10 tips to help Ukrainians, each at their own level

With the conflict in Ukraine currently unfolding, you probably want to do something to help Ukrainians who are living in a just inhumane situation. Of course, not everyone can welcome a refugee into their home, and not everyone can afford to make huge donations, but there are always solutions so that everyone, at their level, can support the victims of the war. We have therefore made a small non-exhaustive list of organizations to which you can donate if you want to help Ukrainians. And as we do not forget that there are also refugees from other countries at war who still need help, know that some points on this list allow you to support all refugees in need.

1. Donate to the Red Cross

The Red Cross has been recognized for more than 150 years for its work in protecting victims of conflicts around the world. Aid to Ukrainians is therefore part of its missions, and that is why the International Committee of the Red Cross has launched an appeal for donations in recent days. By making an online donation on its website or a donation by check, you will finance enough to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of the Ukrainian population (food, access to drinking water, health care, etc.). Whatever amount you can afford to donate will be very helpful. Essential, even.

For donations by check, it is payable to “La Croix-Rouge française – Conflit Ukraine 2022” to be sent to the address Croix-Rouge française, CS 20011 – 59895 Lille cedex 9.

2. Donate to Unicef

Unicef ​​is the UN agency dedicated to the protection of children around the world. And in this war in Ukraine, as in most conflicts, children are particularly affected. Many have had to migrate and find themselves in difficult conditions, not to mention that schools have been destroyed in the bombardments. Donations to UNICEF therefore make it possible to finance access to drinking water, health and hygiene kits for children, but also the distribution of school supplies or access to psychological support. You can donate online on the Unicef ​​website.

3. Donate to Secours Populaire

Secours Populaire assists people who are victims of precariousness in France and around the world. Its action therefore includes helping victims of conflict, and that is why the organization has launched an appeal for donations for Ukrainians. By making an online donation, you will therefore particularly help people who had to leave everything they had behind to find refuge in Poland and Moldova.

4. Donate to Doctors Without Borders

As its name suggests, the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières provides health assistance to populations that are victims of armed conflicts, epidemics or natural disasters. In Ukraine, it is doing everything possible to bring medical equipment into the country in order to create care posts for the direct victims of the fighting, and it is also providing assistance to refugees in Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. You can make a donation on the Médecins Sans Frontières website.

5. Donate to CARE

The NGO Care has joined forces with the People In Need association to organize distributions of food, water, hygiene kits, mattresses and sleeping bags to Ukrainian refugees. You can make a donation on the CARE France website.

6. Donate to the United Nations Refugee Agency

This UN program specializes in helping refugees from all over the world. It protects refugees and helps them rebuild their lives. A donation “emergency Ukraine” has been opened on the website of the Agency for Refugees, but you can also make a donation by check payable to “UNHCR – The United Nations Agency for Refugees” to be sent to address UNHCR – The United Nations Refugee Agency, 226 boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris.

7. Make a donation to the Fondation de France

The Fondation de France usually acts on many fronts (integration, environment, medical research, education, culture, training, etc.), but the organization has launched a specific appeal for donations for Ukraine in recent days. The money raised will be used to support associations based in Poland and Romania that help refugees. You can make a donation on the Fondation de France website.

8. Make a material donation via the Association of Mayors of France

The Association of Mayors of France has shared a list of collection locations to collect material donations for Ukrainians. The most useful goods you can donate are essentially basic necessities (blankets, clothes, water, non-perishable food, etc.). If you don’t know what to give, you can find a list here with lots of examples of useful donations.

9. Welcoming refugees

If you want to welcome a Ukrainian refugee and provide him with a roof for the duration of his stay in France, you must now contact the prefecture of your department. It is she who will give you all the steps to take and will take care of the organization.

10. Become a volunteer

The government has set up a platform on which you can offer accommodation but also your services as a volunteer, to do translation, fundraising or even support refugees in their integration. If you want to give your time to help, this is where it happens.

And don’t forget, every donation counts (and cash donations can be partly tax deductible, it’s important to know that).

Sources: Service-Public, Sud-Ouest, FranceBleu.

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