10 Recycled Halloween Decorations and Crafts

The past decade made the world realize the importance of recycling. It not only saves a lot of energy but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to the betterment of the planet. Knowing the importance of recycling in the present-day context, we have also been actively involved in introducing you to simple recycling ideas and hacks that could elevate your home interior during the festival season, be it Halloween or Christmas.

I am pretty sure you must have gone through our list of the best Christmas trees made from recycled materials. Now, I am sharing with you recycled Halloween decorations and crafts. This list would help you making unique decorations from discarded materials.

Without further ado, scroll and read what I have in store for you. I won’t disclose the entire DIY process because that would be a bad practice to do, considering someone has done commendable work on these projects, but you can check the detailed DIY process through the included links.

Upcycled Plastic Bag Wreath

Upcycled Plastic Bag Wreath by Salvage Sister and Mister
Image: Salvage Sister and Mister

Wreaths are extremely popular during Halloween and witch wreaths are in huge demand. Instead of spending bucks on an expensive wreath for your front door, I’d recommend you to make one of your own using discarded plastic bags. The supplies you’d require to pull off this wreath to success is plastic bags of multiple shape, size and colors and a MTB wire wreath. You’d also need scissors to make an upcycled bag wreath.

Tutorial: Salvage Sister and Mister

Toilet Paper Bats

Toilet Paper Bat Rolls by Savvy Sassy Moms
Image: Savvy Sassy Moms

There is so much creativity that can be done with a toilet paper. All it would require is some effort and patience. No, I am not discussing a wreath made of a toilet paper here, rather I’d suggest you to make a bat decoration using toilet paper rolls. It can be a great Halloween decoration item around your home that your kids would definitely fall in love with. As evident, all you’d require is toilet paper rolls, scrapbook, eye stickers and glue to make the bats look scary.

Tutorial: Savvy Sassy Moms

K-CUP Ghost Lights

K-CUP Ghost Lights by Far from Normal
Image: Far from Normal

Entering the list at number three is K-cup ghost lights. Lighting is one aspect where we spend most of our money on. If you already haven’t checked out the cheap and spooky Halloween string lights to glam your house interior, I will propose you to try K-cup ghost lights. All you need to do is save those disposable cups instead of throwing them in trash. Decorate those cups with ghostly faces using a marker and then dress them with tulle (net) and insert small light bulbs inside them and enjoy the glow.

Tutorial: Far from Normal

Glowing Ghost From Plastic Milk Jugs

Glowing Ghost From Plastic Milk Jugs by Eighteen25
Image: Eighteen25

I am pretty sure many of you would be having empty gallons of milk jars at home that you have either kept in store. Before you plan on getting rid of them, think of creative ideas where these plastic jugs would fit and add to your home decor. Let me help you out by pitching an idea that would baffle your mind. How about a glowing ghost? Cool yeah. All you’d require is a plastic gallon and string lights that you can place inside the jar to make a cozy vibe. In addition, you can make ghostly faces using marker just like the one you did in K-cups.

Tutorial: Eighteen25

Tin Can Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern

Tin Can Halloween Jack O’Lanterns by Single Girl’s DIY
Image: ingle Girl’s DIY

Tin can Halloween Jack O’Lanterns is a combination of simple, sweet and spooky craft in one. It is one of the easiest DIY process and require you to paint your old discarded cans in orange paint and add phantom faces using a black marker. Add flameless votive candles to the can and enjoy the Halloween with friends and family members.

Tutorial: Single Girl’s DIY

Tin Can Spider

Tin Can Spider by Kids Craft Room
Image: Kids Craft Room

I am pretty sure you must have seen this before in our Halloween Spider decoration ideas list but since this is so popular among masses, I decided to shed some more light on it. Tin can spiders can be made using abandoned cans at home. Paint the cans black and fill them with candies. Add glaring eyes with stickers and daunting legs to the spider using pipe cleaners and your recycled tin can spider is ready to spook the heck out of people.

Tutorial: Kids Craft Room

Haunted House from a Shoe Box

Haunted House from a Shoe Box by engineermommy
Image: engineermommy

Let’s be honest here. Buying a miniature haunted house is not easy. It’s expensive and your kids are stubborn to have one. The middle ground here is to craft a haunted house of your own and what better than making it from an old shoe box that you initially planned of throwing out. I won’t reveal the DIY process but I can surely assist with items you’d require to pull this off.

As obvious, you’d require a long list of items to make a haunted house from recyclable materials at home. Starting from old shoe box to construction paper, you’d also require basic items like scissors, hot glue, double-sided tape, googly eyes and Halloween-themed foam stickers.

Tutorial: Engineermommy

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Egg Carton Pumpkin Wreath

Egg Carton Pumpkin Wreath by Manda Panda Projects
Image: Manda Panda Projects

This list would be incomplete without adding egg cartons. Turn the leftover egg cartons into decorative wreath following a simple DIY process. The supplies needed to make this wreath are 8-pack egg carton, paper plates, paint brush and paint to color the carton and other nitty-gritty items like scissors and glue. Once finished, the egg carton would look good on your front door and would intrigue a lot of people.

Tutorial: Manda Panda Projects

Toilet Paper Roll Vampires

Toilet Paper Roll Vampires by diy Thought
Image: diy Thought

We have already discussed how toilet paper can be utilized to make bats. This is about time we discuss other usage of a toilet paper roll other than its traditional use. You have to be really creative and artistic with this DIY process of turning your toilet paper roll into a vampire. Be very meticulous while you cut out the vampire and I am sure the final result would please kids at your home who absolutely love vampires. The material you’d require is toilet paper roll, paint and brushes and googly eyes if you plan to make it grander.

Tutorial: DIY Thought

Pringles Can Halloween Craft

Pringles Can Halloween Craft by Shimmering Strings
Image: Shimmering Strings

Ever thought of turning a Pringle can into a creepy monster? If you never gave a thought to it, its time you do. With Halloween still months away, you have plenty of time to turn discarded can into a decorative item. The only essential needed for transforming Pringle can into a Halloween decoration is a can itself, black paper strips, poster colors and scissors.

Tutorial: Shimmering Strings

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