hair; curlier hair will produce a softer finish. It is a cut that can be created in all colors and help achieve a fashion-forward and cool appearance. Bright pink is one of the most popular shades to choose from because it is bold and fun. It is a happy color to look at and a universally flattering shade that will suit most women. This look will bring you a lot of attention, so be sure to wear it with confidence.


Bright Pink Bowl Cut For Women


63. Dark Blue Short Hair

If you are a woman who wants to experiment with colored hair but doesn’t want to go too bold or bright, then a great way to do this is to dye your hair dark blue. The shade is easier to wear than some lighter hues because it is not as dramatic, especially if your hair is naturally dark. The deep color can give your haircut a modern update and tends to be flattering on most skin tones. That said, dying your hair any color that makes a style statement will require a change in your makeup because you do not want to appear washed out. Try out various lipstick shades and experiment with eyeshadows that best suit your preference and complement your new hair.


Dark Blue Short Hair For Women


64. Short Layered Cut for Thick Hair

If you are a woman with thick hair, you may want to keep it short because it is easier to wear and much more manageable. A layered cut is also a fantastic choice because it removes weight from the hair but still allows movement. Opt for layers around the face to highlight your features. Add highlights throughout for dimension and to make your hair appear lighter and brighter.


Short Layered Cut For Thick Hair For Women1


65. Short Bantu Knots on Natural Hair

Bantu knots are a protective style that can be traced back to the Zulu tribes in South Africa. They are a look that can be worn with pride because of their ancestral and cultural association. In addition, they can be styled on the hair of various textures and lengths. If you have short hair, Bantu knots will leave you with a simple yet stylish look. It is a fantastic option for natural hair, helping it grow and giving it a break from heat styling, which can help achieve stronger locks. Although you will not get much length with these knots, it is more traditional and subtle.


Short Bantu Knots On Natural Hair For Women


66. Curly Hair with Temple Shave

Curly hair is one of the best textures because it can lend itself well to many different looks, and for those who want an edgy and cool hairstyle, a temple shave is precisely what you have been searching for. The haircut features a shaved section on the side of the head, while the rest of the hair is kept longer. This creates an excellent finish but also an interesting contrast. The temple shave can also be adapted to suit your hair texture and personal preference, making no two look the same. The style is androgynous and a great way to show the world you have confidence and attitude.


Curly Hair With Temple Shave For Women


67. Short Haircut for Older Women

Older women may be drawn to a short haircut because it is versatile and stylish. In addition, shorter hair is a lot less maintenance and is easy to style. There are many options to choose from, including the timeless classics like a pixie cut or a brushed back look that is simple and chic. Work with your hairstyle to find a look that best suits your features and complements your hair texture. There is also no need to dye your hair, although there is no shame if that is what you want. Embrace your natural gray or white hair, and keep it in its best possible condition with a blue shampoo.
Short Haircut For Older Women


68. Blue Curly Mohawk

What is not to love about a curly mohawk? Mohawks are edgy and cool and have a rebellious feel to them. Traditionally, they are shaved on the sides with a long strip down the center of the hair, but these days they are adapted to suit various hair textures and your personal preference. Shaved sides provide less contrast, and naturally textured hair, like curly locks, creates a softer appearance. To make it even more daring, you can add a bright color to your hair, like blue. Blue hair is a favorite of celebs and fashion icons, and there are many different hues to choose from. Regardless of if you opt for neon or a more washed-out color, this is a wonderful way to have fun with your hair and express your playful side.


Blue Curly Mohawk For Women


69. Light Pink Feathered Short Hair

Light pink feathered short hair is a style that is eye-catching yet simple and easy to style. Feathered hair refers to the technique used to cut your hair, which uses delicate layers and can add texture and volume. Wearing this cut with a bright color will highlight it even more. Pink is a hair color that has been trendy for quite some time. This is because it is feminine and can give an androgynous hairstyle a more girly touch. It is also a happy color, bringing joy to you and brightening your mood. Plus, light pink hair is surprisingly versatile and will suit most women.


Light Pink Feathered Short Hair For Women


70. Bob with Wispy Bangs

The bob haircut is a stylish hairstyle that can make your hair look thicker, healthier and make you appear youthful. It can be worn by women of all ages and adapted to suit your hair texture, face shape, and preference. A bob with wispy bangs is a fantastic choice for those who want a soft and pretty haircut. The bangs can draw attention to the face, but they are low-maintenance and require less styling time than many other fringes. Wispy bangs are also a great way to try out a fringe before committing to something thicker and fuller.


Bob With Wispy Bangs For Women


71. Spiky Short Hair

Spiky short hair has a decidedly 90s feel, but it is trending again because of how cool and textured the look can be. This is a fantastic choice for a woman who wants to have some fun with her hair and achieve a look with interesting angles and volume. Unlike the spiky hair of the past, which used too much product and produced spikes that were structured, a more modern update sees hair looking softer and more stylish. You can draw even more attention to your tips by opting for bold or light-colored hair, like platinum blond or bright pink.


Spiky Short Hair


72. Short Punk Hairstyle

Short hair is not boring and can be styled in various ways, allowing you to express yourself and show that you are an individual. A short punk hairstyle is one look that lets you have fun and will ensure you stand out. This should be all about volume, with spiky hair on the top, paired with shaved sides and dyed in bright and bold colors. That said, there is also a softer, more modern approach, which sees you having fun with height and texture, but more subtly. The important thing is to wear your hair with confidence.


Short Punk Hairstyle For Women


73. Short Hair with Hard Part

If you want an androgynous style that is also simple and polished, then short hair with a hard part is the way to go. A hard part can be a great addition to any haircut and helps achieve a structured and professional appearance. The hard part can be worn with many cuts, including fades and quiffs, which help play up the contrast. It can also be created on various hair textures and will suit most face shapes. That said, a hard part can be quite high maintenance, requiring regular trips to the barber to ensure that it stays looking sharp and precise.


Short Hair With Hard Part For Women


74. Fluffy Pixie Cut on Natural Hair

The pixie cut is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women because it is so versatile. It can be adapted to suit all hair types, and you can play around with different fringes, colors, and other elements to make your look your own. Fluffy hair is one of the best textures because it is voluminous and soft, giving your hair dimension and making it appear healthy and full. You can create it with heat styling, such as the use of rollers or blow-drying. Opting for a slightly messy and unstructured appearance helps to achieve a more relaxed aesthetic.


Fluffy Pixie Cut On Natural Hair For Women


75. Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Fine hair can benefit from layers because they help create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. The bob haircut is one of the most versatile hairstyles and can be worn by women of various hair textures and types and adapted to suit women of all ages and face shapes. Layering can also add dimension, shape, and movement and draw the eye towards the end of the hair. You may also wish to add highlights or balayage to the ends of the hair to create depth and brighten your appearance, giving a softer and more feminine finish.


Layered Bob For Fine Hair For Women


76. Shaved Hair with Hair Design

Hair design is a fantastic way to express yourself and show the world your fun side. There is no right or wrong option when choosing what is best for you, and this is all about letting your personality shine. If you are going to opt for bright colors or unique patterns, then be prepared for people to look at your hair and enjoy the attention. From statement fades to interesting artwork like animal prints and bright colors, this is an eye-catching and edgy option perfect for a woman who wants to change her appearance. It can also be youthful. Leave the hair on top longer, with the sides shaved, to create a contrast.


Shaved Hair With Hair Design


77. Edgy Vibrant Platinum Blonde Short Hair

Platinum blonde hair is one of the best colors for any woman to rock; it suits most skin tones, especially those with a warmish, neutral color, and complements all eye colors. Plus, it adds brightness to your appearance and is bound to draw attention to your face, regardless of your hairstyle. The hue can also make your cut more noticeable, especially appealing if you have picked something interesting or edgy. There are some downsides to the color, though. It does tend to be damaging, especially if you have naturally dark hair, and you need to take care to minimize this by using nourishing products and treatments. The color can also be costly, a lengthy process, and will require regular touch-ups.


Edgy Vibrant Platinum Blonde Short Hair For Women1


78. Bob with Middle Part

The bob is effortless to wear and so versatile. Women of all hair textures can wear it, and with the right layering, it can also be worn by those with fine or thick hair. The cut can also be adapted to suit fringes and different partings. If you want a parting that will draw attention to your face, the middle parting is a fantastic option. It is also practical and easy to style, keeping the hair out of your face and requiring very little maintenance. The middle part can balance your features but will not suit everyone and is best on those with ​​symmetrical face shapes; the right face shape can rock a middle part! It can also make you look youthful and chic.


Bob With Middle Part


79. Glamorous Retro Chic Hairstyle

Retro hairstyles have something incredibly chic about them. These looks are often big and bold, creating volume and highlighting your facial features. A glamorous hairstyle could be anything from large waves to dreamy curls and could have side-swept bangs or face-framing layers to highlight your eyes and cheekbones. You can find a look that best suits your hair texture and face shape, but one of the most attractive options would be to channel Marilyn Monroe with tight tousled curls. This iconic look is ultra-feminine and seductive.


Glamorous Retro Chic Hairstyle


80. Simple Updo for Short Hair

You cannot create elaborate updos with short hair, but sometimes less is more. A simple updo can look elegant and chic and just what you need for a special event or work function. Wearing the hair up lends itself well to formal occasions, creating a more polished appearance, but you can also opt for an undone approach for a more relaxed aesthetic. Ideally, it would be best if your hair fell just below your chin, or longer, as this gives you more versatility. With shorter hair, you can opt for a crown braid, a half-up, half-down style, or a low bun.


Simple Updo For Short Hair For Women


81. Bright Green Straight Across Bangs

Straight across bangs are a great addition to your short hairstyle because they will draw attention to your face. The style can also be flattering to oval and heart-shaped faces. Do you know what else will turn heads? Bright green hair. The hue will highlight your cut, draw attention to your face, and show the world you are a woman who is not afraid to have fun and take risks. Dying your hair such a noticeable color takes confidence to pull off, but it is also surprisingly flattering, suiting most skin tones. This is a fun way to change up your look, and the color is not permanent. Green is also associated with life and rejuvenation.


Bright Green Straight Across Bangs For Women


82. Short Orange Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is another timeless classic. It first gained popularity in the 70s and was loved by fashion icons and musicians because it is edgy and cool. It is defined by the choppy layered finish, which gives it volume and texture. This haircut is surprisingly versatile and can be adapted to suit hair of all textures and most face shapes. You can also play around with proportions and your fringe, opting for something long or simple and subtle. There are many variations, which is why this cut is a firm favorite. For those who like to be noticed, opting for orange hair is a daring choice. A short orange shag haircut will make a statement and demand attention. Pair it with bold lipstick for a matchy-matchy finish that will also highlight your lips.


Short Orange Shag Haircut For Women1


83. Tight Curly Afro

Afro hairstyles are a symbol of strength and power and should be worn with pride. Embracing your natural texture and opting to wear it in a big and bold hairstyle is empowering. Afros can be worn long or short, but tight curls, which feature small twisted ringlets and tend to be kinky, make for a fantastic choice. They are voluminous but can be prone to dryness and frizz, so wearing them short is more than stylish; it is practical. Shorter styles will also reduce style time.


Tight Curly Afro For Women


84. Vintage-Inspired Short Hair

Some of the most memorable things about the past decades are the hairstyles and fashion choices associated with them, and vintage-inspired short hair is a fantastic choice for a woman who wants a look that is gorgeous and ladylike. There are many great options for shorter hair, including finger waves, tousled or angular bobs, and victory rolls. These looks can all be adapted to make them more modern and to work with your hair texture. There is something special about these styles, and they are perfect for special events and formal occasions. Pair your hair with winged eyeliner and a neutral lip or red lipstick for a more bold option.


Vintage Inspired Short Hair For Women


85. Short Pinned Up Curls

The rockabilly style is a great one, and it is all about expressing your femininity and love of fashion. The hairstyles are some of the most fun and effortlessly cool looks around, specifically the pinned-up curls. This look is easier to achieve with hair that has some length, but not too long as that would require a strong-hold product and would be weighty. It is a fantastic summer updo, perfect when paired with a bandana or silk scarf, which gives it even more personality. The retro aesthetic is glamorous and girly, and you can play around with different ways to wear your hair. Some may want to keep it simple, while others want to make a statement with brightly colored curls.


Short Pinned Up Curls For Women


86. Short Hair with Curly Fringe

Short hair with a fringe can look great, and it is especially striking on those with naturally textured hair. Curly fringes are full of volume and can instantly make a statement, drawing the eyes to your face and highlighting your best features. The fringe, paired with the short backs and sides, produces a striking contrast. This is also an excellent way to show off your curl pattern while keeping your hair short and easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about detangling the rest of your locks but can enjoy the way the curls fall around your face. There is also a softness to a curly fringe, making for a gorgeous, feminine look.


Short Hair With Curly Fringe For Women


87. Slicked-Back Platinum Blond Hair

Platinum blond hair is undeniably one of the most gorgeous colors. It is bold, bright, and demands attention, making even the most basic haircut appear chicer. The hair color can be challenging to maintain and time-consuming, and expensive to get, but many women find the finished result is well worth the effort. If you want a stunning look that you can wear anywhere, including formal occasions, then slick your hair back. The slicked-back look can highlight your features, especially your cheekbones and eyes. It also has a sophisticated feel. Use a wet gel or pomade to achieve the hold you need and give it a glossy finish.


Slicked Back Platinum Blond Hair For Women


88. Gothic Chic-Inspired Short Hairstyle

Black hair, pale skin, and deep red lipstick. Is there any better or more sultry combination? If you want a very feminine yet gothic chic look, this can be achieved with black hair. The color is one of the most striking because it can suit all skin tones and makes your hair appear in better condition. Unlike lighter hues, black can mask any signs of damage and split ends. Having short hair is practical but can also be incredibly feminine, especially when you style your look with a bold shade of lipstick. The contrast is daring and sexy.


Gothic Chic Inspired Short Hairstyle For Women


89. Voluminous Short Natural Hair

Embracing your natural hair and taking a break from heat styling or braids is a wonderful choice. It allows you to show off your hair texture and wear it with pride. It can also be healthy for your hair, giving it a break. There are many styles to choose from, but keeping it short not only makes it easy to manage, but it can also be surprisingly versatile. For example, you can add some volume to your locks by styling them upward at the front. This is a subtle yet excellent option for any woman and will draw attention to your face.


Voluminous Short Natural Hair For Women


90. Bold Curtain Bangs On Short Blond Hair

The curtain hairstyle is one of the most popular cuts in recent years because it is stylish and flattering. Curtain bangs can be adapted to suit several hair textures, lengths, and cuts. The way the bangs fall around the face can also frame them and help highlight your features and give you a youthful appearance. On short hair, it can also have a feminine touch. Curtains on short hair look great, and you can choose a soft, wispy fringe or make it bold and dramatic. The choice is yours, so have fun with your look and find the option that best suits your hair type and personality.


Bold Curtain Hairstyle On Short Blond Hair For Women


91. Bowl Cut with Black Hair

The bowl cut is a short hairstyle with relatively the same length all around the head, and it features a short fringe. It was a popular style in the 80s but remains relevant today because there are many ways to adapt it to suit your preference. That could be with different hair textures, lengths, or by embracing color. You can also make it much shorter than the classic approach, opting for a micro fringe which gives your look a modern twist. If you want your bowl cut to stand out, then black hair is the way to go. Black is such a striking hue and can make your hair appear in better condition as it hides any sign of damage.


Bowl Cut With Black Hair For Women


92. Fashion Forward Short Hair

Artistic hair allows you to experiment and have fun. It is for the woman who desires to stand out from the crowd and wants a different but cool look. There are many ways to create something individual like this, allowing you to play around with proportions and details. With short hair, you have less freedom than longer locks, but it is also easier to wear. Opt for a slicked-back look to draw attention to your face, and leave the hair at your forehead longer so you can create an interesting, fashion-forward fringe.


Fashion Forward Short Hair For Women


93. Glamorous 1920s Short Hairstyle

The 20s brought us gorgeous fashion and hairstyles, and the decade continues to inspire us today. There is something incredibly glamorous and feminine about many of the styles to emerge from the era, including short looks that are fun and practical. One such look is the finger waves, which style the hair into S-shaped movements and create a voluminous look. It can draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones and is incredibly flattering on women of all ages. The hairstyle requires a lot of hairsprays, but if cared for correctly, it can last several days.


Glamorous 1920s Hair For Women


94. Heavily Textured Blond Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are cut straight across the head, and it is a look that will transform your appearance. It can be a hard fringe to pull off, requiring regular trips to the hairdresser for touch-ups, but there is no denying that it makes for an edgy and cool look. You also don’t need to have long hair to rock these bangs. It can also be adapted to suit various hair types. Typically these bangs can work best with straight hair; however, textured hair creates an interesting and more laid-back appearance, which softens the cut. The cut also looks fantastic on hair that is not thin or fine. It is lovely for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.


Textured Blond Blunt Bangs For Women


95. Short Hairstyle with Dramatic Fringe

Although fringes can be hard work to style and maintain, there are many pros to them. This includes transforming your appearance, highlighting your facial features, and making you look younger. Some women prefer a simple and classic fringe, but pick a short hairstyle with a dramatic fringe if you want a look that makes a statement. This option is all about volume and adds movement to your otherwise short hair. It creates an interesting contrast between the long fringe and the short back and sides and gives your hair a feminine touch. The downside is that you may have to regularly retouch your hair to avoid getting it in your eyes. It may not suit more corporate environments or workplaces with a very strict dress and grooming code.


Short Hairstyle With Dramatic Fringe For Women


96. Elegant Updo on Natural Hair

Natural hair is gorgeous, and it can be styled in many different ways, including an updo. Wearing the hair up and away from the face can draw attention to your features. It can also be very elegant and is perfect for more formal occasions. The beauty of natural hair is that it is stronger because you do not have to use chemicals or relaxers, which can cause hair damage. Leaving it natural can also facilitate hair growth. Pair your look with a gorgeous shade of deep red lipstick for a seductive finish.


Elegant Updo On Natural Hair For Women


97. Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Sharp Point

The asymmetrical hairstyle can be adapted to suit many hair lengths and textures, but keeping it short helps create sharper angles. This is great for someone who wants a look that will add dimension to their appearance and will draw attention to the jawline and eyes. Depending on how dramatic you choose to style your hair, it could be flattering and youthful, making your face appear slimmer. It can also be a way to express your fun side, although you probably don’t want to wear it to the workplace if you work in an environment with very traditional views on what a woman’s hair should look like. There is the option to keep your asymmetrical style simple and subtle or make a statement.


Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Sharp Point For Women


98. Mini Afro Hairstyle

You do not need long hair for an afro hairstyle, and a mini afro can make just as much of a statement. Wearing your hair in an afro is a beautiful way to show off your curls but can also be worn with pride. In general, afros are not that much maintenance, although the smaller version is less and is not prone to breakage. It is easy to style at home, and you won’t need to spend hours getting your hair braided or relaxed. If you want a stylish and cool look, this is that. But remember, it is important to regularly use hair masks and conditioners to keep your hair looking its best.


Mini Afro Hairstyle For Women


99. ​​High Volume Fringe on Short Hair

Fringes are great because women of all ages can wear them. They also work on hair of various lengths and textures and can be added to almost any style. If you want hair that makes a big statement, consider a high-volume fringe, which will draw attention to your face. The height can be achieved by backcombing and using wax or pomade. Working with naturally textured hair makes this look much easier to achieve, so it is, therefore, best suited to curly or wavy hair. Although it will require some maintenance and a good few minutes every morning for style time, the result is impressive.


High Volume Fringe on Short Hair For Women


100. Curly Beehive On Short Hair

Who doesn’t want a hairstyle that is full of volume? You don’t have to have super long hair for it to be big and bold; this curly beehive on short hair is the retro look of your dreams. It helps to achieve this look on shoulder-length hair, and you will need to backcomb or tease it for the best results. You can channel the 60s with this fun style that offers a lot of volume at the crown of the head and face-framing bangs. The bangs add a softness to the look, and the curly texture makes it easier to achieve volume. Another pro is that you can sleep with your hair like this; take care to wrap it in a silk scarf. This reduces style time in the morning.


Curly Beehive On Short Hair For Women



What hairstyle is best for short hair?

The best hairstyles for short hair are ones that incorporate movement, texture, and drama. The beauty of short hair is that it is versatile and easy to style – in fact, very simple short hairstyles such as spiky hair or a short up ‘do are some of the most popular and flattering hairstyles.

What is the hairstyle for 2022?

The e-girl trend has been one of the biggest in 2022, which makes e-girl hairstyles such as rainbow bobs and highlighted lobs some of the most popular this year.

Does short hair make you look older or younger?

Short hair can make you look both older and younger, depending on your facial features. While there is a stereotype that women tend to opt for shorter haircuts as they age, a short cut can also give you a childlike, elfin look. Short hairstyles such as crimped hair or a rainbow bob may also make you look younger.


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