10 People Who Had No Trouble Putting Chauvinism In Its Place

If you ask me, one of the better slogans to come out of the past decade is the ever-popular, always-applicable, “see something, say something.”

It basically means that the time for keeping quiet in order to spare people embarrassment is over, at least when it comes to important issues that affect us all.

One of those things is misogyny and sexism, and if you want to know what it looks to call it out at every turn, look no further than these 10 posts!

Don’t let them.

Never thought of it like this from TrollXChromosomes

Let’s stop blaming women for everything, hmm?

How come tho? from TrollXChromosomes

Among other things.

Women are funny. from TrollXChromosomes

And remember that “no” should be a complete sentence.

Preach! from TrollXChromosomes

She knows what she did.

Oh no from TrollXChromosomes

There’s nothing ok about it.

Fuck the patriarchy from TrollXChromosomes

And if you have to tell someone you are, you aren’t.

Sum that shit UP from TrollXChromosomes

There are so many others.

Sorry ’boutcha.

So basically from TrollXChromosomes

(she definitely is)

bless ???? no more fear!! from TrollXChromosomes

I am slow-clapping over here, y’all.

What’s a time you felt proud of yourself for standing up for what you believe in? Share the story with us in the comments!

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