10 soundtracks to listen to find a smile: Le Gendarme, Le Roi Roi

10 musiques de film à écouter pour retrouver le sourire : Le Gendarme, Le Roi Lion...

10 soundtracks to listen to find a smile: Le Gendarme, Le Roi Roi

Is containment complicated? Is the depression starting to take hold? From “Gendarme gets married” to “The Melody of Happiness” via “The Lion King”, here are 10 film scores that should give you back the fishing.

Walt Disney Animation Studios


Composed by Richard Rodgers, performed by Julie Andrews

To reassure the children of the Von Trapp family against the thundering storm, Maria has the solution: enumerate in music, like so many notes on a score, the little things of everyday life that inevitably make her smile again. Carried by the harmonious voice of Julie Andrews and punctuated by the unmistakable melody of Richard Rodgers, this song (in OV, My Favorite Things) is probably the most joyful of The Melody of Happiness. But we also recommend the others for a double dose of good humor!


Composed by Elton John, performed by Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella

How to cheer up a lion cub who has just lost his father, his native land, and who almost died crossing the desert? Impossible mission ? Not for Timon and Pumbaa, who with sticky (but appetizing) insects, loud belching and especially jazzy rhythms, will take on the task of redrawing a smile on Simba’s face.


Composed by Nacio Herb Brown, performed by Gene Kelly

What if we agreed that this melody is quite simply the most catchy, the most joyful and the most joyful in the history of cinema? In the middle of a film that we recommend you to (re) discover in its entirety to cheer up, Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) falls madly in love with Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds). And even the downpour that literally floods the street he walks on his way home fails to make him want to smile, dance, sing in the rain. A scene which, beyond its luminous virtues, participated in forging the seventh art.


Composed by Raymond Lefèvre

Remember this name: Raymond Lefèvre. Almost exclusively dedicated to films staging Louis de Funès throughout his career, this gentleman has a superpower: that of bringing joy to music. We owe him in particular the soundtracks of 6 Gendarmes, La Soupe aux choux, or Jo. So many melodies that immerse us instantly in childhood, on the road to vacation, so many scores capable of lightening any burden in a few notes, a few brass instruments, a few cicadas.


Composed and performed by Chuck Berry

In 1955, at the Féerie Dansante des Sirènes where his parents kissed for the very first time, Marty McFly more or less invented rock’n’roll by reinterpreting on stage a great classic by Chuck Berry. A song that the latter did not compose until 3 years later, in 1958, and whose frantic pace instantly restored fishing. In short, a jubilant concentrate in the middle of a film that is just as much. And speaking of Back to the future, do not hesitate to remake the two excellent tubes of Huey Lewis & the News, The Power of Love and Back in Time.


Composed by Terry Gilkyson, performed by Phil Harris

Difficult to see life on the bright side right now? Let the legendary jazzy melody of this legendary song and Baloo’s voice help you. “It takes little to be happy”, it’s always good to hear yourself remember it even if, we agree, it’s easy to say for a bear who spends his days trudging in the jungle. Nevertheless, even if the most jovial character of Disney does not know what “confinement” means, we can still trust him to help us find the smile.


Composed by Michel Polnareff

More Louis de Funes, which we say, is very often a common denominator when it comes to listing feel-good movies! Here it is no longer Raymond Lefèvre who is the baguette, but the singer-songwriter Michel Polnareff, who signs the most memorable soundtrack of his career. Here again, enthusiasm and liveliness seem to be the two keystones of this excellent score, whose western sounds have nothing to envy to certain compositions by Ennio Morricone.


Composed by Pierre Bachelet, performed by Jean-Denis Perez

While waiting to be able to enjoy the great outdoors again, why not share the holidays of Jean-Claude Dusse, Gigi, Jérôme, Popeye and Nathalie? The unstoppable introduction to this second opus in winter sports – where the Bronzed cheer us up as quickly as they descend the ski slopes – Pierre Bachelet’s song is a little gem of nostalgia frozen in time which, however , has not aged when it comes to giving us a boost.


Composed by A.R. Rahman, performed by Sukhwinder Singh, Tanvi Shah, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Vijay Prakash

Jamal Malik, 18, grew up in the slums of Mumbai. Separated from his fiancee by the tragic circumstances of his early years, he finally finds her thanks to an equally providential event: by participating in a famous game show, he has just won 20 million rupees. Difficult not to wear a broad smile at the same time as the character at the end of the masterpiece of Danny Boyle, as we rejoice in the miracle that happens to him after so many misfortunes. But how to transcribe this happiness in music? With the excellent song Jai Ho by A.R. Rahman, obviously …


Jim Carrey cover

While waiting for the FFP2 masks, we can already offer that of Jim Carrey. Unable to protect you from anything, he will still be able to chase your cockroach very effectively. Especially in this jubilant musical sequence, where Stanley Ipckiss plays Sancho the Cuban to transform a police roadblock into an electric fiesta.

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