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10 sequels better than the original movie Cinema news

“The original is better!” we hear. This is often true. But there are also exceptions, where the sequel proves to be better than, or even surpasses, the original film. Here are ten examples, with obviously subjective but assumed choices.

Star Wars – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Some gossips will always be able to say that the empire strikes back is a better movie because it’s not george lucas who is in charge, but Irvin Kershner. If Lucas has undoubtedly laid the foundations of a myth in the making with the first part of his saga, while taking the time to pose his characters and his universe, it is not to insult his work and the quality of his movie than to prefer him The Empire Strikes Back which is far superior to him.

Whether at the level of the staging (the first part has taken a hit on this point), the development of the plot and the political framework of the saga, the exploration of the dark side of the characters, or for his pieces of bravery (assault on Hoth for example). But we probably also prefer it because it contains one of the most famous Twists of the 7th art. And in addition, this is a movie where the bad guys win in the end !

Evil Dead II

Gore, funny, crazy but made with love by Sam Raimi, evil Dead undoubtedly remains a gem of the genre. However, it seems to us that its sequel released in 1987, Evil Dead II, is a little higher. Undoubtedly even more gore, but also even more delirious. The most memorable part being Bruce Campbell throwing himself into a fight to the death against his right hand. A cult sequence which also lays the foundations for the birth of one of Ash’s cult accessories: his chainsaw – prosthesis.

(Re)see instead…

Terminator 2

Obliged to boost his creativity in view of an obvious lack of means, james cameron manages to deliver with terminator a masterpiece of SF film, while brilliantly laying the foundations of a franchise that has unfortunately continued to decline over the years. But this is obviously not the case Terminator 2which entered the Pantheon of action films through the front door, with scenes as jubilant as they are cult, with revolutionary special effects.

Between a Schwarzy who has probably never been in better shape, embodying a Terminator this time on the right side of the fence, the transformation of a fragile Sarah Connor in her early days into an absolute icon of Badass cinema heroines, her staging that has not aged a bit, and seemingly powerful themes (nothing less than the future of Humanity), not to mention the company’s budget – colossal for once -, Terminator 2 is in many ways superior to its elder.

The good, the bad and the ugly

In his trilogy of dollars, Sergio Leone transforms the western into cruel tales (For a fistful of dollars / and for a few more dollars) and realistic, totally or almost evacuates the traditional morality of the western, reinvents film grammar by transforming the spectacular and sublime landscapes of Hollywood westerns (Ford and its Monument Valley) into disturbing and disturbing landscapes, filled with close-ups or very close-ups of faces or sordid details; or, on the contrary, landscapes of a sidereal void.

He also introduces a dose of comedia dell’arte in his films populated by crooks and scoundrels of the worst kind, which does not prevent them from making them ferocious and funny. Like the monstrous slaughter ofEli Wallachwho plays the role of his life as the demented Tuco in The good, the bad and the ugly. To make it sober and simple: almost all the scenes of this picaresque film are cult, especially the dialogues of Tuco. And the final duel is undoubtedly one of the most famous in the history of cinema. The quintessence of the spaghetti western. This is why it is hoisted without problem in front of its two eldest.

Spider Man 2

We must give thanks to Sam Raimi : without his authentic declaration of love to Spiderman in 2002 which was a planetary triumph, there would probably never have been such a massive craze for superhero films as we know it today. If the filmmaker lays the foundations of his character in the first opus, Spider Man 2 is very superior to him, with a Peter Parker constantly in full existential doubt.

If the film proves to be of great dramatic power, it owes it in large part to a sensational character: “Dr Octopus”, camped by an extraordinary Alfred Molina. And then this sequence where the passengers of a subway train saved in extremis from death literally carry a badly battered Spidey at arm’s length…

The Dark Knight

In his Batman Begins in 2005, Christopher Nolan offered a rather brilliant reinterpretation of the myth of the batman, insisting and betting more on the psychology of the hero rather than an avalanche of action scenes (which are not for all that forgotten). The film was also warmly received by critics and the public, even if it was not, far from it, a triumph at the Box Office.

Three years later, it’s an understatement to say that we didn’t expect such a slap with The Dark Knight. Not content with simply being one of the best Comic Book adaptations ever made, black as ebony, it’s also the testament film of Heath Ledger, absolutely prodigious in his character of the Joker, all at once funny, unpredictable and terrifying. A composition so overwhelming that it takes everything in its path, with, something extremely rare, a posthumous Oscar at stake.

Undoubtedly a date in the cinema, both for the final orbit of Nolan, but also for the influence of the film and its realistic approach which continue to be felt, if only for the wave of films (super -heroes in particular) also claiming a darker and more realistic approach to their characters. For the best or for the worst.

The Godfather, part 2

We can’t say that The Godfather, part 2 is greater than Godfather, which is simply one of the greatest films ever made. But unquestionably, The Godfather II is one of the best sequels ever made. The genius of Coppola is not only to show us a Michael Corleone in a descent into hell, alienating and destroying all those who love him, but above all to show us in Flash Back the youth and the rise of his father, Vito Corleone, powerfully embodied by a Robert de Niro at the top, crowned by the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Below, Francis Ford Coppola explained to us precisely the reasons for his choice of Robert de Niro for the role.

Shrek 2

Let’s keep it simple: in terms of creativity, gag, pacing, characters, and even references to other films, Shrek 2 outclasses head and shoulders the first part of the saga of the green ogre, which is far from undeserving by the way. And in animated films, examples of sequels superior to the original films are not really legion.

A favorite for a second opus which also owes a lot to the resounding arrival of Puss in Boots, brilliantly dubbed (in any case in VO) by Antonio Banderas. A character who will become so popular that he will even be entitled to his Spin Off. Without forgetting the character of Godmother the fairy, in reality rotten to the marrow, who is none other than the mother of Prince Charming.

Addams Family Values

In 1991, Barry Sonnenfeld brilliantly transposed on the big screen the (mis)adventures of a family as deadly as it is cult and funny: the addams family. The scenario writer was helped it is true in his task by a fantastic line-up of actors at the top of their form; of Christopher Lloydpriceless in Uncle Fetid, to the late Raúl Juliaunforgettable Goméz, via his wife Morticia (Anjelica Huston) and their children Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (jimmy workman). All sprinkled with cult scenes (the dance of the Mamuschka!)

Barely two later, Sonnenfeld sets the stage for a sequel that manages to rise above the first part with Addams Family Values; a sequel even funnier and darker than the first part. Between a psychopathic nanny and the arrival of a baby with a carbon copy of Goméz mustache named Puberté (!), there was already enough to satisfy us. But that was without counting on the brilliant (mis)adventures of the Addams children at Chippewa summer camp, with even the birth of an idyll worthy of Romeo and Juliet. Worship !

Friday the 13th – Chapter 2: The Friday Killer

The first film of this interminable and indestructible franchise functions somewhat, basically, as a special case, insofar as it is Jason’s mother who is none other than the killer of Friday 13. This being said, its sequel, which hits the screens barely a year later, casually introduces one of the greatest Boogeymen in the history of cinema, alongside a Michael Myers and an unborn Freddy Krueger.

It doesn’t matter that Jason Voorhees is not yet wearing his famous Hockey mask in this opus (it will be in the 3rd installment), contenting himself with carrying a bag of potatoes on his head. Its murderous and relentless vendetta carried out here makes it one of the best films of its kind.

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